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Oerba Yun Fang

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Oerba Yun Fang, Dec 17, 2017.

  1. Oerba Yun Fang

    Oerba Yun Fang Final Fantasy

    Chaotic Good
    Oerba Yun Fang
    “They'd have to let everyone know that the big, bad l'Cie can't hurt 'em no more. These Cocoon people—bunch of cowards and blowhards.”

    Played by Riot

    Fandom: Final Fantasy XIII
    Age: 621 (chronologically); 21 (physically)
    Species: L’Cie (formerly human)
    Gender: Female
    Canon Point: In the village of Oerba, before entering Eden
    NPC Companions: Bahamut (summon)


    L’Cie are people chosen by the gods to carry out a specific task—a Focus. This pact manifests as a brand somewhere on the l’Cie’s body, bestowing upon them otherworldly powers to aid in the fulfilling of said goal. Being marked in this manner is both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, depending on the nature of the Focus, acting as a god’s l’Cie can be a deep honor; on the other hand, failing a Focus or taking too long to complete it results in the l’Cie transforming into a shambling monster of crystallized flesh. Even success is bittersweet; completion of a Focus sends the l’Cie into crystal stasis until another task is pushed onto them, during which a span of centuries may pass.

    Fang, already a capable huntress and warrior when she was only human, harnesses her l’Cie powers to great effect. Aside from being able to use magic, Fang is a skilled wielder of lances, and fights as though her weapon is a natural extension of her body—fierce, flowing movements married to great acrobatic ability, making her strikes seem as if the blows of a swift and ferocious beast.

    Fang is trained in the ways of dragoons, warriors who specialize in taking down airborne adversaries. Their trademark technique is the jump, wherein the practitioner leaps to tremendous heights and then descends back down onto their target with punitive force, often with the point of their lance leading the way. Fang is comfortable with jumping hundreds of feet at a time, and after falling a comparable distance, can land without injuring herself.

    MagicL’Cie magic is largely combat-focused in nature—explosions aligned to a primal element, restorative spells to instantly heal injury, enchantments that bolster allies’ defenses and hinder enemies’ movements. Magic does not require an incantation, only that Fang has enough stamina to evoke it.

    Fang mainly relies on her lance to see her through a fight, but if met with a problem that physical force alone can’t solve, these are the spells among her repertoire.

    • Elemental magic: Typically manifests as some form of projectile or a sudden blast of force at a specific location. Fang can also imbue weapons with a temporary “coating” of the chosen element. Comes in flavors of Fire, Thunder, Blizzard, Water, and Aero.
    • Non-elemental magic: Almost identical to the above, but in a pure or “unaspected” form, without favoring any primal element. Ruin can be tweaked to apply concussive or shredding force.
    • Debilitating magic: Softens up a target before finishing them off. Blind impedes the victim’s sight; Pain causes agony when attempting a physical attack; Stop halts the target’s personal passage of time; Fog seals away the ability to cast magic. Their effects are temporary, lasting only minutes at most, and can sometimes be shrugged off completely by those of high tenacity or willpower. Fang can also directly assault magical or spiritual barriers to weaken them or tear them down through use of Deprotect and Deshell.
    • Beneficial magic: Heightens the offensive and defensive capabilities of Fang and/or her allies. Haste bolsters physical speed; Brave increases strength; Faith increases magic power. Protect and Shell encase friendly targets in personal barriers that absorb and deflect incoming attacks of physical or magical origin.
    • Healing magic: While not a substitute for proper rest and recovery, Cure can close wounds and soothe pain in mere seconds, enough to get a person back into some kind of fighting shape. Esuna cleanses poison and other ailments; in an emergency, Raise will immediately rouse someone from injury-induced unconsciousness.

    EquipmentA double-bladed lance forged of metal. The points fold inward when not in use, and the pole can snap apart into a three-section staff. Fang keeps it strapped to her back with a loop on her belt.

    The fount of Fang’s l’Cie powers is her Eidolith, a pinkish crystal shaped like—appropriately enough—a fang. It’s stored in the brand on her shoulder and serves as the method by which she summons her Eidolon, Bahamut.

