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not the razorback but the waverider

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Julie Mao, Jan 5, 2018.

  1. Julie Mao

    Julie Mao Guest

    Date: tbd || @Sara Lance
    Julie had gotten used to Pandora as much as she could by this point. It was perhaps a little too easy to feel comfortable considering she never really had a place to call home. Since leaving Luna and settling to live in the Belt and then upon a ship, Julie merely had places to stay. It was never home.

    Josephus Miller was from home. A strange feeling to have people know her but her not have a damn idea who they were and what they wanted with her. At least from a standpoint of those who were not affiliated with her father.

    Dressed as casually as she could afford, money was never really much of an issue back home even if she refused to touch a penny that came with the Mao fortune, Julie had at least made sure to get something to guard against the cool weather. A light sheen of snow on the ground, its slick texture negated by the snowboots she wore upon her feet. The frozen air couldn't do too much damage with the jacket and scarf she wore. Gloves on her hands that were shoved into pockets, Julie simply looked as though she was another citizen.

    Perhaps she was.

    With no real purpose, Julie felt lost. Her steps took her further away from the main town center, into a more secluded part of the town she had resided in for the last week or two. Out of the corner of her eye she spotted something that didn't quite belong in the normality of the town and for a moment her heart skipped a beat.

    Until she realized it wasn't the Razorback.

    It was a ship of some sort however, something better seen out in space and it was a beauty. Against her better judgement, or perhaps she missed her own ship too much to ignore the allure of another, Julie moved towards the Waverider with aw written across her features.

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  2. Sara Lance

    Sara Lance Guest

    Sara had left the Waverider out of the way but uncloaked that afternoon -- a practice that was becoming semi-frequent, thanks to how many people in Pandora and Pandora Town particularly came on and off board these days. It didn't exactly... make her miss her old crew any less, but strangely, she also couldn't say she really minded the company. It almost felt more natural, and it certainly made the ship feel a little less empty.

    That day, without a shift at the Bomb to worry about, she'd headed into town just to get a couple of supplies and see what was going on. It was on her way back that she noticed the woman -- the one who'd clearly noticed her ship, who was moving towards it not with any particular intent but with the clear curiosity of someone who wanted to get a closer look. Sara slowed her own pace and watched her for a moment, a little curious herself.

    In her time in Pandora so far, she'd gotten a variety of reactions to the Waverider -- from wary, to nonplussed, to excited, even to ill-intentioned. She knew well enough that she had to be careful even on a good day: the wrong kind of person taking interest in a timeship wasn't good news for anyone. But as it was now, she had no particular reason to believe that this woman was the wrong kind of person. No reason to warn her off immediately -- especially having caught the murmured compliment from a second ago.

    "That she is," she agreed easily enough, moving a little closer herself as she finally drew attention to herself. Her gaze flitted briefly from the ship to the woman. "You know anything about ships like this, or is this just... a passing interest?"

    She was neglecting to mention that it was a timeship and not just a spaceship, at least for now -- but her curiosity was genuine. It wouldn't kill her, she figured, to get to know a few more mechanically-minded people in Pandora. One of the things she'd learned in this particular line of work was that you never knew when that might come in handy.

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  3. Julie Mao

    Julie Mao Guest

    Julie wasn't entirely sure when she fell in love with ships and space. It had been before her gift of the Razorback and entering the races, long before she could walk and talk. Just a toddler who garbled nonsense and pointed up at the bright stars against the ink black of night.

    She didn't know this was a timeship, how could she? but she could appreciate it for its beauty all the same. It was similar and yet different to those in the Belt and oh how she itched to see if she could fly it. She'd been grounded since arriving in Pandora and stuck in a ships holding cell for days before that.

    Respect was the reason why she didn't go ahead and touch the ship. You didn't touch somebody's ship without permission unless in dire situations. This didn't qualify as a dire situation so Jules just admired from afar. Until another woman approached that Julie immediately felt a little wary simply out of nature and habit.

    "Depends on the type of ship she is." Julie replied easily enough, keeping neutral. She didn't know the woman and until she knew for certain that she wasn't a foe, she would remain so. From her words alone it felt as though she didn't have to worry about anything - she certainly didn't look like she worked for her father.

    This isn't home. Julie had to remind herself.

    "I have - had - a racing pinnacle. Her name was the Razorback. After that I piloted a few ships here and there." She added, not quite mentioning space, the OPA or anything else that would connect her to things from her world. Well except the mention of her ship. Man she missed her baby but Julie had a higher calling to reach for. That didn't mean she couldn't mourn the loss of her ship.
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  4. Sara Lance

    Sara Lance Guest

    She was a pilot. Sara's attention piqued a little -- she couldn't say that didn't make her curious. Rip had taught her to pilot the Waverider, and she had plenty of experience with that, but she'd rarely gotten the chance to test her skills with other kinds of ships. This woman sounded like she was pretty well-rounded in comparison, so it was no wonder she'd taken an interest.

