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Not my time

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Michonne, Jul 7, 2018.

  1. Michonne

    Michonne The Walking Dead


    June 11th, Year 7

    Michonne had decided to take some time away from Misty Hollow in an endeavor to clear her thoughts. Thankfully, Beth was steadily recovering from her injury and the magical dome had been rebuilt. Therefore, her sword was no longer required in order to protect the citizens any longer.

    Suddenly, her dark brown eyes fell upon the stone wall which surrounded a large area with several tombstones. A black gate was marking the entrance to the cemetery and for a brief moment she considered a visit. However, she realized that there was no marked grave fore those she had lost.

    A few people of her group now existed only in her memory and she could only wait or hope for their return. Nevertheless, she was currently focusing solely on keeping any short of threats away from the ones she loved. No matter the circumstances, she would always remain a fighter.

    Maybe against her better judgment, she stepped inside. A breeze brushed her face and the grass felt soft beneath her boots. A deep breath entered her lungs as she walked among the gravestones. There were limited locations in Pandora where peace prevailed but this was surely one of them.

    A sigh escaped from the back of her throat and she sat next to an empty grave before lying down. Her attention concentrated on the sky and spotted a couple of scattered clouds on the sky. Her time had not come yet.