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Open Of Fëanor and the Arrival in Pandora

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Fëanor, Jul 25, 2018.

  1. Fëanor

    Fëanor Guest

    MAY 17, YEAR 7
    Early Afternoon

    Fëanor took a deep breath and held it, waiting for the dust to stop flying. The silima had proved too volatile for the type of heat he had exposed it to, and although the minor explosion hadn't hurt, he was confused by a strange tugging on his feet that brought him to his knees.

    He kept his eyes clamped shut against the dust, but his knees felt... different, almost like they weren't on the floor of his secret forge that he constructed solely for experimenting with silima. The ground was too hard even for his main forge, and when he put a hand down to stabilize himself, he noticed that it felt hot to the touch. Had the silima melded to the ground somehow? Such a waste of precious material...

    When he tried to pull himself up on his workbench, his hand met only with air. When he could breathe without coughing, he dared to open his eyes - only to find himself in a strange place he had never seen before. It was a large city like Tirion, but with a completely different style of buildings, and technology he had never even dreamed of. There was even a light on a pole above him, making a circle that came out bright green. Was there a source of light behind some emeralds, perhaps?

    A sudden honk that sounded like a horde of a thousand aggressive geese startled Fëanor, who stumbled to his feet in the face of a giant mechanical... something. He had never seen anything like it before, but the person inside - there was someone inside of it - looked angry. He stepped away as quickly as he could, only to watch as the thing sped by at a speed even Huan would have trouble matching. What was it, and where in the world was Fëanor?

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