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Open Threads

Discussion in 'RP Requests & Plotting' started by Rani, Dec 26, 2014.

  1. Rani

    Rani MODgician
    Plots & Events Division Technical Division

    The Moon

    Open Threads

    An open thread is a thread anyone to reply to! If you have an open thread to share, please reply to this topic with the form below. Also make sure to read our Guide to Open Threads if you feel lost about how to set one up!

    Things to remember:
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    • Open threads can become private if the "open" prefix is changed to "private". When that happens, we remove them from the list.
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    Open Threads


    June 4th .:. Pokemon Go-Home .:. By Leopold Fitz in Radical Pointe, Ark City, Centria
    Fitz runs across some pokemon causing shenanigans on the street.​

    June 5th .:. Not Quite at Home .:. By Cornelius in Ark of Wings, Ark City, Centria
    Arriving in Pandora, Cornelius and his bumblebee mount find themselves in an insect house with no obvious way out. Care to lend a hand?​

    June 14th .:. away in the sky .:. By Rider of Black in Cystal Vales
    An idiot arrives and decides it's a great time to take a vacation on the beach and play volleyball.​

    June 29th .:. Pride Unbound .:. By Cole in Pandopolis City, Midcourt
    Anyone want to join a now very orange Cole trying to make sense of the Pride Parade in Pandopolis?​


    July 5th .:. Summer nights .:. By Talia al Ghul in Lethe
    Summer in the Wastes. Heat, alcohol, cigarettes and sadness​

    July 13th .:. A dream of death .:. By Light Yagami in Otherworld
    The world of dreams is mysterious and home to many dangers ​

    July 29th .:. A Day in the Life of a Scoops Employee .:. By Carter J. Burke in Ark City
    Mr. Burke has gone up against the fearsome Xenomorphs before, but now he's facing a brand new foe - the customers of Scoops Ahoy!​


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    Open Threads Already Replied To

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    Open Threads from Spring

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  2. Hollytree

    Hollytree Player

    [B]July 3rd[/B] .:. [URL=]No Cure for the Blue-Blue-Blues[/URL] .:. By [b]Anna[/b] in [b]Cascade Bay[/b]
    [INDENT]A little paint never hurt anyone, but you might wanna duck anyway.[/INDENT]
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