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Not as Epic as It Sounds

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Brigitte Lindholm, Jul 30, 2018.

  1. @Fareeha Amari

    July 27th
    Fantasy stories often had these epic scenarios where a dashing knight or a hero-to-be fights against a big bad dragon in order to save a princess or someone else that's important to them and managed to come out on top even despite the overwhelming disadvantage. These were stories that she had read and even had Reinhardt tell her some every now and then mixed with his crusader ones, so it was a concept that very much familiar to her

    And maybe it was because she was just a squire, but she certainly wasn't having that kind of success right now.

    She wasn't sure why this was happening but while she was exploring some woods near Pandora Town, she suddenly found herself being attacked by a huge, brown dragon. Maybe she had unwittingly entered its territory, but the important thing was that it wanted her dead and was doing its best to kill her. Fighting it off wasn't working, so Brigitte opted for running away only to find out that the thing was not only able to keep up with her easily, but it was willing to chase her out of the woods and keep on pursuing her. What was the deal with it?!

    Looking back, she saw the dragon take a deep inhale and, eyes widening with realization, she pulled up her shield just in time to block the incoming wave of flame coming at her. The shield was able to endure it, although the barrier was now very unstable and desperately needed to be recharged, and the surrounding field had gotten all burned to a crisp by the flames.

    "Of course it can breathe fire. Like it really needed to..." Brigitte thought out loud as she stared at the massive creature.

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  2. The Pandora Town Defense Force was an important, but apparently not often used army. Not many opposing armies went after the entire city, so the soldiers often had nothing truly pressing to do unless something had gotten very out of hand. Like, a potential war about to break out kind of out of hand. Or a dragon approaching, according to the higher ups that had assigned her to scout the area outside of Pandora Town's walls. The PTDF wasn't being mobilized yet until they had more information, and it was her job to get the data for them to bring to the council. Hopefully, the reports on the dragon were false or exaggerated, and she could come back with good news.

    She was alone as she flew over the expansive Elysium Fields in her Raptora suit, over by a patch of woods. So far, Pharah hadn't seen anything worth noting... until a huge brown lizard-like creature emerged from the trees, breathing a stream of flames that could start a raging fire across the plains if left unchecked.

    "Never thought I'd see another dragon so soon..." she said, keeping far above the monster as it ran through the open fields. It took a little longer for her to notice the tiny figure from her altitude, and Pharah frowned. Was someone actually down there? She definitely couldn't ignore that! Pushing aside the normal fear someone would feel as the sight of a deadly, mythical creature, Pharah switched her suit from flight mode to combat mode, and executed a dive towards the figure she assumed was a stranded human. She leveled off about 200 feet from the ground, more than close enough to spot the red headed woman in armor standing in front of the dragon. A very familiar woman.

    "Brigitte...?" Completely forgetting any sort of strategy, she dive-bombed the dragon, unloading six rockets at its body as she passed over before she pulled up again, looping around. "You need to get out of here!" she called.
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  3. Brigitte had been faced with a seemingly impossible situation and her shield wouldn't be able to protect her forever. Luckily, she didn't have to fight this battle alone, as someone suddenly descended from the skies, launching rockets at the dragon that did a lot more damage to it than her mace did, leaving clear injuries even though it hadn't been enough to actually kill it. The voice that she heard yelling for her to get away was familiar, to a level that actually bothered Brigitte a little, but she couldn't quite recognize it and there was still a very mad dragon right in front of her.

    "You say that like I haven't been trying the whole time!" Brigitte yelled his frustrations back.

    Now that she had help, Brigitte acquired some more confidence, enough to aim a whip shot and smack the dragon right in its snout, getting his attention away from her backup and towards the squire. It inhaled, prepared to breathe fire once again and, this time, rather than just block it, Brigitte just started running and dove away from the cloud of fire that was sent in her direction, managing to get away unscathed and giving her aerial friend another opportunity for a rocket barrage.
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  4. Well, it was nice to hear that Brigitte hadn't changed in the slightest since Pharah had last seen her in person. She rolled her eyes, taking her friend's irritation as a sign that she wasn't injured. At least Brigitte was fighting back now instead of almost getting cooked.

    "Have you tried running faster?" She called back, before the dragon was slapped across the face with an extendable flail. She decided to focus on reloading her gun before Brigitte tossed that thing at her. Did Torbjörn give her that, or did she make it herself? Pharah circled above the dragon as it tried to burn its target to death again, and then she made another pass across the dragon's back, dumping six more rockets onto it. "Heads up!" If that didn't slow it down, she always had her special stash of weapons...
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  5. With six rockets being shot on its back, you'd think that would be enough to either kill the dragon or at the very least make it retreat, but no, in fact, it getting hurt seemed to be only making it more violent. Brigitte was still recovering from her dive when the creature suddenly whirled around, smacking her with its gigantic tail and knocking her on the ground. It didn't really hurt much, but it still meant she was in a bad position.