    "Racing, huh?" She couldn't help but smile a little. "That's kinda badass, if you don't mind me saying."

    Sara wondered offhandedly what had happened to it, but maybe that was too personal a question to ask someone she'd only spoken a few words to. Besides, there was every chance that this woman had just decided to move on, do something different with her life.

    Regardless, she supposed it couldn't hurt to talk about the Waverider a little, even if it was probably a good idea to be careful about going into the finer mechanics of time travel. You never knew when that sort of thing would attract the wrong kind of interest.

    "This is the Waverider. As you can probably tell, she's not exactly built for racing, buuut she can get you where you need to be in a pinch." An understatement, given the givens, but not exactly a lie. "We usually keep her cloaked here in Pandora, but that's not always... ideal, when you have people coming on and off during the day."

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  5. Julie Mao

    Julie Mao Guest

    ”I won and held the record for two years.” Julie didn’t like to brag all that much and she wasn’t bragging really. It was an accomplishment to be proud of and she didn’t have many of those in her life. ”I don’t mind you saying that. Bit refreshing actually.” Julie smiled, a small chuckle escaping her lips.

    As Sara talked about the Waverider, Julie looked back towards the beautiful ship standing before her. Not only did she want to look at every nook and cranny but as a pilot she had to stamp down the urge to want to pilot her. No doubt they had their own pilot and it would be extremely rude just to go ahead with the assumption that she could fly. ”She might not be built for racing but that doesn’t make her any less beautiful.”

    Ah to have the Razorback would at least alleviate some of her suffering in terms of missing her dear racing ship.

    ”You keep her cloaked? While I understand that, cloaking isn’t exactly low tech.” Julie kept her expression neutral despite the wave of fear. This was not the ship that took over the Scopuli and she knew that. Cloaking tech was stealth tech and stealth tech had been used to sneak up on them, board and take them prisoner. Well her prisoner. The rest of the crew were killed.

    Good as she was at hiding her emotions, she couldn’t help but show the wave of grief that crushed her heart at thinking about the lives lost. They weren’t just a crew, they were family. ”Apologies. Bad memories.”
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  6. Sara Lance

    Sara Lance Guest

    Careful as Sara had cautioned herself to be, she couldn't help but be increasingly genuinely interested in this stranger. Racing was the kind of thing that took both genuine skill and an edge of recklessness -- the sort of quality she was generally drawn to in a person, for better or worse. And evidently, this woman had been good at it.

    "Damn," she remarked appreciatively. "It's too bad. I'm assuming your ship isn't in Pandora, or I would've liked to see that."

    Still, the compliment the woman gave the Waverider made Sara smile a little more easily. It wasn't like she could take much of the credit - she might have been captain, but technically it had been Rip's ship, and had originally belonged to the Time Masters - but all the same, she was fond enough of the Waverider by now that anyone who appreciated it won a few points with her.

    But then the mood shifted, and the woman's tense pause made Sara tilt her head and regard her a little more carefully. "No worries," she replied after a moment, softening her tone a fraction. It wasn't her place to ask this stranger what she'd been through, but whatever she'd been reminded of obviously hadn't been pleasant. If Sara could set her mind at ease by being a little more forthcoming, she guessed she might as well try. "Yeah, it's just... in the wrong hands, she could do some damage, you know? I'd rather keep a low profile -- especially in Pandora. God knows who might be interested for the wrong reasons."

    She paused, considered, and then held out her hand in polite introduction. "Sara Lance, by the way."

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  7. Julie Mao

    Julie Mao Guest

    "Unfortunately you'd be correct. She isn't in Pandora." Julie was wistful and wishful that whatever pulled her here might also bring her ship in. She might have left it back on Earth while she helped the OPA but that didn't mean she hated her ship. At the time her priorities were helping the Belters.

    This woman didn't seem to be of Mars origin. There was nothing to indicate that this was the same ship or technology that the Anubis had used against the Scopuli. "I can understand that." Julie dipped her head in a nod. The woman was being honest with her and so Julie felt that she could at least be a little more open in return.

    "Stealth tech is rare in my world. A ship using stealth tech was able to ambush the ship I was on. Killed the crew, took me prisoner." It all lead back to her father and she felt a surge of anger rise up in place of the grief. "Hence the bad memories." Hopefully that would be enough and she didn't have to explain any further.

    She took the offered hand with her own and shook. "Pleasure to meet you, Sara. I'm Julie Mao." Oh how she was grateful to be in another world entirely because no-one really knew her name or face. That meant not having to hide who she was.
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