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New World, Holy Carp

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Recette Lemongrass, Aug 6, 2018.

  1. July 30th

    Recette continued to scream and thrash around for a bit until the vines just... let go. Immediately, she assumed that meant she was safe to get back to Tear and that everything was going to be well, but one glance around the immediate area quashed that assumption.

    This wasn't Pensee. Just one look at her surroundings was enough to confirm that suspicion. None of the buildings looked anything like it, and there wasn't a hill where Recettear stood. That meant that the vines had taken her really far away.

    Once that occurred to her, Recette did the most natural thing for a child to do in such a situation. She began to shriek like a banshee. Also, she started to run in a circle and wave her hands like she was trying to fly. It didn't get her any answers, but it was really satisfying.
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  2. It had been the shriek that alerted Steph to the presence of the young girl, at first thinking that something was wrong and immediately ready to spring to action. When she saw no threat, Steph wondered if the girl had just arrived, and if so there would be some explaining to do.

    At least she wasn't wearing her Batgirl suit so that was one less thing to add to the overwhelming nature of this entire world, right? Right. If the girl was new then she would need to be careful. Poor kid. At least Steph was here to help!

    "Hey, are you alright?" Steph asked, crossing the street to get closer in order to not have to yell across the street. Plus she wanted to make sure the girl knew that Steph was talking to her and not anyone else in the nearby vicinity.

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  3. Recette stopped screeching when someone approached her, which was pretty quickly. She hadn't really thought about the presence of other people, but it only made sense for someone to try and calm her down.

    Acting on nothing more than a whim (as usual), as soon as she spotted who was talking to her, she threw her arms around the woman. Nothing was making sense, but hugs made everything better. That, and candy, but she didn't have any candy with her.

    "I don't knooooooow!' she cried, "there were these scary vines, and Tear was there, but Tear wasn't getting grabbed! Then the vines were gone and I was here! I don't recognize this place at all and I want to go back home!"
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  4. The moment the girl spotted her, Steph had no chance to avoid what was coming next(not that she would have wanted to). Carefully Steph wrapped her arms around the girl, holding her close and trying to give her as much comfort as she could. "Who might Tear be?" Steph asked gently before addressing the issue.

    "Well you're in Pandora. My name is Steph." Could she really tell the young girl that she was stuck here? Shatter her hopes? "Unfortunately, you won't be able to go home yet. I'm sorry to be the bearer of such horrible news." She was as gentle as she could be, rubbing little circles along her back while she kept her hold on her.

    But also if she didn't say something and lied, someone else might tell the truth and then what? It would only make things worse. "How about you tell me your name?" Once things calmed down she could take the girl to the Children's Home and see if anyone here knew her.

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  5. Immediately, Recette felt a little calmer. The lady who tried to calm her down accepted the hug, and even tried calming her down. Whenever she tried to hug Tear, she'd just get angry. Maybe because Tear was so much smaller that a hug from Recette was less than comfortable.

    "She's my best friend," Recette answered, "she came to help me pay off papa's debts after he had left. I wasn't lonely anymore once she showed up." Despite the confused tears still streaming down her face, Recette grinned at the thought of Tear.

    That grin turned into a frown at Steph's words. At first, she just seemed confused. Pandora wasn't a place she'd ever heard of. It definitely wasn't a town near Pensee, Tear would've mentioned what was going on there at least once to give Recettear an advantage.

    Then, Steph's words sunk in, and Recette let out a confused cry. "Can't get home? Why not?" Was this place a dungeon? They'd have to get to the 5th floor before they'd be able to find the way back? Were people looking for it?

    She was so wrapped up in her own thoughts, she almost forgot to introduce herself. "Oh! My name's Recette. Recette Lemongrass."
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  6. "Well she certainly sounds like a best friend to have!" Steph nodded. thinking of her own two best friends; Cass and Tim. Thankfully for her both were in Pandora which made the whole experience that much easier and smoother.

    "The only way home is the way we came. Those vines. People have tried finding a way home but they never succeeded. But look at me." She was still gentle even with her words. The girl, Recette, introduced herself. "That's a pretty name, Recette. And I promise you I'll help you as much as I can."

    Heroes didn't always save lives. They helped the little person and in this case it was almost literal.

    "Tell me, what do you like to do when you're upset? What makes you feel a little better?"

