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On a Raven's Wing

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Jericho Swain, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. April 13th, Year 7.

    Swain stood on a balcony of the Immortal Bastion, overlooking the sprawling city of Noxus below. LeBlanc had made another move upon his life earlier that morning, having assassins spring upon him whilst he oversaw a restructuring of the 4th Legion. As always, she had left herself plenty of plausible deniability, the main attacker being a general Swain had just deposed for incompetence, but as they were cut down by his own hand, their secrets were revealed to him. They always were, and they always lead back to the Pale Woman. He allowed himself a brief smile. The constant attacks simply showed she cared. A fluttering of wings called for his attention. It seemed his birds had discovered something. He raised his Demonic hand allowing the bird to perch upon it for a moment and whisper it's report to him. More were coming, it seemed. He closed his fist, causing the bird to puff from existence and rejoin the flock. It appeared he would have more company today. He readied himself. How very much like LeBlanc to plan two assassinations on the same day. He turned around to the door to greet his would-be killers personally, but he never got the chance.

    Something had wrapped itself around the tactician's leg. He glanced downwards. A new trick? She certainly had been busy. A Black Tendril had wrapped itself around his leg and was pulling him downwards. The floor beneath him seemed to give way as Swain's vision darkened. It would seem this was the end. A pity. His reforms had already ensured that his death would mean little to the prosperity of Noxus. He would be succeeded, and the Trifarix would continue to ensure the Noxian future...

    Swain awoke quite calmly, hauling himself to his feet. He was still alive, or so it seemed. The truth was rarely so simple. He found himself in an unfamiliar town. He glanced about, confirming his suspicions. This was not Noxus, nor any province under it's control. Clever. She could not take his life, so she had simply sent him elsewhere... After a moment to compose himself, he raised a hand. From the sky, a Raven descended, perching once again on his shoulder. He had work to do. It whispered to him. Someone approached...