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Not in California Anymore!

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by John "Hannibal" Smith, Jul 27, 2018.

  1. 13 June, year 7
    Hannibal groaned as he pulled himself up off the cobblestone street he suddenly found himself on and dusted himself off.

    "Well... that was... not normal..." he thought aloud as he took in the town square his eyes landing on the fountain in the center of the square. He pulled his cigar out of his shirt pocket and placed it in his teeth.

    "What is this place..."he wondered aloud as he started to walk the square in an attempt to figure out where he was. The square was unusually empty for what appeared to be mid afternoon. He soon came to a person.

    "Excuse me... this is going to sound like an extremely stupid question but what town is this and how would I find my way back to Los Angeles?" He asked taking his cigar out of his mouth to be understood.
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  2. Alex Danvers

    Alex Danvers Guest

    Alex was not the person that the male had come across - she was the one who had seen and heard the question and knew she was probably the better person for this. She'd been here for well over a year now and had made herself a life here. Engaged to Lucy Lane, being a werewolf, having her sister here. That pang of home sickness had dulled since she had first arrived all the months ago.

    "It's not a stupid question. I take it you are new here. This town is called Pandora Town. Unfortunately you cannot return home. Not unless the vines that pulled you here decided to throw you back. This is an entirely different world and I know that sounds crazy."

    Whether or not he believed her right away would determine her next course of action as to how to get him to believe rather than think she was joking. "I'm Alex Danvers." She held out her hand for him to shake if he so wanted.

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  3. Hannibal looked at the young woman that spoke and began to process what she had to say.

    "Pandora..."He echoed trying to assess the woman that spoke. He had never heard of this place but he would have honestly been surprised if he had at this point. He hadn't seen a lot of the world but this place looked like none he had been in personally. Alex, on the other hand looked as human as they came and like someone Face might have flirted with if he had been therem

    "The name is John Smith but most call me Hannibal." He replied "well Miss Danvers what can you tell me about this place? If I'm trapped here I'd like to know what I'm being trapped in." He started to light the cigar then stopped. "You don't mind I light this, do you?"
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  4. Alex Danvers

    Alex Danvers Guest

    "Do you have a preference?" Alex inquired. Though most called the guy Hannibal as he told her, it still didn't mean he liked being called that. Before she would answer his first line of questioning, she would answer about the cigar. Not many would be kind enough to ask and she shook her head. "Not at all. Go ahead." Her werewolf senses might pick it up a bit stronger than normal but it wasn't anything she could not deal with at this point in life.

    "As for Pandora, it's a world of its own. People come and go and some return with no memory of their time here. Things happen for no rhyme or reason and humans aren't the only ones living here. There are a few other towns, Cascade Bay, Misty Hollow, Horizon and Morhall including Pandora town. There is a shelter nearby for new arrivals." She wasn't sure how he would take all the information as it was overwhelming at the best of times.

    "It's a lot to take in and it can be overwhelming. If you want I can show you around and answer any further questions you might have?"

  5. He used a match to go ahead and light the cigar and get a puff before speaking.

    "Honnestly I prefer Hannibal these days." He replied

    He stood listening to what Alex had to say about this place holding the cigar between his teeth. In a way it made sense that this place was it's own world. It explained why he had never heard of Pandora before that point. He took the cigar out of his mouth as she finished speaking to reply.

    "That makes a lot of sense about this being another world in a crazy sort of way. It would explain why in all of my years in the Army I've never heard of this place before." He sighed looking around the square.

    "So I'm assuming since I can't get out no one from my home can get to me unless those wires you spoke of choses them." He says a note of relief in his words. He didn't like that the rest of his unit couldn't get to him but at the same time the fact that it also meant Decker and the Military Police couldn't get to him either meaning he could safely be in the public eye.

    "A tour sounds great He said leaving the last thought hanging as to what it meant "Lead the way" he continued before returning the cigar to his mouth to take a puff off and chew on in a way that would appear even to a casual observer to be a very old habit.
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  6. Alex Danvers

    Alex Danvers Guest

    "Well then, nice to meet you Hannibal. Wish it was under difference circumstances but here we are." Alex understood the preference of a name. Her first name, for example, was Alexandra but she preferred being called Alex. Just one of the many quirks she and others had.