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  7. "She's the best!" Recette could go on forever about how much she loved having Tear with her, but the whole being trapped thing was kind of getting in the way. It was all very confusing, but Recette was at least able to pick up on the important bits.

    "But... what were they? Some big monster that brought us here to eat us? Is this just the stomach of the monster? Are we going to be slowly digested without even realizing it?!" As usual, once Recette got going, her mind went wherever it made the least sense.

    At least Steph was a very nice lady. Complimenting Recette and trying to find out what made her happy, it was great. Recette wasn't good at being suspicious of people, unless they were very obviously bad. That wasn't the case with Steph, though.

    "Uh... I spend time with my friends," she answered immediately, then frowned, "but... they're not here yet. Hm... well then, candy!" Recette's sweet tooth was never going away, no matter how far from home she was.
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  8. Recette had some imagination! Steph couldn't help but smile and then went to soothe any worries. "No, we're safe. It's not a giant monster wanting to eat us. And your friends are back home. It can be rather confusing." Even she didn't understand half of it and she was an adult!

    Well she couldn't conjure up the young girls friends though she could do one better. Candy! At least there was something Steph could help with and she looked down at the youngster as if ready to say a grand secret. "Candy? Well just so happens that I know where there is a candy store. It'll be my treat." Steph had some money on her and if it would help Recette feel better who was she to deny her that?

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  9. On the upside, not a giant monster. On the downside, her friends weren't there with her. All in all, Recette was feeling pretty down. She'd spent three months without anyone until Tear showed up, and she really didn't want to go back to that.

    Before she could say that, though, Steph offered to get her some candy. That immediately caused Recette to grin widely. "Really?! Thanks Steph! I haven't had candy in a while, since Tear wanted us to save everything we could sell. She kept making that boring stuff that didn't taste good."
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  10. Steph beamed and tried to extract herself from Recette's clutches so she could lead the way. She kept her pace slow to match Recette so they didn't get separated. "Not being able to eat candy as much sounds like a crime to me!" Steph nodded, leading the way through the streets to the nearby candy store.

    "Boring stuff that didn't taste good? I'm guessing it wasn't candy then." She grinned even if the little quip was not all that funny. It was funny to her and that was all that mattered.

    Upon arriving at the candy store, Steph pushed the door open and held it so that Recette could just barge in without trouble. "Get what you want. As much as you want. Money isn't an issue." Perks of being part of the bat family though that was not going to be spread around.

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  11. As sad as it was to stop hugging, Recette wanted that candy, so she let the hug end. Of course, she then immediately took Steph's hand, both for more comfort and to make sure they didn't get lost in any crowds or the like.

    "Yeah, Tear can be too serious sometimes," she said, "but she's really good at stuff, so I guess that's how she does it. She knows the best ways to get everything done. Even if it takes a lot of hard work." Just thinking about how hard she had to work to keep Recettear open and working well made her sigh.

    Soon, they were in a candy shop, and Recette almost knocked people over in her excitement. Fortunately, she was small enough that all she did was slightly inconvenience a few people before they went back to what they were doing. Steph had told her she could get as much as she wanted, and she didn't need to be told twice. Almost immediately, her arms were full of chocolate bars.
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  12. This was probably why she never really babysat anyone because she had trouble not giving into their wants. She wondered if this was a lingering feeling, of her guilt and wonder about her own daughter, given up for adoption and taken away the moment Steph had given birth. She had no idea where her daughter was, her name or her family. Nothing. Which was how she wanted it, despite it making her feel extremely guilty. Best chance at a normal, happy life and that was what mattered to her the most.

    "That makes sense." Steph nodded, her hand holding onto Recette's as she lead the way to the store. She handed over some of the hard earned money, knowing it was going to a good cause(not knowing it would end really badly). When she turned to look for Recette, she found her with her arms full already and Steph had to admit that she was a tad impressed. "I see you really like candy." Steph mused with a grin. This was why they were here after all.

    Steph herself headed through the store to get something for herself as well as others of the batfam. Gummy worms, jelly bears, sour candies were all a must. Chocolate was next, going for the peanut butter chocolate(which was chocolate with peanut butter inside, like caramello except with peanut butter!). She got some normal chocolate and then hokey pokey to finish off her own selection. Was she going to regret this later after she'd scarfed it down? Most likely. Was it worth it? Of freaking course it was worth it. How was that even a question, she had no idea.

