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not in sussex anymore

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Evelyn Robin, Aug 19, 2018.

  1. Evelyn Robin

    Evelyn Robin Guest

    20th August, year 7 // OPEN
    This has to be some kind of dream didn't it? She'd cracked. The stress, the pressure, telling Christopher to leave. It was all pushing her over the edge somehow. That was the only logical explanation for why, in the middle of her daughter's bedroom, they'd both been grabbed by black vines and dragged through the door. Maybe she'd needed this weekend away more than she had originally assumed.

    When she felt the world still around her, Evelyn dared to open her eyes. She found the scenery drastically different, but kept her daughter, Madeline, close to her chest, hand on the back of her head. “Madeline just stay very still.” Her eyes took in the area around the pair of them; it looked as though they were in some kind of abandoned cottage? It looked like no one had lived here in some time with walls which were caving in and a layer of dust on the crockery which would have made most women on her street faint. Evelyn’s heart thudded in her ears.

    “What is it mummy?” Madeline asked, struggling a bit so she could see what was happening beyond the cotton of her mother’s dress. Evelyn hummed and tried to grasp onto a rational answer. She had seen so much in her life, she’d seen her home destroyed by war, been driven to the brink of madness by never ending reports of soldier deaths in France and she’d come through it all. She could handle whatever in the world this was.

    “You know what, sweetheart, I’m not exactly sure.” She let go of her now, letting her stand with her. Evelyn felt her knee buckle a little but recovered it so that Madeline wouldn’t see. The little girl looked awestruck with the world around her,

    “This isn’t my bedroom.” Evelyn shook her head,

    “No, no it is not.” Evelyn let go of her daughter's hand momentarily, edging forwards ever so slightly as though she was expecting the room to dissolve around them. Moving over a particularly creaky piece of wood, she found herself falling abruptly through the floor, landing a couple of feet below in the cellar with Madeline screaming over her, "I'm fine, I'm okay darling." She wasn't sure how true either of those things were, but she had to keep calm. That was when Madeline started screaming again,

    "There's something else here-" The child wailed, stepping back so that Evelyn couldn't see her anymore before she screamed again.
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  2. [​IMG]
    Mr. Segundus had been searching for a quiet, open area to practice magic, a location that was far less cramped than his little apartment in Tavoie Borough. The Wesley Park apartments were decent in their own way and Segundus was thankful to have a place to stay in at all but for spells like the one he wanted to work on, the room wasn't quite big enough. While exploring the new world he'd been dropped into, he'd discovered the Elysium Fields, a spacious enough area to perfect the spell indeed!

    He was fortunate that not a lot of supplies were required for the spell to work properly, as the only possessions he'd brought with him was a couple of old books of magic. Aside from the clothes on his back, they were all he'd had with him when the black vines of Pandora had taken him. He still wasn't sure of what kind of magic those vines had been, or if they were even magic at all. For now, however, he wouldn't concern himself with it. What he needed to do right now was concentrate on the spell he was about to work at.

    He stood a few feet away from a seemingly abandoned cottage, one which he would be careful to avoid hitting just in case his assumptions were wrong and it was indeed occupied. The spell he was going to use had a chance of causing damage to whatever stood in its way, after all. Crouching down to the ground, he placed his hand on the soil beneath him and closed his eyes. He concentrated on the mental image of a horse and waited. The ground rumbled slightly, causing the young magician's concentration to break, and when he opened his eyes he could see a small dirt rabbit hopping towards the cottage!

    Disappointed that he'd failed the spell, Segundus gave a sigh and paced a bit further away from the cottage before preparing to try again. But just before he could repeat his actions, he'd heard a scream come from the cottage. It sounded as if it belonged to a child! "Oh dear..." he mumbled to himself, realizing just how fortunate it was that the spell hadn't worked out so well. Segundus followed the cries into the house, glancing around nervously at the dark interior. A medium-sized pile of dirt sat in the middle of the room, presumably what remained of the rabbit he'd conjured. But what was more apparent than that was the missing plank in the floor and the child who sat beside it, calling out to someone who the young man could only presume had fallen through.

    Mr. Segundus approached the little girl while taking careful, quiet steps just in case any of the other planks were close to giving out. "Oh, goodness!" he exclaimed. "Is everything alright?"

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  3. Evelyn Robin

    Evelyn Robin Guest

    Evelyn knew how to keep calm; you didn't live in London during the Blitz without learning a thing or two about keeping one's head functioning on their shoulders. She'd always had Madeline during that time of course; it was one of the reasons she had chosen not to have her evacuated like so many children; she had wanted her at home, with her. Nothing else would have felt right or comfortable to her.

    This, however, was not something she was prepared for. Her life in London was comfortable now with little risk really to her family; had she become too complacent? Evelyn stood up, holding onto whatever was next to her as she hopped to her feet. Her ankle throbbed in response, but she could feel it was not broken, just bruised. "Madeline, who is it?" She shouted up as her daughter peered back over the edge. The girl's gaze was moving rapidly between where her mother was below and the strange new man who had joined them both in the abandoned house.

    "It's a man. He has dark hair." She shouted down then pointed at the floor, "We just got here, my mama fell through the floor." Madeline babbled up at the man. Below, Evelyn watched her daughter before spotting a staircase to the side, barely illuminated by the light from up above.
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  4. Having taken a day off work to restock her more natural remedies, Rosalee had travelled to the farms outside the city for buying some much needed items. Some herbs could only be found in farm gardens, it seemed and she was still amazed to find plants and fungi she had used back in Portland here. Plus it was nice to get away from the chaos and noise of the town.

    With the two baskets she had brought with her now full, she was walking back to town when someone yelling from inside an old cottage caught her attention. Wondering what was going on as they sounded like a child, she detoured to the abandoned building and left the baskets outside before carefully heading inside.

    Once past the front door, she let her nose pinpoint the child's exact location.
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  5. Evelyn Robin

    Evelyn Robin Guest

    When Madeline turned round, the dark haired man had fled and a woman with a face which looked like a cat had replaced him. Madeline screamed again and stalked backwards, though avoiding the hole her mother had just fallen into. Her screams had alerted Evelyn who tried again to get to her feet, scrambling despite the pain to see her daughter and protect her if needs be.

    "Can you help my mother?" She heard Madeline ask as she peered over the edge of the hole Evelyn had fallen through into the basement, "She fell down there and can't get back out." Madeline looked hopefully up at the new woman, despite her odd appearance and waited with bated breath for the answer.