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nobody ever survives » psychopath!emma

Discussion in 'Seasonal Events' started by Emma Ward, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. Emma Ward

    Emma Ward No One Lives


    nobody ever survives

    sweet jesus no

    WARNING: If you find any of the following subjects uncomfortable I highly recommend you do not plot with this particular character! Stockholm Syndrome, abuse, torture, blood, gore, violence, kidnapping, emotional manipulation, psychological manipulation, murder, etc.

    Some of you may either be familiar with the movie that Emma is from, No One Lives, or the character that Blix played about three years ago, Driver. Emma was one of his victims and not only did he see himself as being in love with her, kidnapping and torturing her was a way of rebuilding her in his image.

    This season, Emma's doppelganger will be an Emma rebuilt in Driver's image and therefore practically a mirror image of him. She is wildly different from the real Emma, but it's a very real path that she has the potential to go down in the future. While she has a charming and very normal outward appearance that she can easily shift to cater to whoever she might be chatting with, behind that normality of a manipulative psychopath with a growing body count. She isn't quite insane, not exactly. She's calculating, highly intelligent, ruthless, and completely merciless. She doesn't kill for kicks or any specific reason at all, to be honest, she kills out of boredom and something to do with her time. In the words of her maker, Driver, 'it keeps me fit'. She has no respect for other lives and, instead, has a fascination for seeing just how much the body can go through before it can't take anymore.

    Like Driver, she doesn't have an M.O. and doesn't really think the term serial killer applies to her, though there are a few stereotypical traits she has that may make her seem like one, such as rituals, fixations, and trophy taking.

    • ALLIES & "FRIENDS" Friends won't happen. What she might are people who she has decided with help her look normal. Playing roles is her game, and to these people she will appear like a perfectly normal person with not much to be suspicious about. Emma may have a curiosity toward others like her, other kills, villains, etc. She's more of a solo act, but she might be willing to team up here and there out of sheer boredom. She's entirely untrustworthy, though, and if she gets bored and decides that she's done, then that's it.
    • SEEING THROUGH HER Obviously some people are going to see through her in Pandora, especially those with empathic and telepathic abilities. They'll notice that what she says and does isn't quite matching up with what's going on in her head. As far as others go, though, Emma is very good at what she does. She will be stalking the real Emma to get an idea of her relationships, run-ins she's had, etc, so that she can research everything in her power so keep up her facade.
    • LOVE Like Driver, the kind of love that Emma has isn't healthy and isn't really even 'love' in the conventional sense of the word. If somebody catches her eye who she thinks is different, then she will fixate entirely on them, imprison them, and psychologically manipulate them until Stockholm Syndrome kicks in. What follows is a re-acclimation into society as something of a trophy relationship, but due to how short-term this version of Emma is, this will most likely not actually get this far! Still wouldn't mind a potential exploration into the startings of this.
    • VICTIMS If you're looking for a psychopath who has zero reason to kidnap/maim/torture and even kill off a character, then hit Emma is definitely your gal! She'll do it out of boredom just because.
    • NON-HUMANS If she is caught out by surprise by some potential non-human victims, then she would be forced to do her share of research. She'll only go after ones who look human, though!
    • OTHER STUFF Idk, throw things at me. 8D

    DISCLAIMER: I'm gonna say the same thing I said in my dark!merlin plotter, IDK HOW TO VILLAIN LOLOLOL. But hopefully I won't fail you all. If I do, I'll just murder her after day 1 of being a psychopath, it's fine.

    credit to quite a lot of descriptions in this thread go to @Blix
    who has kindly let me snag them from driver's old stuff!​

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