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One indescribable instant

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Rebecca Bunch, Jun 16, 2018.

  1. June 2nd, Year 7

    Tick. Tick. Tick.

    The plain clock hanging on the concrete wall seemed to mock her as Rebecca paced back and forth. She could only take a few paces in either direction before she was turned around again, as the tiny square room didn't give her much space. Her heart pounded in her ears, but not loud enough to drown out that clock.

    Tick. Tick. Tick.

    Why was no one here yet? Nobody had told her anything. The had just put her in cuffs, given her rights, and then tossed her in. They had to be discussing the charges. She knew how the system went. There would so many variables in this situation. Trent wasn't dead. She knew that much. It wouldn't be murder. Would they see it was self defense? God, they had to see it was self defense! She wasn't trying to kill Trent! She didn't try to kill Trent!

    Tick. Tick. Tick.

    Usually the beat of the clock would become like a metronome. It's beat and rhythm would be joined in her head by something else, maybe a smooth jazz saxophone. The concrete room would melt away, and her mind would turn this into some sort of Chicago-esque number where she could seductively croon that she was innocent. That wasn't happening now that. Her mind was in too much of a spiral. She couldn't hold on to one thought for too long, let alone imagine an entire musical number to comfort herself. Her heart continued to thud. She wrung her hands desperately. There was no fantasy to be had here. This was real life. It was her life, and she had just been arrested for pushing a man off of the roof.

    Oh God. She had really ruined everything this time.

    Finally, she heard foot steps approaching. She immediately stopped in place and spun to look desperate at the metal door. Then, something grabbed her. It was so unexpected that she immediately let out a shriek. She stumbled forward, a knee jerk reaction to the feel of something wrapping around her ankles. Before she had a chance to look down, she saw the door in front of her open. Nathaniel. There was only one last second to look at his terrified face before she blackness took her, one last second for her to scream out his name one last time.

    Then, she was on the beach. Okay, better phrasing, she had been thrown onto the beach. She didn't know if whatever had grabbed her actually threw her or she just lost her footing upon arrival. What she did know though was now she stumbled face first into the sand, and was now sputtering and spitting out disgusting grains of the stuff. Rebecca gasped in a desperate breath of air and sat herself upright. The ocean lapped at the shore, mocking the horror of the situation with its peacefulness. The woman immediately launched herself to her feet, grains of sand still stuck to her nice green blouse. She looked to the left. She looked to the right.

    "Rebecca Bunch saw nothing but beach for miles. This definitely wasn't the police station anymore."

    "WHOA! What!? Who said that?!" Rebecca jumped fifty feet in the air and tried to look frantically for the speaker.

    "Despite what she had heard, no one was around."

    "What the hell?!" She looked up at the sky, despite any and all logic. Where the hell was that disembodied voice coming from? Was there a speaker somewhere that she wasn't seeing? And if it was-

    "'How come it sounds like it's narrating everything that's happening?', Rebecca wondered."

    "Stop that! It's really weird!" Rebecca barked, feeling really stupid and confused at the same time. Was she hallucinating? Doctor Akopian had said she could have disassociative episodes. This was nothing like the ones she had before. Sure, she could sometimes imagine her life as a series of musical numbers in order to cope with whatever was happening to her, but this definitely wasn't that!

    "What the hell is happening?!"
  2. Megatron

    Megatron Guest

    Here, where very few people went, Megatron had been practicing being human-sized. He detested it.

    It was the right thing to do, of course; towering over his human compatriots and trying to conduct reasonable business with them when he was as tall as many of their buildings wasn't a feasible way to live, and he had come to the conclusion that he had to use his mass displacer more. It would be better for all concerned, he'd told himself time and time again, it would see business work much more smoothly and ultimately would be another small step in the right direction as far as his personal development was concerned.

    And yet, it was nevertheless intensely uncomfortable and entirely ridiculous to be this small. How in the void did the smaller biologicals manage this on a day-to-day basis?

