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Complete p = mv

Discussion in 'Pandopolis City' started by Pakko, Sep 21, 2018.

  1. Pakko

    Pakko Guest

    19th September, Year 108, Mid Afternoon, By That One Lovely Bookshop Near River Street
    @Clara Oswald


    He was like an avalanche in miniature form, carrying the snow of the mountain with him down the street. Most people had the good sense to step aside from the huge fuzzy thing that, with the aid of a thin layer of ice that formed between him and the cobbled street, was presently engaged in rolling down the street. In his wake, snow hung in the air, some gently settling on the remains of the ice, others evaporating away before reaching the ground. There were those people who didn't have the good sense, or sharp enough reflexes, to step aside, who were knocked aside by the tumbling titan. Pakko made no attempt to apologise, fixated as he was on the sheer joy that came with travelling this way, even if he had no particular destination in mind.

    And, it turned out, little way to influence the direction he was travelling in, or the rate at which he was travelling. The gentle slope of the street as it wound it's way down towards the river caused Pakko to accelerate, much to Pakko's enjoyment, and then to his concern. The cheerful sound of jubilant excitement gave way to a sort of panicked wail that, at least, alerted more people to get out of his way.

    One thing that could not extricate itself from the path of the oncoming Frost Titan was the bookshop.

    There was a normal way to enter the bookshop, which was through the quaint little wooden door. A small brass bell positioned above it cheerily announced the arrival of each potential new customer, who would be greeted with a smile, an encouragement to make themselves at home and, should they have any problems finding what they were looking for, an assurance that help was at hand. Shelves carried a selection of books, catering to the tastes of a people from a thousand different worlds, in just as many genres. Little slices of adventure and romance sat comfortably next to cookery books and poetry collections. The owner even went to the trouble of purchasing a selection of pastries from one of the nearby bakeries for customers to enjoy, filling the whole shop with a sweet aroma of pecan nuts, pastry and caramel. It was the sort of bookshop you could get lost in. A haven from the troubles of the outside world.

    Then there was the way in which Pakko entered. Crashing through the front window. Using the first row of shelves as brakes. Sending books scattering until he finally came to a halt, sprawled out upon his back and staring up at the ceiling in stunned silence. Snowflakes and loose pages settled on him. His silence was ultimately broken by a bout of high-pitched hysterical giggling.

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  2. Clara Oswald

    Clara Oswald Guest

    The little shop in River Town had all sorts of books to buy ranging, from romance to comedy and horror. Clara had popped into the bookstore because she wanted to purchase a certain type of book, but it didn't fall under any of those categories. The reason she’d come was, simply put, to buy a cookbook. She did have one at home of course, but it just fell short of useful. The old book had plenty of recipes inside and they were quite well written, but when it came to baking soufflés or rather, a perfectly made soufflé, the instructions were not very helpful. Either the treat came out of the oven burnt or underdone, and while Clara hadn’t done much better back in England, she was starting to suspect the cookbook was the culprit.

    She took a look around in the cooking section, paging through various cookbooks and re-shelving them once she realized that the soufflé recipe either wasn’t included or the same as it was in her old book. It took about fifteen minutes for her to find the book she wanted, and even though the recipe inside was incredibly similar to other ones, she decided to go ahead and chance it. She had just begun to head to the front desk when it happened. A cold breeze whooshed into shop, followed by a very loud and alarming thump!

    It didn’t take Clara too long to discover what had caused the ruckus. The moment she turned her head in the direction of the noise, she saw him. He was blue, covered in fur and boy was he huge! Clara’s attention shifted to the front of the shop, noticing that he window had shattered. She supposed he must have fallen through and brought in the freezing temperature, but exactly how was beyond her guessing. One thing was for sure, though. The creature had done more than a bit of damage and now he was making quite a lot of noise!

    Fortunately, Clara had a way with aliens and this guy seemed pretty extraterrestrial. She figured a bit of chatting would hush him up and if possible, draw less attention to them both. Hopping over a bunch of badly torn up books, she approached the oversized animal. “Hello, big fella!” she greeted him, making sure to stand at least a foot away from him. Even if he was friendly, it was best to be cautious. “Where'd you come from?”

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  3. Pakko

    Pakko Guest


    The giggling came to a spluttering, stuttering halt, as Clara spoke to him. Snowflakes continued to dance in the air around him, gently moving to and fro with each breath he took as Pakko regarded the human. It seemed to him like quite a bizarre question to ask, and his face contorted in confusion as he considered the question further. It was fortunate that Clara kept a bit of distance, as the large creature squirmed about to right himself; a few false starts later, he was sitting upright amongst the carnage he'd caused, peering out the broken window, and then offering a rather more pointed look at Clara.

