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Closed Oh hey look Elfen's doing a poll again

Discussion in 'Character Polls' started by ElfensFinest, Jul 19, 2019.


Which one of these Bois (Or Grills) Should Come to Pandora

  1. Benny-Fallout: New Vegas

    5 vote(s)
  2. Lily-Fallout: New Vegas

    0 vote(s)
  3. Three Dog-Fallout 3

    5 vote(s)
  4. Strelok-S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

    2 vote(s)
  1. ElfensFinest

    ElfensFinest Player

    Heyo beautiful people. thanks for stopping down at my rinkey dink poll. Today I've got quite a few characters I'm thinking about choosing, and it'd be real kind of ya'll to help me narrow it down. Thank's again.

    Option 1: Benny

    Hailing from the city of New Vegas, Benny knows his way with crime. He not only lead one of the Strip's houses, corporations that not only ran the casinos of the city, but also often committed white collar crimes. Benny wishes for himself to be the center of attention, always craving more and more power. That came to a cusp with a plot to kill a package courier and take his delivery item, which would allow him to control the main seat of power in the Strip. In Pandora, it is no doubt that he wouldn't set down his lust for power, money, and fame, though he wouldn't do it in the pursuit of good or evil, he would do it for himself, and for the power it brought with it.

    Option 2: Lily

    A Nightkin Supermutant hailing from Vegas, Lily finds herself as an odd sight in the apocalyptic wastes. Once upon a time she had been an old woman, getting her first look at sunlight when she and the rest of her vault were dragged to a far off place to be turned into soldiers for The Master's army. She became on of his elites, working as an assassin and spy, equipped with a device capable of making her invisible. The Master eventually fell however, and the Supermutant army shattered. Lily somehow after all this time had managed to cling on to the memories of her grandchildren, which were some of the few things that kept her together. She, like most Nightkin, developed schizophrenia from prolonged use of her stealth device, and is plagued by a violent persona who calls her to kill. The medication used to treat this condition is effective, but it has a notable side effect of memory loss. Lily is stuck in a situation where she must decide: take the medication as recommended and lose the memories of her grandchildren, stop taking them and descend into a pit of madness, or take it at half dose, remembering her children, but being constantly plagued by the schizophrenic episodes she has experienced for so long.

    Option 3: Three Dog (Bow Wow)

    Three Dog is a charismatic radio host from the post-apocalyptic hellhole that is the capital wasteland. Three Dog grew up in the wastelands with his parents, who were avid fans of rock, and who traveled around in order to find their music. As he himself grew, he eventually set off on his own, exploring the wastes. He saw travesty and injustice everywhere he went, and soon seeked to tell the wastes of them, and help people decide to 'Fight the Good Fight'. After a long while he and some friends set up their own radio station, which mocked and fought against the radio of The Enclave, the xenophobic remnants of the US military. In Pandora, even without the apocalypse, Three Dog would no doubt still call for others to fight the good fight, and of course to keep the signal on the air.

    Option 4: Strelok

    A scavenger hailing from the ruins of Chernobyl, Ukraine, where an immense area of supernatural anomalies have appeared in an area called 'The Zone'. Scavengers Call this place home, seeking anomalies to sell to scientists all across the world, sharing the place with many criminals seeking safety from the law that persecuted them elsewhere, or refugees that find nowhere else to live. Strelok found himself becoming one of the most experienced Stalkers in The Zone, a Stalker being a general term for anyone that resides within The Zone. After a lifetime of looking for secret after secret in the zone, who knows what sort of adventures this Russian man could get up to in a fantastical place like Pandora.

    And with that the list is concluded! Thank you for taking your time to read and vote!
  2. Piemaker

    Piemaker Absolute K-Pop Trash

    Not a Piemaker, oddly
    In the Oven
    Sentient Pastry
    Chaotic Neutral
    what in the godDAMN
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