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No Worthy King

Discussion in 'AU Board' started by Thomas of Dundale, Apr 7, 2019.

  1. Thomas of Dundale

    Thomas of Dundale Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell

    @John Uskglass

    That bastard! That thrice damned, God forsaken bastard! Thomas paced the length of his chambers, the lines of his body ridged. He could hardly feel it as his nails dug into the palms of his hands, balled at his sides as though he were ready to punch someone, and the idea wasn't entirely that far off. Really, he wanted to do more than that; hot, angry energy coursing restlessly through him. He wanted to make him hurt. He could have...he could have nearly...he could have killed the man! He could and Thomas hated himself for the thought. He hated John even more for even making him think it!

    How could he? Of all people! How could he do something so heinous? A growl of frustration escaped his throat as he roughly combed his fingers through his hair. That bastard!

    Above everything else, however, the thoughts of what Henry had to suffer before he was once again laid to rest would not leave him. His friend and comrade! A man as loyal to the Raven King as he himself was! And this was his reward? A son should not have to bare the sins of his father, and yet it seemed as though John saw things far too differently.

    He felt the tears stinging at his eyes again, throat drawing tight. He swiped them away. He had gone through his mourning. And then....and then to have him dug up once more? To find his decaying corpse there on the floor,muscle hanging off of bone, his jaw hanging open in what look like nothing so much as a silent plea as he --as he, Henry Barbatus, A knight and warrior who in life ha stood so tall and proud -- lay coward there on the floor away from his King's wrath. What could even be said in it's defense?

    The long whining creek of his chamber door opening made him draw to a halt, his mind being ripped away from his thoughts. Slowly he turned, murder etched deep in his eyes. He didn't even need to see who it was to guess.