    BahamutEidolons are machine-like guardian beasts assigned to a l’Cie to aid them in carrying out their Focus—or, to give them the mercy of a swift death, should their resolve weaken too much. Bahamut is Fang’s Eidolon. He has a vague resemblance to dragons, is able to fly, rake into enemies with curved talons, and blast them with high-speed orbs of kinetic energy. Outside of battle, Bahamut can shift into a “transport” mode, carrying Fang on his back across the skies.

    Maintaining Bahamut’s presence in the physical world does require some of Fang’s stamina, so she only calls him on an as-needed basis.

    RagnarokAs part of her l’Cie branding, Fang was granted the ability to transform into Ragnarok, a savage beast prophesied to have the power to end worlds and destroy gods. She cannot trigger the change of her own choosing, only as an involuntary reaction when at the absolute depths of despair and turmoil. While in this shape, she cannot speak and will fail to recognize any allies.

    Fang’s Ragnarok is technically an incomplete version with incomplete power; to summon the true Ragnarok, Fang needs her friend and fellow l’Cie, Vanille, to join their power together. Even so, Fang’s Ragnarok still possesses a strength and fortitude several levels above that of humans, chasing down enemies with fiendish persistence and tearing through magical barriers with brute force alone.


    Though capable of superhuman feats and powerful magic, Fang is more or less human when it comes to sustaining damage. She can have her bones broken, get stabbed through the gut, and doesn’t want to have to look down the business end of a gun any more than the next person. Magic is great for blunting the effects of injury in the middle of battle, but afterwards, she needs time in a bed to heal up properly.

    L’Cie magic does not have a vocal component, but the caster still needs to be able to speak in order to give the spell proper form. The magic itself is drawn out from Fang’s Eidolith, located in her brand on her right shoulder. If she is rendered unable to move or talk, she will be unable to cast magic.


    Fang approaches life with a brazen sort of outlook, intent on enjoying every bit of it that she can, as if expecting the next day will bring a chance she won’t survive. She carries herself with the calm confidence of someone completely assured of their own strength—an easy smirk on her lips, eyes narrowed in amusement, meeting challenges with dry quips and a jab of her lance. Once she’s made a decision, Fang is committed to seeing it through. Nothing is dealt with half-heartedly.

    Her experiences have been colored by loss, strife, and constant violence, leading her to be fiercely protective of the people she cares about. Fang can be strict with others until she’s weighed their trustworthiness, but once you’re in her good graces, you’re pretty much family. She gives no second thoughts to risking herself for others, and would turn the rules of society upside-down if it meant saving a friend’s life.

    Fang can be stubborn to a fault, with a tendency to chase after her goals with a single-minded drive. She’s unyielding in the face of opposition, not particularly given to compromise without a damned good argument—or maybe just a hard thwack on the head. It’s difficult for her to admit when she’s wrong, but if it’s for a friend’s sake, then she’ll put her pride aside.


    Fang stands at a height of around 5’9’’, with a body of whipcord muscle that tells of her upbringing in a society used to fighting for its daily survival. She has her share of scars, the most prominent of which score her right arm, as if a set of large claws dragged across her flesh. The brand on her right shoulder resembles an ornate eye that has frosted over. Her other shoulder bears a tattoo of a fanged creature.


    Fang was born during a period known as the War of Transgression, when her homeland of Gran Pulse was tangled in devastating conflict with the world of Cocoon above. Her family died in the fighting, leaving Fang to grow up in an orphanage in the village of Oerba.

    Embittered by the war, Fang volunteered to be among those who would receive the l’Cie brand from their village’s protector, the fal’Cie Anima, so that they might gain the power to push back the armies of hated Cocoon. During the ceremony, she confronted Anima over its failure to protect the people, and would have been executed by the priests for her irreverence if her friend Vanille didn’t intervene. Fang and Vanille agreed to become l’Cie together. Their Focus: become the apocalyptic beast, Ragnarok, and tear Cocoon itself down from the sky.

