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Out of the Bag; Into the Chaos

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Lillie, Apr 26, 2018.

  1. Lillie

    Lillie Guest

    April 16th, ~6:00 AM
    Near River Street Bridge

    As she woke up, Lillie felt the pleasant warmth of early morning sunlight. That wasn't too unusual, even though she was fairly sure she didn't sleep under the Research Lab's loft. What was more concerning to her was that she also felt a gentle breeze, and that the sofa bed she slept on had suddenly gotten a whole lot harder.

    She opened her green eyes and sat up, only to get the shock of her life. Wherever this was, it certainly wasn't the loft. She was suddenly outside, on a wooden bench, in a town that looked absolutely nothing like Hau'oli City. If anything, it reminded her more of a picture of Kalos she read in a book once. As she looked around, she could see some kind of large, ornate bridge.

    She blinked. Was she dreaming? She tapped the bench with her fingers for a moment or two, before concluding that this felt very real. What happened? How did she get here? Did Nebby...?

    "Oh no.... Nebby!"

    She frantically looked around for her small, gaseous companion. She found the bag she normally kept it in sitting just at the foot of the bench, but unfortunately she found it to be empty. She frowned deeply before staring out into the town again.

    Nebby had to had used its power again. That was the only way she could had been brought here. That meant that it was probably not doing very well, if the last time had taught her anything. She hoped she hadn't been that hard on it; after everything it had gone through, she was trying not to.

    Either way, it clearly wasn't around here. So Lillie got off the bench and grabbed her hat that happened to be conveniently hanging on a corner of the bench before dashing off in the direction of the bridge, eyes desperately peeled for anything that might had been her lost companion.


    On the other side of the bridge was Nebby, perfectly fine and well. In fact, it seemed to be positively overjoyed at its new surroundings, eyes full of wonder and mouth formed into a big smile. It floated along the ground, inspecting anything that looked interesting. Considering this was a completely new world from the one it had left, that was almost everything.

    Anyone who looked at it would see a spherical cloud of dark blue gas with light blue speckles that resembled stars and a simple face of two yellow eyes and mouth. It also appeared to have long ears that became spherical and cloud-like at their ends, giving it the appearance of an over-sized water molecule.

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  2. Trunks, for not the first time in his life, wondered if it really was healthy to sleep as little as he did. Ever since Goku Black's arrival back in his own world the world's sleep schedule had been thrown completely out of whack; people like him and Mai and the rest of the Resistance worked tirelessly to ensure that those less able to defend themselves could go to sleep knowing they'd wake up the next day. Of course, that didn't leave much in the way of sleep for him, so he'd learned to take light naps when the menace gave them space to breathe.

    Of course, that habit didn't exactly die once he was brought to Pandora. The longer sleeps the peace afforded him were periodically and randomly interrupted by nightmares of the terror Goku Black (or Zamasu) had inflicted upon them in their crusade against all mortal life. When that happened, he was usually unable to sleep again, so he usually killed time by taking a walk or meditating. During such times his mind would wander: How were the people back home? Did they miss him? Were they doing well? How could Pandora reach through time to bring himself, his father, and Goku into the world from different times in their lives?

    It was in this state that he found himself absentmindedly wandering Pandora Town, so lost in his own that he almost didn't see the small, odd-looking creature jauntily floating around near the ground until he'd walked over it. "Oh, I'm sorry!" he said, quickly halting in place as his foot came down less than a foot from its form. "Didn't see you there, little guy." He looked around. Luckily the streets were fairly empty around this area at this time of the day, so the creature probably didn't have to worry about being hit by too many other unaware pedestrians. "What're you doing around here, anyway?" he continued, kneeling down to get a better look at it. Oddly enough its form seemed almost gaseous, and he could swear those were distant stars in its tassel-like protrusions. "Are, you out for a walk too?"
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  3. Lillie

    Lillie Guest

    "Pew!" Nebby cried in alarm as it was almost unexpectedly stepped on, with a voice that sounded something like the digitized ringing of a bell. However, it didn't take long for it to realize this newcomer didn't appear to mean it any real harm and instantly forgive him for it.

    The only response he got back in response to any of his questions was simply another "Pew!", this time with a decidedly happier tone and an expression to match. It wasn't clear what, if anything, it was trying to say, but apparently it was happy to meet a new friend.