    It had to be one of those tests, or something. Pakko was never particularly good at those things. The more obvious the answer seemed to be, the less sure about it he was, but life was full of risks, and tests were risky, and so, quietly, he spoke, almost tentatively. It was a surprisingly high-pitched voice for something quite so large.

    "Outside? Is that right answer? See," he lifted a massive arm to point out the window, at the trail of devastation and slowly melting ice left in his wake, the volume of his voice rising along with his confidence that he'd correctly solved the puzzle, "there's where Pakko came through the window, and, and there's still some puddles left! Let's go see them?"

    Pakko looked expectantly at Clara. It didn't really matter to him that he had no idea who this person was, or where he was, he'd simply assume they're friendly until he found out otherwise.

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  4. Clara Oswald

    Clara Oswald Guest

    That certainly wasn’t the answer Clara had expected. In fact, she hadn’t expected much of an answer at all, other than perhaps a few grunts or squeals that an animal usually made. While she’d met many aliens during her travels with the Doctor, every one of those which spoke an actual language looked at least vaguely humanoid. This fellow looked more like a pet which could be found in an extraterrestrial pet shop.

    Still, the last thing Clara wanted to do was be rude, so the moment she caught herself staring with her mouth agape, she stopped immediately. “You came from outside?” she asked, one eyebrow still quirked in surprise as the creature’s voice was so high. She almost wanted to laugh because it was just so peculiar, but she just managed to hold back by biting the side of her lip. Once the urge to giggle had left, she added, “So erm, this is your homeland? Pandora, I mean.”

    Clara gave a quick glance towards the direction in which the furry thing pointed with it’s chubby stump of an arm, hoping nobody was watching them. She was by far more bewildered by the trail of melting ice than the broken window. Once the furry being indirectly introduced himself, she turned back to face him. “Pakko? Is that your name?”

    She shivered a little bit, as the icy residue brought upon by Pakko still surrounded them. “Hang on. You made an ice trail?” She looked out the broken windowpane to confirm that yes, Pakko had indeed created an trail of ice and it was starting to melt under the sun. At her new acquaintance’s last statement regarding the puddles, she gave a slight shrug of her shoulders. “Don’t see why not. Might want to pick up some of these books first, though.”

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  5. Pakko

    Pakko Guest

    There was another important trick to tests, and that was to focus on what you did know, and ignore the things you didn't. Pakko had suffered through a few attempts at learning and being taught things, and so long as you could answer one question correctly, there was usually a reward in it. Rather than tackle the tricky questions about homelands, or fret over what a Pandora was and what it meant, Pakko excitedly threw his arms in the air, scattering yet more paper about, and causing more snow to form around him, as if he were throwing out confetti.

    "Pakko did make the ice trail," looking down at Clara, with his arms still raised up in the air, he paused at the mention of picking up the books. The books were all over the place, on the floor, knocked from the shelves, scattered about and slowly being covered by snow, and that was just the books that were intact. Gathering up the loose pages and reassembling them into some semblance of order would take time, time that Pakko didn't have, because the puddles outside would only last for so long.

    "Why do we have to pick up the books?"

    A lot of questions began with why. Outside, the puddles were ever-so-slowly evaporating, and Pakko clearly was trying to divide his attention equally to Clara, who he felt the need to somehow impress, and the puddles, which he needed to play with.

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  6. Clara Oswald

    Clara Oswald Guest

    Right as Pakko had excitedly answered the question in regards to his ice trail, a parent and child passed by the aisle that both he and Clara stood in. The child turned their head in their direction and began to tug the adult’s arm as if they were about to ask for permission to see the furry beast. This was certainly starting to become a bit of a predicament, and Clara knew they’d need to get out of the shop as quickly as possible before they became too much of a spectacle and possibly end up in trouble.

    “Right, Pakko,” Clara said in a lower voice, hoping he would follow suit. At least the creature had identified himself so she’d have an easier time with getting his attention. “We have to pick them up ‘cus It’s good manners. You know what that is, yeah?”

    Giving a subtle glance to the left and then the right, Clara put a finger on her lips and made a shushing sound. “Now we need to keep out voices down!” She picked up one of the books and shelved it while hoping that again, Pakko would follow her actions if his stubby paws allowed it. “Don’t want to get in trouble, do we?”

    She’d worry about the other damage that the blue fuzzball had caused later. Right now she needed to concentrate on getting the books sorted and departing the scene before that little kid came back and pointed Pakko out to the rest of the customers and also the staff inside the shop.

