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Open Threads

Discussion in 'RP Requests & Plotting' started by Rani, Dec 26, 2014.

  1. Rani

    Rani MODgician
    Plots & Events Division Technical Division

    The Moon

    Open Threads

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    Open Threads


    March 8th .:. his thoughts are slow but always kind .:. By Maturin in Pandora Town
    Maturin has spent his entire afternoon playing with some of Pandora Town's younger children, carrying them to and fro outside the school. He's full-up on love, hope and wonder at the moment!​
    March 10th .:. Fuzzy Thief Terrorizes Town .:. By Nanachi in Misty Hollow
    In need of more supplies, Nanachi travels beyond the barrier and into Misty Hollow proper looking for places to steal such things from.​
    March 10th .:. a strange woman .:. By Zephaniah in Silverwood
    Zephaniah was dragged into Pandora and did not know what to do​
    March 12th .:. another story must begin .:. By Jean Valjean in Sundale Park
    After fleeing from the law back home with Cosette in his arms, the last place Valjean expected to be was in the middle of a beautiful park. Confused, he reaches out to a passer by.​
    March 17th .:. A Beer a Day Keeps the Crazies Away .:. By Shane Walsh in Pandora Town
    After bragging about his ability to drink, Shane sent an open invitation for a drinking contest. Losing buys for everyone.​
    March 20, Year 7 .:. The Darkest Of Them All .:. By Jefferson in Misty Hollow
    During a tense situation in town, Jefferson decides to step out for some fresh air...or so he would have everyone believe!​


    April 7th .:. The Drowning Deep .:. By Iron Bull in The Tiberian Isles
    Bull and his crews of mercenaries are fighting a swarm of mermaids.​
    April 10th .:. Stargazing and Stress Relief .:. By Danny Fenton in Cascade Bay: Cascade Sands and Docks
    Danny Fenton and his doppleganger Super head to the beach for a fun day at the beach and some stargazing. Why not join them and/or ruin the moment?​
    April 13th .:. On A Raven's Wing .:. By Jericho Swain in Pandora Town, River Street
    Swain arrives in Pandora, and immediately begins planning his next moves.​
    April 25th .:. a ballad for the lost .:. By Likulau in Pandora Town
    An unknown, anthropomorphic feline figure climbs the height of the Parliament Building, seemingly taking no further action.​
    April 27th .:. Exit, Pursued By A Monster .:. By Alphys in Orbit City
    An almost high-speed chase involving robots, a monster and some innocent bystanders.​


    May 2, year 7 .:. a whiff of crime .:. By Javert in Misty Hollow
    Nothing like something familiar to help a thoroughly discombobulated police inspector find his bearings in a new dimension. New arrival Javert follows his instincts, still keen despite recent setbacks, to the scene of... Well, he doesn’t quite know yet what he’ll find. In Misty Hollow, it could be anything.​
    May3rd .:. Anybody Have a Map? .:. By Chara Dreemurr in Pandora Town: River Street
    Meet a kid worrying about monetary problems. Also a kid who will incidentally dislike any human they see. Fun times.​

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    Open Threads Already Replied To

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    Open Threads from Winter

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  2. Hannah

    Hannah keep reaching for the stars

    Date .:. Familiar Taste of Poison .:. By Rachel Amber in Pandora Town
    Rachel is attempting to trespass a junkyard, come and stop or encourage her.​
  3. FullMoon

    FullMoon That One Brazilian Guy

    Being a mess
    Neutral Good
    [B]May 20th[/B] .:. [URL=http://pandorarp.com/threads/fight-or-mercy.43287/unread]Fight or Mercy?[/URL] .:. By [b]Asgore Dreemurr[/b] in [b]Tower Hill[/b]
    [INDENT]Asgore wakes up in Pandora, surrounded by a crowd of curious humans. Being injured, he finds himself completely at their mercy.[/INDENT]
    May 20th .:. Fight or Mercy? .:. By Asgore Dreemurr in Tower Hill
    Asgore wakes up in Pandora, surrounded by a crowd of curious humans. Being injured, he finds himself completely at their mercy.​
  4. Revan

    Revan Star Wars

    [B]May 15th[/B] .:. [URL=http://pandorarp.com/threads/lost-further-than-the-rim.43367/]Thread Title[/URL] .:. By [b]Revan[/b] in [b]Arid Lands[/b]
    [INDENT]Revan has arrived in the deserts and getting over being drugged he is losing to a group of Psyco's intent on cracking him open and sucking out his meaty bits[/INDENT]
  5. Chara Dreemurr

    Chara Dreemurr Undertale

    Chaotic Neutral
    [B]April 2nd[/B] .:. [URL=http://pandorarp.com/threads/searching-for-answers.43415/]Searching for Answers[/URL] .:. By [b]Chara Dreemurr[/b] in [b]Pandora Town Library[/b]
    [INDENT]A kid looking for answers where there is most likely none - and open to be bothered or helped out.[/INDENT]
  6. Wade Wilson

    Wade Wilson Marvel Universe

    [B]June 1st[/B] .:. [URL=http://pandorarp.com/threads/full-time-irritation.43499/]Full-Time Irritation[/URL] .:. By [b]Wade Wilson[/b] in [b]Pandora Town[/b]
    [INDENT]Wade Wilson has crash landed in Pandora. While that would disturb the peace on it's own, the two new voices that seem to be narrating all the wrong things just seem to be making his arrival worse.[/INDENT]