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Open Threads

Discussion in 'Character Relations' started by Rani, Dec 26, 2014.

  1. Rani

    Rani MODgician
    Plots & Events Division Technical Division

    The Moon

    Open Threads

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    Open Threads


    June 1st .:. happy birthday .:. By Tom McNair in Silverwood
    Back to being jobless and homeless, Tom is making sad faces in the woods. Also, it's his birthday. Worst birthday ever.​
    2nd June .:. Reality VS Expectation .:. By Milo Thatch in The Elysium Fields
    After a nasty fall in his world, Milo has woken up in the fields. Having no idea where he is, he naturally assumes he must have died and ended up in heaven, or hell. Pandora is going to be a shock for this scholar turned adventurer from day one.​
    June 5th .:. The Fallen Olympian .:. By Kratos in Elysium Fields
    Old Man Kratos kills a bunch of Minotaurs for looking at him funny.​
    June 29th .:. Whispers of Home .:. By Napoléon Bonaparte in Pandora Town
    A would-be relaxing break in Tower Hill pulls Napoléon into self-doubt, and the similarities to France only make him miss home more than he is willing to admit.​


    July 4th .:. Oh, say can you see .:. By Tiana in Misty Hollow
    The day may not hold much meaning to a lot of those trapped here but Tiana has spent most of her life celebrating the holiday and finds herself drawn to honoring it as best she can.​


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    Open Threads Already Replied To

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    Open Threads from Spring

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  2. Kevin Price

    Kevin Price The Book of Mormon

    Mormon Missionary
    [B]June 4th, Year 6[/B] .:. [URL=http://pandorarp.com/threads/the-new-testament.35222/]The New Testament[/URL] .:. By [b]Kevin Price[/b] in [b]Myrtle Beach and the Shimmering Sea[/b]
    [INDENT]Elder Price was about to truly begin his church mission in Uganda, but it seemed Heavenly Father had other plans for him (Or Pandora or whoever decides on whether or not people get dropped in this new and crazy world). Now he's lost, confused, and more than a little frazzled.[/INDENT]