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  7. Pakko

    Pakko Guest

    That look on his face came back, a mixture of confusion and slight concern, at the mention of manners. Manners was about knowing what to do with cutlery, or using doors correctly, or remembering what words to say after you sneeze. It wasn't really the sort of thing heroes, which Pakko held in rather high regard, really worried about, and so Pakko gave them no mind either. It was only at the mention of the word trouble - a word that he was rather more familiar with - did something approaching a look of understanding creep over his features.

    So he copied her, mimicking her motions as best he was able, scooping up handfuls of loose pages and snow and trying to shove them onto the shelves, hunching over to try and make himself as small and as quiet as could be. Occasionally, he'd glance over to double-check what Clara was doing, and adjust his own motions accordingly, so he'd shortly moved on from trying to stuff loose pages and snow into the shelf to actually putting the books back to- well, not exactly where they belonged, but at least on to a shelf.

    "Pakko is the best at keeping quiet games," he said it at such a volume as to render that statement rather unbelievable and, just as he was about to continue explaining how great he was at this, he paused and looked at the book in Clara's hands. Without warning, he snatched it away from her, and inspected it; a cookbook, the cover adorned with pictures of fruits and vegetables.

    "This one, this one," Pakko managed to keep his voice down, at least, "we should keep this one."

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  8. Clara Oswald

    Clara Oswald Guest

    Clara really hoped that the kid who'd seen Pakko had left the store with their parent, because the giant fuzzball was just so loud and therefore very conspicuous. He was also incredibly adorable in the way that he tried to shove the books back onto the shelves that if they hadn't been in such a troublesome situation she would have giggled at his efforts. She was surprised that nobody had pointed them out yet, though she was pretty sure that a few more onlookers had noticed them, immediately averting their eyes once they fell into Clara's line of sight. All she could hope was that they would be sympathetic and not tell the staff anything.

    At least the books were mostly back in place. Even if they were completely out of order, she could use the excuse that a little kid had probably taken them all out and put them back in the wrong sections. Of course, she'd need to sneak Pakko out of the shop to make the excuse valid and that was going to be a bit of a challenge. He'd spoken in his alarmingly loud voice again and said the most ironic words possible, making it very difficult to keep him hidden enough. "Yeah, quiet games!" Clara whispered urgently, making another hushing gesture. "You know the rules of the game? Speak in a quiet voice!"

    Right as she'd told him how to play the game correctly, she felt her grip loosen on the book she was meaning to buy. It turned out that the playful blue furball had taken interest in it, enough to pull it out of her hands. Instead of becoming too visibly angry other than her eyes practically popping out with nerves, she nodded and held out her hands so Pakko would understand what to do and hopefully listen. "Yes, Pakko! I'm buying that one! Just give it back so I can pay for it! We can read it together once it's ours!"

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  9. Pakko

    Pakko Guest

    The rules of the quiet game, at least, were simple to understand. The difficulty arose when one was feeling excited and exuberant and wanting to eclaim everything excitedly and, with visible strain, Pakko just nodded his head quickly, shaking more snow off his fur. It was almost as if he was shedding the white powdery stuff and, as Clara explained what she was intending to do with the book with a helpful gesture, the young frost titan mimicked her movements, holding it out to her, his beady little eyes looking for any sign in her expression that this was what was expected of him.

    "Together, going to eat? What about, what about the puddles? Am I winning the quiet game yet? Oh, oh," he quickly closed his mouth again as his voice steadily rose in volume, controlling himself and going back to his whispering voice, "let's take the food to the puddles..."

    It was still only a matter of time before consequences and a member of staff caught up with them. The owner may very well have been the archetypal bookshop owner from which all other bookshop owners were descended; curious, patient, knowledgeable in just about all matters literary, all wrapped up in a hand-me-down suit that was older than some of the antique books stored in the back and topped off with a pair of reading glasses. Regular customers would use words like "kindly", "curious" and "patient" to describe him. Regular customers did not come crashing through the window, however, and there was little sign on his face of any of these traits.

    "Ahem," he stepped out behind Clara, announcing his presence with a theatrical clearing of the throat, "can I help you? Pets are, ah-ha-ha, not permitted within the store, madam."

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  10. Clara Oswald

    Clara Oswald Guest

    Clara was really pleased that the big blue ball of fluff was actually taking her advice and lowering the decibel of his voice to a much more reasonable level. Her posture loosened and the look in her eyes became much less intense, a sign that her stress levels were going down thanks to his cooperation. There were still issues, of course, such as the snow which seemed to be seeping out of his skin as if it were far less icky substitute for sweat. Clara had never seen any sort of animal that shed snow in her life and while it was cute, it was still a bit of a problem. The floor was getting pretty wet and the books would undoubtedly become badly damaged if he kept secreting the cold, wet flakes all over the place.

