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News Article New Arrivals Initiative

Discussion in 'Pandora News' started by Dawn Bellwether, Jun 6, 2018.

  1. [​IMG]
    May 29th

    Against the backdrop of the busy Department of Public Affairs, Councillor Bellwether delivered a speech outlining the New Arrivals Initiative for the Department of Public Affairs. Requests for further details on the initiative are not yet forthcoming, but the mood after the press conference was, in the view of this journalist, a little concerned. Public Affairs has assured us that a full transcript of the speech will be published, along with the 'full details' that were promised, but our own transcription of the speech is printed, in full, below.

    "Each and every one of us here today is an example of how Pandora Town welcomes, with open arms, new arrivals to our world. It would be easy to look at how we have all made a life for ourselves here and tell one another that we've done a good enough job. It would be easy to look at the success stories, the brave entrepreneurs, the hard-working civil servants, the tireless police officers, and say to one other - "we have done enough". I am here to say, today, that we haven't done enough. That we can do more. That we have a responsibility to go beyond good enough.

    "New arrivals to Pandora face problems, even today, and every part of Pandora Town feels the effects of this. How many criminals have taken up that terrible life because we failed to help them? How many people languish in unsuitable work because we failed to understand their needs? How man- well, I could go on, but the answer to each is the same. Any amount is too much. That is why I am happy to announce, today, the start of the New Arrivals Initiative.

    "New arrivals will be encouraged to answer a series of questions regarding who they are, where they are from, when they are from, and what needs they have. By gathering this information, we will not only be able to make sure that no new arrival slips through the cracks of our society, but also identify where new services need to be provided. By issuing identification cards to new arrivals who have filled in our simple survey, we can quickly and effortlessly link them to their personal information, providing a more streamlined, more efficient, more cost effective service.

    "There will obviously be concerns about how this new initiative will be funded. Adopting the New Arrivals Initiative presents an opportunity to carefully tailor the services your government provides, retiring old practices and adopting new ones to meet the shifting needs of the citizens. In the long term, this will reduce government spending. In the short term, to cover the costs of the initial implementation, the Department of Public Affairs will be making the data on new arrivals available, for a price, to licensed merchants, business owners and entrepreneurs within Pandora Town. Just as we intend to use this data to provide better government services, so too might those within the private sector see opportunities for new business plans based on trends identified via the New Arrivals Initiative.

    "There is a reason why people flock to Pandora Town. We are the bright light of civilisation. The promise of new opportunities. The community that pulls together. We are the people that get things done. Full details of the New Arrivals Initiative are available upon request from the Department of Public Affairs. Let's work together to make sure each new arrival, drawn here by the promise of a better life, gets the best start they can."

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