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Answered Out Of This World

Discussion in 'Questions & Suggestions' started by Jayne, Feb 26, 2018.

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  1. Jayne

    Jayne Guest

    This question within itself seems a bit extreme, and maybe a bit over the top for such an awesome universe such as Pandora. But I wish to ask anyway, so I hope it's okay.

    I've recently played an Alien, a Xenomorph before. This particular Xenomorph, is dubbed Specimen 6. It is by date so far, the most intelligent and closest to being 'tame' Alien in the franchise. The game itself was part of the canon elements of the movies and series. is the wikipedia of Specimen 6. It explains it's initial birth and development, to it's escape, release, and rise to power as a new queen. However, I intend to play 6 before her escape, where she was raised under confinement.


    After her birth, she was raised by Dr. Groves and his Weyland-Yutani research team. Their primary features were to train, raise, and command her. On which she obeyed.

    Her escape was only forced by instincts due to a hive mind element controlling her to kill and escape. But from the concept I created her to adapt to a community like Pandora, or a new world, with no hive like mind to control her, she held a bit more decency to understand and take in her surroundings with a more 'tame' like demeanour to her.

    With the knowledge from Dr. Groves and being trained and commanded, I'd love to very much play her from this knowledge so she can learn from humans and creatures on Pandora, and maybe even be docile enough. I loved the idea of expanding on her learning new things on a different world, and maybe even becoming placid without a host or hive mind to control her. Since they are so smart, can you imagine encountering one?

    Thanks for reading my rabble. It's fine if she's too much for this lovely place. xD Just thought it would be epic to experiment with her here (pardon the pun)! Thanks guys! I dare do anything I am not allowed.

  2. Rani

    Rani MODgician
    Plots & Events Division Technical Division

    The Moon
    Hi Jayne! Unfortunately, we would not accept a playable Xenomorph on Pandora. Apping what are essentially wild animals is always a little iffy on here. And while a character like Trico just scrapes by off the fact that there seems to be some varied expression/personality traits and a character there, we find the Xenomorphs don't have any of that beyond their basic kill/feed/procreate drives.
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  3. Trico

    Trico Guest

    That's all good! And ah completely understandable! I appreciate your response! Thanks so much. :)