    On the bright side, Pakko had allowed her to take the book back into her hands. Before he gave any second thoughts to what he was doing, she pulled it gently out of his grip and placed it under her arm. Then, she gave him a pat on the head as if he was playing the part of an obedient pet. “Right! We’ll look at the puddles and then make soufflés! You know what those are, don’t you?” She whispered all of this while wearing a nervous grin, hoping what she’d said was enough to get the massive creature to continue to cooperate.

    “Now stay here! I’ll come back, promise!” she assured him, preparing to head off to the front desk and buy the book. Before she could take a single step in the right direction, an intimidating voice sounded off behind her. Clara whipped around to face the man who’d spoken, her face falling as soon as she’d realized who he was and what he wanted. This was not good!

    “Uhh...” she paused, hoping an idea for getting them out of their situation would come to mind. “Yeah! I was just going to buy this and pop off...” She glanced at Pakko, and then back at the owner of the shop. “Ah, he’s not actually my pet. Not anyone’s pet. He’s uh...a friend! Trying out costumes for this year’s Halloween party! Sometimes you’ve got to start early, right?” She nudged Pakko gently and gave him a look as if to beg him to follow her lead.

  11. Pakko

    Pakko Guest

    Pakko was about to complain about the book being taken away, and ask awkward questions about what a souffle was, and whether it was like regular flaying, which didn't seem like something you'd really wan to do near a puddle at all, and the dozen other questions and observations and worries about whether the puddles would still be there, and whether or not the nice human would come back, and whether they'd have to share the book or eat half of it each, and if they were going to eat it, then maybe they should get another book filled with food in case they're still hungry later on, and whether they could build something out of the snow, and was it warm in here or was it just him, and...

    Instead, he put his hands on his head, holding on to the point where Clara offered him a friendly pat on the head, as if trying to somehow hold on to the feeling of it. It was only the act of being given a gentle nudge that snapped him out of it, and all the things he was thinking about saying came spilling out in a great tide of word soup, directed at nobody in particular.

    "I don't want to be flayed and what's a su and is there enough to share and-and-and who are you and we're friends and Halloween sounds funny like something you do when nobody's looking and-"

    The words came to an abrupt halt as he thought about something. In this moment, the bookseller sensed an opportunity to interject. As confusing as this entire scene was, with the young woman and her apparently costumed friend, there was at least one solid, easily understood thing that he could hold on to in this confusing time. Unfortunately, that one easily understood thing was the broken window and general state of this part of the shop.

    "Ah-ha," his laugh was as dry as his books ought to be, "I see. On the subject of starting early, perhaps you and your companion might wish to explain how you intend to pay for the damage before I decide to alert the constabulary."

    The other patrons had begun to gather around, coalescing behind the shopkeeper. Being a bookshop in a respectable part of the city, the crowd certainly wasn't a mob baying for the blood of the transgressors, nor were they waving about pitchforks and carrying burning torches. But there was some very obvious whispering going on, and some very pointed looks.


    Pakko, with his hands still on his head, looked down at Clara. There was something in his eyes and the tone of his voice, back down to a quiet whisper after that prior outburst, that suggested he was asking for permission to do something.

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  12. Clara Oswald

    Clara Oswald Guest

    This was really quite the predicament. Clara was hoping to successfully buy the book, find Pakko again and get out of the shop without either of them falling under anyone's radar, but it appeared as if none of that was going to happen. At least, not yet. With the bookseller’s daunting and unwanted presence, it would be difficult to make an escape and not lose a large sum of money or possibly much more. Clara dreaded to think of having the constables on her tail, and felt even worse getting Pakko involved in such a troublesome situation.

    Her gaze flitted hopelessly from the man to her furry blue acquaintance, who was starting to seem more like an accomplice. She mouthed the word 'friend' in return, as if to confirm that she thought of him as one despite the trouble he'd gotten her into. After she was sure she'd made herself clear, she solemnly looked back to the bookseller, preparing herself for the worst.

    "Erm," she thought aloud, chewing on her lip nervously while wracking her brain to come up with an excuse to use as her defense. As much as she didn't want to put all the blame on Pakko, she wasn't confident that she had enough money to pay for a window as large and elaborate as the one which he'd shattered. Lying was definitely out of the question as well, in case the man did intend on getting the police involved. It seemed as if all she could do was use the whatever truth there was to her advantage.

