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Private new year new...everything?

Discussion in 'Pandora Town' started by Karolina Dean, Jan 6, 2018.

  1. Karolina Dean

    Karolina Dean Marvel Universe

    January 2, Year 7
    Tag: @Michelle 'MJ' Jones @Sara Lance

    One second, Karolina Dean had been sitting on a swivel chair, chewing on a pen and trying not to think too hard about all of the people in her life that she had lost, and the next...the next she was somewhere else completely.

    Well. There had been the freaky black vine things in between, but they were already gone, so no sense in worrying too much about them now, right? Better to focus on the present, and maybe figuring out one: where they came from, and two: where they'd taken her.

    Looking around, it was a tough choice between turning off the glow or leaving it on. She was somewhere unfamiliar...though not totally foreign. Actually, it looked a lot like some of the spaceships she had been on back when she had been engaged to Xavin, before everything had gone wrong. Another person she'd lost. If it was a spaceship, well, that could explain the cords...though it wasn't a system of transport she'd seen before. It certainly wasn't Majesdian...though that shouldn't have come as too much of a surprise, considering there were only a handful of them left...and unless it was something new, it wasn't a Slrull ship either.

    So did she want to opt for stealth, or be better prepared for a fight?

    Slipping her headphones down to rest around her neck, Karolina landed lightly on the cool metal floor of the ship, turning in a slow circle...pausing when she noticed another girl. One she hadn't spotted a second ago...though that could have just been due to her distraction at the whole...new surroundings thing. Blinking a few times, she raised a radiant, glowing hand in a half wave. "Uh, hey!" No sense in being rude, right?

  2. Michelle 'MJ' Jones

    Michelle 'MJ' Jones Marvel Universe


    All in all, this was about the last place Michelle expected to wind up when she'd gotten out of bed that morning. Barring any Avengers-related emergencies that shut New York down, her school day normally...well, went as smooth as possible. Considering she had very few friends and therefore very few chances to get herself into trouble, that was no surprise. Drama -- or at least the usual high school kind -- was something she had learned how to avoid early on using that fact, and it was just the way she liked it. Everyone left her alone and she left everyone else alone. For the most part, anyways.

    Generally, being sucked into a swirling black portal with vines and waking up on what appeared to be a spaceship would faze someone, but Michelle just cautiously set her book down onto the ground and took in her surroundings before freaking out. High ceiling, solid-metal seats and control consoles... Ignoring the fact that she had a Chemistry test after lunch she was more than likely going to miss, it didn't seem all too bad so far. Just the fact that nobody had held her at gunpoint or taken her hostage as an alien prisoner encouraged her.

    Kindnesses from the universe came in all shapes and sizes.

    Letting out a deep breath, she got to her feet -- and that's when she noticed she wasn't as entirely as alone as she'd thought she was. Michelle froze as she took in the strange girl (or at least she thought it was a girl) and the glow that emanated from her skin. Normally, teenagers didn't glow, but then again, she lived in a world where she could turn on the news at any given point and see a literal superhero, so she wasn't exactly judging.

    "O-kay, this is happening," she said slowly. Putting aside the natural teenage urge to lay down where she was and wait for everything to go back to normal, she embraced her natural curiosity instead and tilted her head as she examined her. Quotas for the weird and unusual were certainly being filled today. Really though, she wasn't sure how she could expect anything less with her world -- it was just that usually, she wasn't a part of it. She was more the type to watch the news in quiet awe and sometimes quiet horror as the Avengers and other heroes battled it out with enemies. That she herself was part of some weird-ass situation was...unexpected to say the least.

    "Uh, hi," she returned with a small wave, deciding to ignore the absurdity of everything at the moment in favor of figuring out where they were. Voicing any confusion seemed a bit redundant as it was. Working out the possibilities as rapidly as she could in her head, Michelle carefully and slowly turned in a circle to really take in her surroundings. X-ray vision would be...certainly helpful at the moment, she had to admit, if she wanted to know what was behind that door without actually poking her easily-killable nose through it. "You don't happen to know where we are, do you?" Zero ideas were on her end for once.

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