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Open Threads

Discussion in 'RP Requests & Plotting' started by Rani, Dec 26, 2014.

  1. Rani

    Rani MODgician
    Plots & Events Division Technical Division

    The Moon

    Open Threads

    An open thread is a thread anyone to reply to! If you have an open thread to share, please reply to this topic with the form below. Also make sure to read our Guide to Open Threads if you feel lost about how to set one up!

    Things to remember:
    • Threads with replies can be replied to if the "open" prefix has not been changed.
    • Open threads can become private if the "open" prefix is changed to "private". When that happens, we remove them from the list.
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    Open Threads


    December 1st .:. A Roaming River .:. By Haku in The Elysium Fields
    Haku arrives in Pandora for the first time and is currently confused and on edge close to a river.​
    December 1st Hardships of The Times .:. By Ahsoka Tano in Other Places In Pandora (Ancient Ruins)
    Having been in Pandora for a few days, Ahsoka has found her morale dropping. Blaming herself for not knowing better about things that had went on in her home galaxy, she now also finds herself doubting having some destiny in Pandora.​
    December 2 .:. Compaion cube, I dont think were in Aperture anymore .:. By Chell in Silverwood
    Chell has just arrived in Panodra and is enjoying being outside for the first time in a long time ​
    December 2nd, Year 7 .:. A Boss No More .:. By Giovanni in Pandora Town - Blackhaven
    Giovanni has awoken in an alleyway and has no idea where he's arrived at. This is his introduction to Pandora thread!​
    Dec 9 .:. Window Dressing .:. By Makoto Kino in Misty Hollow
    Makoto just landed in Misty Hollow and is out to get some clothes since she only has one outfit to her name. She has a budget and a dress that caught her eyes. She can only keep one of them.​
    30th December .:. Impossibilities .:. By Twelve Tsuerubu in Pandora Town
    Twelve has been dramatically dragged into Pandora and has discovered that there is snow in summer... Oh wait, new location, new season... EVEN MORE IMPOSSIBLE!​
    December 31st .:. Almost New Year .:. By Diana Prince in Misty Hollow
    Just before New Year's Eve, Diana arrives at Misty Hollow. She just wants to spend a few hours in the pub.​


    2nd January .:. Roll with it .:. By Rey in Oasis Jungle
    Rey has been brought into Pandora straight into the path of an unfriendly plant​
    January 3rd .:. Across That Sandy Sea .:. By Groot in Arid Lands
    Grood is ever so determined to reach the Wishing Wells! Maybe another soul seeking the waters will help him along the way?​
    January 3rd .:. Who Is That Doggy In The Window .:. By Nikola Tesla in Pandora Town
    Nikola is discovering Poppy Adams' mechanical dogs....will he be able to fix them up?​
    January 9th .:. Somewhere in the Woods .:. By Wolverine in Silverwood
    Wolverine stumbles upon a grizzly scene while hunting and ends up fighting a pack of still hungry Wendigos​
    January 9th .:. Eap Tap Tap, I'm Not Going Back .:. By Darth Maul in Mount Pompeii
    Maul meditates on what he truly wants, revenge, or the empire he's building in Cascade Bay's Underworld​
    January 21st .:. Thread Title .:. By Butch DeLoria in Nine Circles, Black Haven, Pandora Town
    Butch is quite literally dropped into a Strippers lap and proceeds to make a complete ass of himself. TUNNEL SNAKES RULE​


    February 1 .:. Paradigm Shift .:. By Tatsuma Hiyuu in Misty Hollow
    Tatsuma arrives in Pandora, slightly worse for wear.​
    February 1st, Year 7 .:. Tell Me I'm Okay .:. By Rebecca Bunch in Myrtle Beach and the Shimmering Sea
    Rebecca passes out from exhaustion while planning her wedding, and wakes up on the sea side. Needless to say, she's a little confused and upset.​
    February 4th, Year 7 .:. Been through the desert .:. By Ling Yao in The Arid Lands
    Ling Yao is dropped into Pandora, wanders the desert, and promptly passes out from hunger. Hopefully someone finds him before he starves to death.​
    February 8 .:. louder than a lion .:. Sephiroth in Myrtle Beach and the Shimmering Sea
    While prowling along the shoreline looking for interesting ocean detritus, Sephiroth's cat picks a fight with a crab and loses. The commotion is sure to have drawn someone's attention.​
    February 14th .:. Sweet, Sweet Sweets! .:. By Gaius in Illegally Sweet (Pandora Town)
    A holiday where Gaius has an excuse to make more sweets than usual is now under the perfect guise of being "for the customers". Interact with the thief and maybe bring a lover so you can steal their heart with sugary goods!​
    17th February, Year 7 .:. Sand Sharks .:. By The Governor in Myrtle Beach and the Shimmering Sea
    While learning about tide pools on a class trip, a bunch of school children are attacked by sharks that can swim in sand. Will you rescue them?​

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    Open Threads Already Replied To

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    Open Threads from Fall

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  2. Tatsuma Hiyuu

    Tatsuma Hiyuu Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou

    [B]February 2[/B] .:. [URL=http://pandorarp.com/threads/how-far-we-fall.41058/]How Far We Fall[/URL] .:. By [b]Tatsuma Hiyuu[/b] in [b]Silverwood[/b]
    [INDENT]Tatsuma tries to break through the wall and has something of a mental breakdown in the process.[/INDENT]
    February 2 .:. How Far We Fall .:. By Tatsuma Hiyuu in Silverwood
    Tatsuma tries to break through the wall and has something of a mental breakdown in the process.​