    "We can start with...buying a book!" Clara said with a nervous grin as she pulled fifteen pounds of of her purse. The book wasn't very expensive at the price of a measly ten pounds, but she hoped the extra five would take at least a little bit of the edge off his ornery demeanor. Shoving the coins into the bookseller's hands, she continued to chatter nervously. "It's not actually worth a lot of coin but money's money! And!" Her face lit up as she was miraculously struck with an idea just in the nick of time. “We can run a bake sale as a sort of fundraiser for the window!” She gestured sheepishly to herself and Pakko, indicating that the two of them would be the ones in charge of baking the sweets. “It's a brilliant plan and it’ll be loads of fun! Right?"

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  13. Pakko

    Pakko Guest


    While Clara was formulating a plan that would get the pair of them out of the trouble which they had both found themselves in, Pakko was quietly focusing on the slowly growing snowball in his paws. His plan was a lot more straightforward, as the first step was to throw a snowball at the owner of the bookstore and, in an effort to keep the plan as simple as possible, that also happened to be the last step. Fortunately, though, Clara's words came out before Pakko was happy with the snowball. Still, he kept hold of it as it grew, just in case. You never knew when you needed a good snowball.

    "Fun, right! Fun," Pakko repeated, before quickly adding, rather insistently, "like sliding and puddles."

    The owner was a sensible businessman and took the offered money, counting them quickly with the briefest of downward glances at his hand before slipping the coins into his pocket. The owner of the bookshop was also, amongst other things, a man with a nose for books and opportunities. A bake sale would bring customers, and even if it didn't raise the money required to repair the damage the young lady and her monster had caused, surely the community would look fondly upon him for not pressing charges.

    "A bake sale, pastries and cakes and what-not," even though he'd made his mind up, the owner of the bookshop still made a show of thinking, perhaps playing to the crowd that was watching them "I suppose such an endeavour could cover the costs of the damage your monste- friend has caused. Let us hope, then, for all our sake, that at least one of you is an excellent baker."

    "Or at least, ah ha, a prolific one."

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  14. Clara Oswald

    Clara Oswald Guest

    Clara hadn’t really expected the man to play along with her bake sale plan, which was more of an idea thought of on a whim than anything which was set in concrete. So, although it was a bit of a relief that he was willing to let them go without putting them into a much bigger spot of trouble, it was now all on her to arrange this near-future event. Things could be far worse, however. At least Clara had been a part of several bake sales in the past, and though the very best of her soufflés often came out a little too squishy in the middle, she had a partner who was eager to help her out - even if the partner was a big blue monster with a questionable amount of intellect.

    “Right!” Clara chimed, still wearing a most artificial but optimistic smile. It looked as if her time to put in a small exaggeration had come. “Actually, my mum could bake a spectacular soufflé. And that sort of thing does run in the family! It's not like they call me Soufflé Girl without having a reason!” A short chuckle followed that statement. Only one other person had called her that before and they were pretty much mistaking her for someone else.

    “Well!” Clara continued, taking a few steps back until she bumped into Pakko. She really wished she hadn’t trod on one of his toes by accident. “Think we’ll be going now! Got a bake sale to ready ourselves for, don’t we?” She gave her furry friend another nudge in such a way that it suggested that they run for it. “Come on, Pakko! We’ve got loads of work to do!” With that, she began to make her way towards the exit, hoping her new pal would follow suit.

    Perhaps, if he continued to behave until they got out of there, she’d take him for a quick roll in the puddles first.

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  15. Pakko

    Pakko Guest


    It wasn't that Pakko tried and failed to understand the nuances of what was going on, but the fact was that the snowball he held, the one that was steadily accruing more and more mass in his stubby hands, that was interesting. He was a large creature by the standards of most, and the snowball was threatening to become too large for him to easily hold and, when Clara suddenly snapped his attention back to the world and the trouble unfolding around him. By stepping on one of his toes, firstly, and then a timely nudge.

    It was the first of those that was a problem. Pain was one of those things Pakko really didn't much care for, and while he could happily take a few blows to the body without even noticing, things like fingers and toes were considerably more delicate. After a few seconds of stunned confusion, in which Clara was busy trying to make good her escape, Pakko dropped the snowball on to the ground with a splat and started to chase after her, albeit with a bit of a limp, and sniffling all the while. It wasn't a quiet sort of sniffling either, his almost disproportionately sized nose - something that, he was sure, he'd grow into - made it very obvious indeed something was wrong.

    Still, he put on his bravest face as he left with Clara, leaving a rather stunned looking shop-owner in their wake.

    "Seven days," the owner called out after the pair, "you've got seven days! And don't think I'll hesitate to report you and that, that monster to the authorities, because I..."

    As he realised he hadn't caught her name, save for Souffle Girl, his voice trailed off into fuming silence.

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