    Fortunately (or not, depending on the perspective), the dragon realized that who was the issue was not Brigitte and, rather, the person in the blue armor flying around, with that, the dragon began inhaling again and this time it didn't look like it would get distracted.

    "Watch out!"
    Brigitte called out as she began standing up again.
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  6. "This thing's tough..." she said, after watching the dragon take another round of explosive and only get angrier. It knocked Brigitte away with its tail, sending a spike of fear through her before she saw her get up again. Right, this was very serious.

    "Watch out!"

    Pharah looked back at the dragon in time for it to exhale a stream of fire at her, and she cursed and cut her engines off. She fell like a rock as the flames missed her, but was able to position herself into a proper dive so she wouldn't tumble through the sky all the way to the ground. About 50 meters from crash landing, she reactivated her jets and straightened out, flying low and back around towards Brigitte. Pharah passed by her overhead, and then turned to fly towards the dragon, no longer in a joking mood. There was no need to panic though, because everything was definitely under her control. Or it would be in a second. She picked up speed again, rushing straight at its face. As soon as it opened its mouth again, it'd get a bombardment of rockets right down its throat.
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  7. Brigitte could do little more than watch the display of it, as the armored figure managed to avoid the stream and fire and shoot herself up back in the sky, flying above her head and then shooting a small barrage of missiles into the dragon's mouth when it tried to attack again. Tough as it scales were, that didn't protect it from internal damage and having rockets blow up inside your mouth was...


    Brigitte brought her shield back up as the dragon's head pretty much exploded in a gory display, the shield preventing any of the blood and fleshy bits from hitting her or her armor. She just stood there, watching the honestly disgusting remains of the definitely dead dragon right in front of her, cringing at the sight.
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  8. Pharah had enough speed to fly right past the dragon's head before it popped like a very gross balloon. Clearly the rockets had not agreed with it. The headless monster collapsed with a small quake as it hit the ground, and Pharah hovered in place as she reported back to Pandora Town.

    "Dragon confirmed and has been neutralized. It won't be a problem anymore," she said over the radio, before carefully landing close to Brigitte and jogging over. "Do I even want to know what possessed you to try fighting that thing? I know you and Reinhardt hang out a lot, but going after a whole dragon?"
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  9. The dragon dealt with, the heroic figure in blue finally came down to the ground and began engaging in conversation. Surprisingly enough, she seemed to know both Brigitte and Reinhardt on a level that made clear that she was from the same world as them. Furthermore, Brigitte could identify some level of familiarity in the woman's voice, but it was really hard to tell who she was with the helmet on the way.

    "Look, I wasn't hunting dragons or anything. That one just attacked me out of nowhere and there was nothing I could do about it." Brigitte spoke with an edge in her voice as crossed her arms, followed by raising an eyebrow at the person. "Who are you anyway? I get the feeling I know you, but I can't tell." She then began tapping her head, wordlessly commenting on the helmet making things difficult.
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  10. She just ran into a fully grown dragon? Well, anything was possible here, but it was still some pretty bad luck. Seeing Brigitte trying to fight one, even if it was just self defense, wasn't easy to shake off though. And this "pretending to not know who Pharah was" game wasn't helping.

    "Come on, don't act like I'm a stranger just because you're annoyed." She paused when Brigitte motioned to her helmet. "...You really don't recognize me, do you?" she asked, before unlocking her helmet and pulling if off. "And here I was, worried about you dying in front of me, and that's the greeting I get, huh? I know it's been a few years, but that hurts a little..." Pharah joked.
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  11. Brigitte furrowed her brow as she watched the woman remove her helmet, just for her eyes to widen as she finally recognized who she was. The sheer surprise at finding out that she was in Pandora too was enough to cause some visible recoil in the squire, even more so because she just made herself look bad by not recognizing her until now.

    She exclaimed her name in disbelief. "I can't believe you're here too!" For a moment, Brigitte grinned happily, but then her mood took a serious dive as she planted her palm on her face. "Ugh, I just made myself look like an idiot didn't I..."
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  12. "I've been here for almost two months now. I'm a Captain in the Pandora Town Defense Force, actually." As usual, she couldn't' keep herself out of any kind of potential fight, and she gravitated towards anything military-like. it was hard to not fall into the same routines as before. While Brigitte was the type to wander around with Reinhardt to help others, Pharah was drawn to something more structured. She grinned when the embarrassment finally hit Brigitte.