    Alex had heard of Pandora before in the mythological way. A world called Pandora? She was like him, never heard of it until she was yanked here. "I'm surprised how chill you are about this. Most tend to panic a little. But yes, you're assumption is correct. They cannot get here unless the vines decided to pull them like they did us. Which for some it happens quickly, others slowly and for a few none at all."

    All depressive thoughts aside, a tour was what would be needed to brighten up the mood or she was hoping. Alex began to lead the way from the fountain, wanting to go to the nicer parts of town and not the part where murders and criminals tended to flock to. She wasn't in the mood to deal with any crap although she should warn him. "There is one part of town that tends to be more seedy and criminal focused than most. It's called Blackhaven. Also the thing about these streets is you might think you know your way one day and the next it changes completely."

    Of course for a werewolf this posed no real issue. All the scents remained the same so it was just a matter of walking through the new twists and turns.

  7. Hannibal listened to what Alex had to say. Blackhaven sounded interesting but he didn't say that aloud.

    " I'm a former army ranger, Leutenant colonel was the last rank I held, I did tours in Korea and Vietnam. I've learned to not let it show even if something reallyu rattles me." He explained "My only concern was, if this place was hostile I'm almost out of ammo." His words were easy to understand even though he hadn't removed the cigar from between his teeth.

    "Good because... between you and me... and this is a long story... I'm wanted back home by the military police for a crime I didn't commit." This time he took the cigar out of his mouth."I was the leader of an alpha team that was sent on a top secret assignment and... long story short we were stripped of rank, discharged and imprisoned. We escaped and for a little over a decade now we've lived underground as soldiers of fortune in Los Angeles."
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  8. Alex Danvers

    Alex Danvers Guest

    They were similar in that regard. Alex was a trained agent of the DEO and often had to put on the face that showed she wasn't bothered or rattled. Instead it typically showed in her movements if anything. "Well depending on where you go, it can be hostile. Just like any place really." She nodded. Though he'd been honest with her, she was still trained in not talking about the DEO to strangers and the habit had stuck.

    His story wasn't alarming to her - she could have thought he was lying though she doubted it. He hadn't seemed like a threat and her wolf wasn't rattled by him which was a good indicator. "I'm sorry you went through that. Being wanted for a crime that you didn't commit, it's not exactly a walk in the park. You're safe here though. Even if people from your world arrive, whatever crimes happened back home do not matter here."

    In other words? He was a free man here.

    "I know its probably little consolation." Alex added. If one could take something good from it all, it would probably be that. At least for Alex it was a good thing even if her experiences had been different. She had been reinstated. All that felt like a lifetime ago, and really that was pretty close to the truth. She was so different from the Alex that had first arrived. And she was proud of herself. Even after everything that had happened.

  9. "Being a soldier of fortune has it's perks" He shrugged "we get to help people on our terms and make a lot more than we did in the Army. It's not a bad deal all around but having to stay on the run... I don't miss that."

    Really there wasn't much to say on the matter. He had been accessing Alex and he liked her, he figured she had some military or law enforcement training at some point by the way she carried herself.

    "What can you tell me about yourself?"
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  10. Alex Danvers

    Alex Danvers Guest

    Alex preferred to stay in the shadows where the spotlight didn't touch her. Kara was always the better one to deal with that sort of thing but that was no surprise when Kara was a literal ray of sunshine. "There's nothing better than helping someone." Alex nodded.

    "Back home I was law enforcement. Kinda carried that over here too. I recently got engaged and I'm thankful because if Pandora hadn't grabbed us, we would have gone our separate ways back home." Just thinking about Lucy made her smile. And after everything the werewolf deserved to be happy.

  11. [color=#C0C0C0"Congratulations"[/color] Hannibal said regarding the engagement then let the tour fall into a comfortable silence as he took a puff of his cigar. He had a feeling that Alex had some background in military or law enforcement by the way she carried herself so that had been no surprise.

    He wondered what the rest of the team was doing with him gone but he couldn't dwell on that he had to focus on dealing with the issues in front of him here in Pandora and hope for the best for the rest of the A-Team.
  12. Alex Danvers

    Alex Danvers Guest

    She thanked him when he said his congratulations before she continued to lead him through the town and showing him the most important places. It was oddly comfortable and she barely needed to rely on her senses to see if he was a threat or not - she'd already figured out he was friend not foe.

    Soon enough it was time to part and she bade him goodbye and good luck, giving him a number to call should he ever find himself lost.