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Oswald, Clara

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Clara Oswald, Dec 18, 2017.

  1. Clara Oswald

    Clara Oswald Doctor Who

    Pandora Town
    Chaotic Good
    "If you're very wise and very strong fear doesn't have to make you cruel or cowardly. Fear can make you kind."

    Played by Noel

    Fandom: Doctor Who
    Age: 26
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Canon Point: The moment in "Face the Raven" where she steps into the street to.. well, face the raven, that would have ended her life.
    NPC Companions: N/A


    Though she may not look it, Clara also possesses exceptional skills with technology. This came as a side-effect when an entity known as the The Great Intelligence attempted and failed to upload Clara to a sort of data cloud. The Great Intelligence, in Doctor Who lore, possesses no physical form and was attempting to use the data cloud to feed on minds of individuals who were trapped within. Although previously hopeless at anything computer related, after the incident Clara suddenly found herself having obtained extraordinary hacking skills. She was able to use these to hack the Great Intelligence’s operatives herself. Later, she was able to apply her hacking to use Jack Harkness's vortex manipulator (mini time machine) and escape danger, despite having never seen the futuristic device before. Other objects that she has displayed this with include alien vehicles and weaponry, and so her capabilities are not limited to computer technology. The intelligence that Clara possesses to understand and make even advanced and/or alien technology function appears to be intuitive, and includes that with which Clara has had no prior experience.


    Despite her skills and general resourcefulness, Clara faces a large weakness in her physical limitations. Clara is rather petite in size and has no natural strength or hand-to-hand combat abilities. This has often made her vulnerable in her adventures. She is also wholly mortal, and no more resistant to injuries or death than your average human.


    Clara’s upbringing has had a huge influence on the woman she has turned out to be. Her mother and father’s relationship with each other as well as towards young Clara taught her to be kind and caring towards others. These traits have extended to the point of self-sacrifice, as Clara often does not hesitate in putting the needs of others before her own wants and desires. She often seems to have an intuitive ability to identify when someone is in distress. To these people in need, she finds it easier than most to find the words they need to here by looking at the good in them. She is an encourager as well as a caretaker to her core, and circumstances do not have the capability to rob her of that.

    There is some dispute about another obvious quality of Miss Oswald’s. While she might describe herself as independent with perhaps a touch of stubbornness, the Doctor might have a few more vivid words to use. These include “bossy”, or “a control-freak”. The truth often lies somewhere in the middle. Clara does indeed have a natural sureness of herself, leading her to quick to make decisions and take leading positions, but it is not usually out of selfishness. In fact, this headstrong attitude often applies to how she views others. Clara has an exceptional ability to have faith in the people around her. Because she chooses to see the best in others, she often expects the best from them.

    In order to keep up with a person such as the Doctor, Clara has to possess a certain degree of bravery. And, in fact, she has proved time and time again that she is indeed a very bold, adventurous woman. Exploring the universe is a privilege in her eyes, and she finds herself able to immerse herself into each world with relative ease. This is also due to her open-minded curiosity, which can sometimes lend itself to recklessness, though she wouldn’t admit it.


    The Impossible Girl’s life actually began under very simple circumstances. Ellie and Dave Oswald’s love story led to the birth of Clara Oswald, whose upbringing was like any other. Her parents loved her dearly. Her mother would read her bedtime stories about all of the far off places she wanted to one day travel to. Clara attended Sunday School, went to the park to play, and by every definition led a very normal childhood.

    Which perhaps made it all the more devastating when her mother passed away. A huge part of Clara’s support and comfort was lost forever, and it tore the young woman apart. It is a true testament to Clara’s character, however, that rather than letting this event depress her forever, she uses her mother as a role model even in death. She adopted her mother’s book, “101 Places to See”, and made it her own. She wanted to live out the adventures that her mother didn’t get to.

    Clara planned to begin those adventures after attending university. However, she first took a week to look after the children of a family friend, a choice that most likely defined the rest of her future. Though Clara is not a believer in destiny, it is difficult to put another name to what happened that week. When the mother of those children died tragically, Clara was conscious-stricken to stay and nanny Angie and Artie Maitland as the family dealt with the aftermath of such an event. It was staying in England that would very soon lead her to meet the man that would change her life forever: the Doctor.

    The Eleventh Doctor saved Clara from the Great Intelligence when it attempted to download her along with many other people in the area— which is a long, strange story. When Clara proved useful, and because the Doctor had recently lost his prior companions, he asked her to come along. She told him to try again tomorrow. Clara still had many adventures ahead of her, however. While back on Earth she took up a job as a school teacher, she was able to help three different Doctors— yes, three— in their decision to save the home of the Time Lords, Gallifrey, from being destroyed at their own hands. And, Clara was there when the Eleventh Doctor’s time came to and end. She witnessed his regeneration into a new and very different Twelfth body.

    During her adventures with the Twelfth Doctor, however, Clara's time as a companion came to an end. In an attempt to save another, Clara took on a death sentence. A tattoo/ timer was placed on the back of her neck to count down to when her life would be collected. The number hit 000. She stepped away from the Doctor she so loved, to look her death in the eye- let me be brave- but instead was wrapped in vines and taken to Pandora.


    The death sentence she'd taken from another reached 000.
    She heard the ugly screech of the bird taking flight.
    Of a demon, coming for her.

    "Let me be brave," she told her Doctor. "Let me be brave," as she stepped into the street. "Let me be brave," she commanded herself.

    Until one step took her from that street.

    In that moment in another, parallel universe, Clara Oswald died. The Quantum Shade, that terrible Raven, flew straight for her heart and tore her apart from the inside. She could feel her life draining away, and even with the lack of physical wounds, her entire body fell into agony. She screamed. The Shade finished its work, and her last exhale released it in a fog of black to its next victim.

    In a new world, she fell on her hands and knees in the middle of a dead corn field. The moon shone brightly overhead, but it was cold here.

    Standing before death, she'd been steady. Not a tear had fallen.

    Alone, alive, she fell apart.

    Fingers clawed into the ground while her shoulders shook, and her tears watered the dry, dusty ground. Assuming this was death, she no longer had to be brave. And she let herself break.

    She'd had to be brave for him. The brokenness on his face had demanded it. Had she clung, begged him to find a way, he would have. No matter the cost. And that scared her more than death. But who can look into death and feel no fear? Liars who ended up escaping.

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