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News Article OP ED: Superheroes, The Intrigue Versus The Consoquences By Brooklyn Edwards

Discussion in 'Pandora News' started by Venom, Jun 1, 2018.

  1. Venom

    Venom Marvel Universe


    May 17th

    Superheroes can be a tricky subject to talk about, because yes there are times when heroes are a necessary part of society when there are threats that the police can not handle. I have faced aliens in my days in Manhattan and San Francisco, I grew up hearing about how Captain America fought Hitler's forces in Germany, I watched as Iron Man, Cap, The Hulk, and Thor banded together and wrote plenty of stories about them. But people get so caught up in the larger than life stories, people forget that before this change in heroism The Hulk had caused millions of dollars of property and environmental damage all across Nevada and California. Now I'm aware Bruce Banner has no choice in the Hulk's actions when the giant thinks it is under threat and I am not saying Bruce Banner is innocent, he still went on the run after the fact. But I'm more talking about we get so caught up in Superheroes well heroics that we ignore just how much of a danger they are to those around them. Take Spiderman for example I did a piece on him in a fight with The Green Goblin, the deranged persona of both Norman Osborn and for a time in order to protect his father's secret, Harry Osborn. These fights were brutal and grisly with bombs, blades and machine gun fire flying everywhere.

    And this would usually where I'd praise Spiderman for stopping such a maniac but the problem is these bombs were following Spiderman and Spiderman in efforts to avoid them kept the fight near a populated building, zipping and climbing to avoid the bombs. No one died in the crossfire but there were of course injuries and you can say well of he tried to avoid the bombs but I'm not saying Spiderman is alone in doing this. Multiple Superheroes treat the cities they "protect" simply as arenas when these fights break out, Spiderman has been been known to just throw things at times at his enemies or use pieces of New York's infrastructure as a weapon. Take a fight with Flint Marko, the Sandman. To defeat the petty Bank Robber Spiderman opened up three Water mains and used about Three hundred and forty thousand dollars worth of water in that incident, to stop Marko from getting away with three safety deposit boxes.

    Containing all together three hundred dollars, and a mint Yankee's Baseball card worth an estimated eighty dollars.

    Again I am simply using Spiderman as an example solely because I myself have interacted with Spiderman in my world and I have seen this issue popping up with other heroes in Pandora, Batman, the man with the red Helmet that is rarely sighted, The multiple cape clad superhumans. All of them have this problem.

    But the question is how far are we willingly to let the usefulness of Superheroes outweigh the costs of cleaning up after them?