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Open Threads

Discussion in 'Brainstorming' started by Rani, Dec 26, 2014.

  1. Rani

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    Open Threads

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    Open Threads


    September 5th .:. Chaos Reigns .:. By Alarak in Horizon
    A new world is a playground for a Highlord. As Alarak is dropped in the middle of a barren desert, he searches for only two things; a source of water, and a victim to sate his bloodthirst.​
    September 5th .:. Buongiorno, Pandora .:. By Giorno Giovanna in Pandora Town
    Giorno is contemplating his last couple weeks in Pandora, and also carelessly launching frogs into the streets below. Not his best idea. ​
    September 25th .:. Meeting a Cat(burglar) .:. By The Cat in Cascade Bay
    New to this whole 'personal property' thing, The Cat has decided to use whatever bed he finds at night. Unfortunately for him, the owner of his latest theft is there to catch him in the act.​


    October 31st .:. The Harrowing .:. By Yorick Mori in The Cemetary
    Yorick attempts to close the Graveyard early to ward away would-be Halloween partying, worried that the Mists will take advantage of anyone entering.​


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  2. Blitz Train

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    [B]Oct 13[/B] .:. [URL=http://pandorarp.com/threads/strangers-in-the-mist.37947/]Strangers in he mist[/URL] .:. By [b]Ashton Anchors[/b] in [b]Misty Hollow[/b]
    [INDENT]Ashton is dumped in Pandora on one of the unluckiest days of the year, fortunately his dragon friends Gyoro and Ururun still have his back.  Unfortunately the sight of the trio at night startled a local girl into screaming about monsters, whoops!  [/INDENT]
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