    He had just picked up the shell of some sea-animal and was examining it when he heard the distinct sound of arguing voices from the other side of the sand dune he'd stood next to. Scowling, the old mech cursed losing the solitude he'd enjoyed so far - until an idea occurred to him. If he was serious about getting used to being so minuscule, then the best thing to do was to actually interact with people.

    Besides, that conversation sounded quite... heated, even if he couldn't make out the words. Perhaps an intervention was necessary.

    Stomping around the dune, Megatron moved towards the source of the noise, cleared his vocal unit to greet these strangers... and stopped dead in his tracks, squinting in confusion and just a tiny bit of suspicion.
    "....Where's the other one? I heard two voices. Where is the other human?"
    This had better not turn out to be a practical joke...
  3. "Rebecca was busy looking every which way for the mysterious voice that was suddenly narrating her life, but apparently 'every which way' didn't include immediately behind her."

    Rebecca suddenly stopped moving and raised an eyebrow at the disembodied voice's oddly ominous new comment. "Wha-?"

    "Otherwise, she wouldn't have jumped a mile when a stranger suddenly started speaking to her."

    Sure enough, there was suddenly a third voice asking questions, and Rebecca absolutely did jump a mile. Once the gasp was done and her heart stopped pounding, she let out a long, annoyed groan at this entire ordeal. Stupid mysterious voice warning her about other mysterious voices two seconds too late... If this really was a new part of her mental illness, then it could really afford to be a lot more helpful than this.

    Wait a second. The new voice asked where the other human was. That was a weird as hell way to phrase it, but that meant they didn't see the other speaker too! What was better, it meant that they could hear the other voice too! Ah ha! So she wasn't completely losing her mind! With a sudden rush of optimism, Rebecca spun around to face who she hoped would be someone who could help shed a little light on this disaster.

    "I don't know, but thank GOD you can hear it too! I thought I was finally losing my- AH!!" The optimism was short lived. Very, very short lived. It was cut short with a shriek when she finally turned around and saw who, or what exactly else was speaking to her.

    "Rebecca stumbled back at least five steps as she looked at what appeared to be a five year old boy's toy robot brought to life standing in front of her!" The strange narrator commented as Rebecca proceeded to do just that. Her hand flew to her mouth, as if to stop herself from yelling further. Jesus Christ, was that a robot standing in front of her?!

    "And with that, Rebecca kissed good bye her final hope for a sane explanation for all of this."

    "Gee, thanks!" Rebecca glared at the voice, her own voice laced with thick sarcasm. "I mean, I knew that, but you didn't have to say it out loud!" Her blue eyes fluttered back to the thing in front of her. Well, it seemed to be able to talk, so she might as well talk to the other thing that may or may not be a hallucination (Was it possible that Trent had drugged her at some point? That seemed possible.).

    "Wh-What are you?" Rebecca asked in disbelief. She pointed an accusing finger at the robot, since she could at least see that one. "What's going on? Is any of this really happening right now??"
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  4. Luke heard the sound of what seemed to be another newcomer, based on her reaction. He could see as he got closer that there was a human and a droid of some kind. The additional voice perplexed him, though. He also thought he'd heard a third voice, but there were only two beings here. So where had it come from? He looked around, unable to see anyone else.

    He watched, then decided to speak up. "It's confusing, I know. I think we all start out that way when we get here." he said.
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  5. Megatron

    Megatron Guest

    And now there was a third member of this little party. Well, at least he too had heard the mysterious second person...

    Scowling as his temper got the better of him for the moment, Megatron stared down the woman - and then the voice was back. His scowl became a confused squint, and he examined the woman carefully.
    "Are you wearing a speaker or something? How are you doing that?"
    Tanaquil had helpfully explained the concept of stage magicians to Megatron some time ago, and the old Cybertronian wondered if that was what he was seeing right now. Of course, it would surely be quite a poor performer who rolled out their performance in an area where there was no audience to see it...

    Nodding slightly at the new human's words, he forced himself to focus. Right, yes. The "newcomer" issue.
    "He's right - whoever he is. As to what I am, well... there are quite a lot of things you're going to have to get used to here. I'm assuming this disembodied friend of yours wasn't a feature of life back home?"