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  13. "Yeah! Candy's the best!" Recette cried. If she was anyone else, she might've started stuffing her pockets with more treats, just to make sure she didn't lose any. After her experience working in a similar store, she refrained.

    The owner of the store needed money in exchange for the candy, and Recette knew how hard it can be when someone doesn't pay as much as they should for what they're buying. Once they were bought, then Recette was planning to stuff her pockets full.

    Still, that meant that she was having a pretty hard time keeping it all together. Determination could only get so far, and once she started moving to the gummy candies, she started leaving a trail of chocolates, fortunately still in their wrappings.
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  14. Steph had a problem. In the form of a little girl leaving a trail of candy behind her. Darting to the front counter, she quickly grabbed a basket and then hurriedly picked up the fallen chocolate bars. Then with extra swiftness, she tried to stop Recette for a few moments so she could unload all the candy she had in her arms.

    Okay it was a minor problem that was rectified by a young girl perking up and no longer being sad.

    "Here, put what you want in here. Easier to carry then and you don't lose any!" Good idea or brilliant idea? A little bit of both! "You ever tried the sour candy? It's surprisingly a lot more yummy than how it sounds."

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  15. "Huh?" Recette asked as Steph brought over the basket. She glanced down at her pile, quickly assessing how much was still there, and noticed that she'd come up short. After a month of going over inventory, it was kind of second nature to her.

    She let out a soft cry of distress before noticing that Steph had already collected the candy and was putting it in the basket for her. Well then, problem solved. Just as she was about to go back to the gummies, Steph offered something she wasn't expecting.

    "Sour candy?" she repeated, sounding intrigued "we don't have as many types of candy where I'm from. Just chocolate and the fruity-ones. I'll try 'em! No candy left untried!" She seemed genuinely determined to try one of everything in the store.
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  16. Steph made sure to put whatever she'd picked up into the basket, keeping her hands mostly free. "That's the spirit!" Steph beamed. Not trying new candy seemed to be tragic and she liked the way this girl thought. Though unlike her new charge, there wasn't a lot in terms of candy that she hadn't tried.If she'd only had chocolate and fruity candy then Steph knew what else to try. She padded down the aisle, looking for it. "Ever tried raspberry licorice?"

  17. Recette wasn't really used to people encouraging her cheerfulness. Most people either watched helplessly or tried to rein her in. So, Steph's encouragement really made her cheer up. As much as she already missed her friends, at least she knew that people in Pandora were really, really nice.

    And, they gave her candy. Steph even went looking for something new for her to try. "Lickish?" she repeated, or tried to, at least, "hm... no. Is it good?"
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  18. Steph repeated the word, eking out each syllable to make it a little more easier to understand. "And yes, it's delicious!" Steph added with a grin. "We should probably pay for all this before we sit down and eat it. What do you say?" Well by them paying she obviously meant herself paying. She doubted Recette had any funds to her name, being a new arrival and being a kid.

    Steph was more than happy to pay for it. She had the funds though she hoped she wouldn't get into too much trouble for spending a load on candy. No way she could get out of that if approached. Ah well. Making someone feel better in an otherwise terrible situation was worth any trouble she might encounter later on.

    Though with candy, they probably should have something to drink. Since this was a candy store, they didn't exactly sell any drinks so Steph would have to probably go to another store for it. Probably water or milk depending on what candy she ate. Milk would go down better, she supposed, though that begged the question of what kind of milk. Normal or flavored, and if flavored would she want banana, chocolate or strawberry?

    There were so many choices and it was quite difficult to think of what she wanted more. And no she wasn't going to get one of each.

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  19. "Licorice," Recette repeated, determined to get it right. Once she did, she grinned proudly. It was like figuring out what Tear was trying to say most of the time. Hard work, but worth it once she finally got through it.

    "Yeah, wouldn't want to make the owner upset." She couldn't imagine how she'd feel if people started eating her food before buying. Even if they payed afterwards, they'd probably be able to haggle for a better price, since she wouldn't be able to sell it to anyone else.

    Though, with that thought came another. With her arms empty she started rooting through her pockets to check on the money she'd brought with her to Pandora. It wasn't much, but Tear always let her have a little bit of pocket money. "Do you think they'd take pix here?"