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Out to Lunch, Apparently

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Megatron, Aug 25, 2018.

  1. Megatron

    Megatron Guest

    Date: August 4th, Year Seven
    Location: the front desk of the Parliamentary Lobby, at around 3pm.


    "What do you mean there's no current Head of Commerce and Labour? Who's been getting my messages, then?"
    The secretary was apologetic about the whole thing, which helped mollify Megatron's mood a little, but her helpfulness didn't do much to change the situation - namely that apparently there was no damn head of the department he'd spent so many months building up a working relationship with.

    This was ridiculous.
    "Is there nobody with the authority to speak with me in the entire department, then? Anyone at all?"
    The answer was, apparently, uncertain. Giving up, Megatron left the secretary to her enquiries and stomped off to the little garden-park out front, glowering all the way. Utterly ridiculous. At a time when a large group of FMAC members were becoming increasingly concerned with the rise in anti-vampire sentiment and when things were so tense across Pandora generally, the last thing he needed was to find that his "opposite number" in Pandora Town's government had simply disappeared.

    "Small wonder this void-damned town has so many troubles, when it can't even keep a solid government!"
    Cursing to himself, Megatron pondered reversing his matter displacer and returning to full size in protest at this treatment. Let them ignore him when he was thirty feet tall - let them try to dismiss him when he was able to look through a second storey window! The thought was very tempting, and for a moment he toyed with the idea half-seriously.

    But no, if he did that it would likely cause friction down the line, and he was supposed to be on the side of the angels these days. Whatever else happened, he had to play nice.

    Sitting on a little bench that groaned just a touch under his weight, Megatron rubbed his brow and tried to stop scowling at everything. Who knew? Perhaps that secretary would find someone to speak to him in record time.

    He somehow doubted it, though...
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  2. "He's here again?" Lucy asked, stalling with papers still shuffled in her hand and a halfway incredulous expression on her face. She was peering out the window of her department's offices, after the reflective glint of metal below distracted her mid-conversation. It wasn't as if she was even the type to generally get distracted in the first place, but large robots...weren't exactly easy to ignore. "Has anyone gone to talk to him yet?"

    "I heard Cindy down in Labor is handling it," one of her interns supplied from where he was still elbow-deep in a filing cabinet. Lucy's eyebrow arched thoughtfully as she pursed her lips. "But it's not like anyone's really chomping at the bit. I heard if you get someone from FMAC started, it's hell to get them to-- Uh, Major Lane?"

    The determined click of Lucy's heels was already fading as she turned the corner towards the staircase. The folder that had been in her hands moments previous was abandoned on the desk with her still steaming coffee mug.

    "Mr. Megatron," she called politely as she stepped outside, holding up a hand to shield her eyes from the bright sunlight. It was a testament to her sheer willpower and professionalism that she was able to address him with a completely straight face. "Lucy Lane. Justice Department." She held a hand out for him to shake. If...robots did handshakes? She chose not to make assumptions just yet, since really the only thing she knew about him was through word of mouth. "Are you waiting on anyone?"

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