    Meanwhile, Lillie stopped halfway across the bridge to both collect her bearings and catch her breath. She leaned against the side of the bridge and looked down to see the river flowing below. Her eyes darted left and right in the event Nebby might have fallen down or just floated down there on its own. Alas, she saw no sign of her wayward companion.

    She looked up again back in the direction she came, and then in the other direction. There weren't a whole lot of other people around, she noticed. Maybe it was because it looked to still be early in the morning, not that she actually knew what time it was. At least it was less likely that somebody bad would find Nebby before she did?

    There was still a chance, though. For that, she had to keep looking. If Nebby got seriously hurt, or already was seriously hurt just in the process of bringing her here, then she could never, and would never, forgive herself for it. How else would it have been pushed to use its power again?

    She had to keep looking. So for lack of a better option, she kept moving along the bridge, darting from side to side to see if it was on either side of the bridge or in the river below.
  4. Luke wasn't surprised very much by the sudden new arrival-it was getting to be a fact of life by now. She seemed unharmed, but very worried about something. She'd gotten up fast and ran toward the bridge. Luke followed, speaking when she stopped. He could see the other man on the other side of the bridge, but wasn't close enough to see Nebby just yet.

    'Are you all right? Are you searching for someone? I'm sorry, i know it must be very confusing. I'll help if I can." he said.
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  5. Lillie

    Lillie Guest

    "Eep!" Lillie squeaked in surprise when someone spoke to her. Focused as she had been on her search, she hadn't noticed that there was someone else paying attention.

    Then she turned to see just who it was. Fortunately for her, it seemed this man was friendly enough.

    "Um...." she started, "I'm fine, but...."

    She hesitated. She wasn't in Alola anymore; that much she realized. Most likely he didn't know anything about Aether or what they wanted to do with Nebby. On the other hand, Nebby was special. What if he turned out to be just like Aether and wound up wanting to use Nebby just as they did...?

    Then again, the longer she waited the more likely it was that Nebby was going to get itself hurt if it wasn't hurt already. Here was somebody willing to help her. Besides, it wasn't like she had to tell him everything about Nebby, did she?

    "...I've lost my Pokémon," she finally said, "I don't want it to get hurt...."

    Technically Nebby wasn't her Pokémon, but she was taking care of it for now even if she wasn't actually a trainer. That didn't matter now, though.
  6. Well... he had no idea what, exactly, the creature was saying, but he could pick up on the general vibes. He could make an educated guess that it had forgiven him for his mistake. It smiled at him, and he smiled back. "I'll just take that as a 'yes'," he said cheerfully, and patted the creature lightly on the head before standing up to his full height. For such a gaseous-looking creature it seemed solid enough. Another mystery that the scientist in him couldn't help but wonder about. "Well, I've got nowhere to be, so I'll follow your lead. That sound good little guy?" Besides, he hadn't really talked to people much in the past few days. This might be good for him.
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  7. "It's okay...I know you don't know me, but I don't mean any harm. My life is devoted to helping others when I can." he said. It was a much simplified version of Jedi; there was no need to go into detail now. "What is a Pokemon? I'm sorry, I've never heard of one." Luke did see the bridge, but wasn't sure if what was going on out on it was connected to the girl or not. "My name is Luke by the way."
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  8. Lillie

    Lillie Guest

    He'd...never heard of a Pokémon before? Lillie had no idea how anyone could have not heard of a Pokémon before. They were such an integral part of life that she couldn't imagine what it would be like without them.

    Where was she?

    She decided not to focus on that right now. She needed to find Nebby first, then she could ask all the questions she could think of about this strange town.

    "...A Pokémon is, um...." How did she explain a Pokémon to someone who had never heard of one before? "...Um...." Maybe in the way she'd read Pokémon professors did it? How did that go...? "...They're creatures that live with people...and they support each other...? At least in Alola...."

    She shook her head. "...My Pokémon is...special. It's, um.... Rather small, Kind of looks like a starry sky.... Or a nebula. I call it Nebby...."

    Then she pointed in what she hoped was the direction she came from. "I woke up on a bench somewhere over there, and Nebby wasn't there with me. It's...always been really curious, so it must have wanted to explore...." She frowned. "...If it's still all right, anyway...."

    She then offered Luke a small bow. "My name is Lillie. Thank you for helping me...."

    "Pew!" Nebby chimed again, this time quite ecstatically when its new friend patted it.

    Then, with a big smile on its face, it took in its surroundings once more before starting to float off in a seemingly random direction. Incidentally, it just so happened to be heading towards the large, ornate bridge nearby.