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Private never be the same

Discussion in 'Cascade Bay' started by Faile Bashere, Nov 9, 2018 at 12:55 PM.

  1. Faile Bashere

    Faile Bashere The Wheel of Time

    DoI Investigator
    Pandora Town
    Lawful Neutral
    Sept 1st, Year 108
    @Perrin Aybara

    There was something absolutely terrifying about the world ending. That was logical, it made sense, but Pandora had been stable for years before this point. There had always been an aspect of that back home. The end of times, fighting the Dark One, the Final Battle. All of it seemed so terrifying but it had also been at a decent distance because there were things left to do between the present and that battle. Faile had still had time to try and navigate the waters of life, do her best to keep Perrin alive, and that was all she had concentrated on at the time. Because that was all that was needed.

    Thankfully the two of them had been together when Pandora had decided it was done with everything. When the earthquakes had rolled in and everything had turned on its head. They had worked together to keep safe and try to get somewhere safer, managing to stay alive until the very end. Then everything had dropped away and there was nothing but white as far as Faile could see. Not even Perrin, who had been standing beside her at the time, and Faile had felt fear in a way she had never felt before in that moment.

    In the next breath she was awake. She had been lying on the ground in an unfamiliar garden and she could smell the sea from where she lay. There was a cool breeze and the dark haired woman sat up to look around. There was still dirt on her divided riding skirts and pale blue blouse. She still had a cut on her hand from where she had stumbled into rubble towards the end. Not a major injury but a reminder that what she had seen was not some sort of dream.

    Then fear struck her again because the smith was not beside her. Faile pulled herself up to her feet and looked around, spotting the back porch of a large house in front of her. She moved to it and attempted to open the back door. It was unlocked and swung open easily, leading into a kitchen that made her pause. Forged kitchen knives on a block, soothing colors that Faile preferred, small details around the room. If she hadn't known better she would have said that she had organized and decorated the place. Echos of her own apartment were easily seen and despite the fact that Faile felt off kilter with the situation she made sure to note the details with a quick glance around the room.

    "Perrin?" Faile chanced calling out to him because really that was all that mattered in the moment. If she had been next to the smith when everything had been pulled out from under them. She moved deeper into the house and was startled by all the details around. Everything was... well, everything that Faile would pick. Things that looked inviting and comforting to her, with other touches that seemed slightly out of place to her but after living with Perrin for several months she had come to know that those were things the smith would like. The hallway closet held plenty of jackets in their sizes and then she started up the stairs, looking panicked even as she checked over her normal hiding places for her knives. What was going on? What had happened? "Perrin?!" She called out for him again but there was less restrain in her voice this time around. She needed to find him and find him quickly.
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