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Open One Day of Indulgence

Discussion in 'Pandopolis City' started by Enji Todoroki, Jul 19, 2019.

  1. Enji Todoroki

    Enji Todoroki My Hero Academia

    Human (genetically mutated)
    Neutral Good
    August 8th, Year 108--- The White Cat, River Town- Evening time

    Enji wasn't the type for voluntary celebrations, so going out for his own birthday was strange for him. The date wasn't really that special and he had work tomorrow anyway, so he wasn't going to even stay out that late. He wasn't even much of a drinker, mostly dealing with alcohol during work meetings or when it was politely offered to him by someone else. Getting drunk just seemed pointless. Cowardly, even. Running away from the reality of the next morning.

    But sitting in a Japanese bistro, eating food that he used to have back "home", did drag his mood a little more out of the gutter he'd dropped it into. It was slightly more expensive than his usual dinners at the apartment, but he had a lot of cash saved up from not splurging on big ticket items. Living very practically had benefits, and this was one of them. Enji took up a seat towards the back of the restaurant, tucked in a booth instead of at a table. He made sure to keep the entrance in his sights, out of a sense of vigilance. If someone stormed in for whatever reason, he wouldn't be the last to see it.

    He ordered a platter of sushi and a few meat skewers, not bothering to pick anything sophisticated or care about the amount. There weren't any annoying reporters trying to pry into his life here, so to Enji, that was as good as having no one to impress at all. Strangers could judge all they wanted, but that had no meaning or consequence here. Who cared if it looked like he was waiting for someone else to arrive?

    It came with sake to drink, but he kept the ceramic bottle to the side when it came, not wanting to go for it yet. He'd admit it was nice quality rice wine though.