    Vanille found herself unable to go through with their quest, so Fang underwent the Ragnarok transformation alone. The goddess Etro, knowing that countless lives would perish if Cocoon fell, interrupted Fang’s rampage and forced both her and Vanille into an early crystal stasis. Fang’s l’Cie brand became frozen over, its progression halted.

    Six hundred years passed. When Fang and Vanille woke in the depths of Cocoon, Fang had no recollection of Ragnarok nor what their Focus had been. But Vanille’s brand was still active and advancing; she would ultimately fail her Focus if they didn’t act quickly. Fang resolved to stop at nothing to save her friend.

    They bumbled their way around Cocoon, their actions bringing their presence to the attention of local military forces. The chain of events that followed sent Cocoon’s populace into a spiral of fear and panic, and both Cocoon and Gran Pulse fal’Cie branded new l’Cie for themselves to combat the threat.

    Over the following days, Fang and her newfound l’Cie comrades uncovered the truth of their shared Focus: destroy Cocoon, and let the massive loss of life usher the return of the Maker, who would rebuild their broken world from a clean slate. Her friends declined to obey, and affirmed their determination to save their world without becoming monsters themselves.

    Their trials took them below world to Gran Pulse, Fang and Vanille’s first return to the land of their birth in six centuries. The War of Transgression had left their home decimated; no humans remained alive here, only beasts, monsters and the Cie’th—the mangled, undying crystal forms of those l’Cie who had failed their Focus.

    With this grim reminder of their looming fate, the party rested awhile in Oerba—Fang and Vanille’s village also reduced to an empty shell—while they made their plans. It was at the end of the old bridge outside the village that black vines emerged suddenly from the waters, ensnared Fang, and dragged her into Pandora.


    Fang opened her eyes and found herself staring up at an unfamiliar ceiling.

    She didn’t move for several seconds. Her body didn’t entirely disagree with that choice; whatever she was lying on was soft and warm, smelling a little bit like flowers, something sweet and artificial. The walls were clean and white, the furnishings square and metal, throwing back the rays of sun that fell through an open curtain to the side.

    She might not have remembered how she got here, but one thing was certain. This wasn’t Gran Pulse anymore.

    Cocoon, her mind hissed, and Fang bolted upright. She examined the room, hands pressed back against the mattress beneath her. Was that where she was? Cocoon again? The others… Had they lost the fight against Barthandelus on the old rusted bridge?

    The moment she spotted her lance leaned against the wall was also the same moment that the door opened. In stepped an older man she didn’t recognize. He smiled at her.

    “Oh hey, you’re awake. I was worried you’d- Urk!

    Quick as a striking cobra, Fang lunged out of bed and slammed into him, knocking him into the wall with vicious force. She pressed her forearm into his throat hard, and his face started to purple.

    Once she was certain he’d gotten the message, Fang drew back and let him breathe, but kept the rest of him pinned where he was. He sputtered for air, and Fang flashed him a cold smile.

    “Good morning! So, where am I? What’d you do with my friends?”

    “Oh my god!” He coughed. “Please, you don’t understand, you’re not- wherever you came from, you’re not there anymore! This is Pandora; you showed up unconscious in my kitchen and I couldn’t just leave you-”

    She leaned into his throat again to shut him up. As the man struggled in her grip, Fang tried to process his words. Showed up in his kitchen? Pandora? None of what he’d just said made a lick of sense, and that was worrying. Maybe Barthandelus had played some fancy fal’Cie trick back in Oerba, separated their group and messed with their memories. It wouldn’t be the first time Fang woke up in a strange place unable to recall how she’d gotten there.

    If she was being honest with herself, she didn’t think this man was responsible for her current situation. He did seem to have answers, though, and if those answers led her back to the others, then she damn well wanted to hear them.

    Fang backed off, letting the man drop to the floor. As he clutched his throat, she stepped over to her lance and took up the gleaming red polearm, looking it up and down to verify that it hadn’t been damaged. Satisfied, she unfolded its double-pronged tips with a sharp click and swung the deadly points across the man’s field of view. He startled.

    “Okay, okay. Let’s start over.” Her voice was real friendly. “Why don’t you tell me everything you know…”
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