    "And yes, just a little. I'll forget that I saw it if it makes you feel better. You handled yourself well with that shield and flail though. I didn't even need to show off my backup weapons."
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  13. Two months? That was a long time without seeing each other. Then again, Brigitte didn't stop by Pandora Town all that often and given Fareeha's job, she probably didn't have all that much free time. Did Pandora Town even need a military? It wasn't like there was any risk of war happening anywhere, or at least there didn't seem to be a lot of tension between towns.

    "My equipment wasn't designated to fight giant dragons with." Brigitte grimaced. "And I think that was more because you blew its head up just with your regular weapons. I didn't do anything other than keep it busy."
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  14. "Well it's not we Helix security guards spent our time fighting dragons off in Egypt," Pharah said sarcastically, but then her voice softened. "And don't sell yourself completely short." She placed a hand on Brigitte's shoulder. "Keeping the enemy busy is sometimes the most important thing you can do in a battle. Covering for someone else to deal the finishing blow definitely isn't nothing. I was mostly a distraction in the fight against Anubis when it woke up and tried to take over again." She didn't have the technical know how to handle wrangling a God AI back into submission, but she knew how to shoot a rocket, and that was enough for her to help out.

    "You're okay though, right? You need any medical attention?"
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  15. Brigitte was not expecting to be getting a pep talk, after all this, but she conceded Fareeha's point. She understood the value of being a distraction, after all, a Crusader's main objective wasn't to defeat the enemy, but protect their allies so they could focus on the offensive. She did her part, even if it was all improvised since she definitely wasn't expecting to get this kind of help.

    "Yeah yeah, I'm fine." Brigitte brushed off Fareeha's concerns. "This armor and shield aren't just for show, you know."

    The stench of death was soon beginning to make it's presence very noticeable and Brigitte's face was soon twisting into a grimace as she tried to cover her nose.

    "How 'bout we go back to town now, instead of talking in a field covered by the insides of a dragon's head?" She suggested though it was clear that she was planning on going one way or another.
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  16. "Right, of course they aren't just for show..." Pharah said. "Doesn't mean that I still can't be worried though. Old habits die hard." She shrugged, trying to play it off like it wasn't a big deal. Maybe this kind of thing was normal to Brigitte by now? Were attacks like this common here?

    "I'd offer to fly us back faster, but I'm not sure how safe it'd be carrying you around at the speed I usually go," she said, before she began to walk back in the direction of Pandora Town. "It's an experimental suit, after all. I don't want to push it more than necessary. I bet I could get a truck out here to pick us up halfway though."
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  17. The age gap between the two of them meant that Fareeha looked out for Brigitte much in the same way a big sister would. While Brigitte was still a kid, working towards a dream of being like her father and surrounded by the illusion of the great Overwatch, Fareeha was already an adult having to deal with the difficulties of that kind of life. Overwatch had been a great source of inspiration for the two of them but, funnily enough, it was the youngest one of the two that ended up growing the most disillusioned with it.

    "Anything, really." Brigitte waved off the options impatiently. "Speaking of that experimental suit, I see Helix's equipment is as fancy as ever." She smirked.
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  18. "Truck it is, then," Phara said, sending a message over her phone. "Oh, you noticed the Raptora? I thought you'd be interested in it. This is the latest model in a series of suits Helix has been developing for the last couple of years. They let me use this one since I had the most experience with machine repairs in case of a breakdown." It was nice to see that engineering degree of hers come into use even after she left the military.

    "The rest of my squad got to use the slightly older, more tested suits. You know, I still have a download of the blueprints on me if you wanted to see them for yourself." As much as Pharah came off as more of a shoot first, ask questions later kind of person, she did still have a certain passion for military equipment in general. From vehicles to artillery to explosives, she knew a little bit about everything that she could possibly have to repair.
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  19. So Helix was pretty much letting Fareeha use their newest tech because on the occasion of something going awry she could fix it herself. Hopefully nothing would go wrong mid-flight, though given the kind of job she worked at, chances were that something would go wrong up there eventually. It was only a matter if she would be able to catch herself or not.

    "So they're using you as a guinea pig then."
    Brigitte commented, folding her arms and not looking very pleased by that revelation, though a smirk did come up when Fareeha mentioned the blueprints. "Sure, I'll take a look on it. Better make sure there was no faulty design choice that's gonna lead to you landing on your face one of these days."
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  20. "Well when you put it that way..." Pharah cringed a bit. She wasn't just a guinea pig, she gave some valuable insight from a field perspective on things that could use improvement as well. "For your information, I only fell on my face twice in the test room when I was learning the controls. It's all pretty smooth now, thanks to my highly valuable advice I gave them," she said, bouncing back again.

    "...Learning how to throttle the jets right to conserve energy and keep your attitude is the hardest part. You have to constantly adjust to go in and out of cover. it's like... a puzzle on top of the fight you're already in, almost. When you're just flying from Point A to Point B, it's pretty basic, like cruising in a car or plane."
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