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News Article Nerve Responsible for Vandalism

Discussion in 'Pandora News' started by Lift Reyes, Dec 31, 2018.

  1. Lift Reyes

    Lift Reyes Guest

    January 29, Year 108

    During the early hours of January 29th, before sunrise, the mysterious organisation known as Nerve seems to have been responsible for encouraging graffiti and vandalism of one of the tallest buildings in Pandopolis City. The authorities were called to Granite Tower at 3:23 am, where they found a hooded figure painting the eye logo associated with the Nerve organisation and, beneath it, the word @edgedancer that can only be assumed as the handle of the person responsible. The logo and handle were painted 80ft up the tower's walls, and the graffiti is around 8ft tall, easily visible from the ground on account of the vivid yellow-green paint. It also appears that the paint glows in the dark.

    Authorities were unable to catch the person responsible, claiming that although the perpetrator climbed up to the roof, the roof was unfortunately empty when the Watch arrived. It appears that the artist has access to powers of flight, invisibility, or teleportation. If anyone has any information on the person responsible who seems to go by the username edgedancer, the Watch asks that they come forward. Additionally, any information on the secretive and highly dangerous group known as Nerve is also requested, before these antics get out of hand and someone gets hurt.

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