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Pandopolis: About the Region

Discussion in 'Pandopolis Lore' started by The Pantheon, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. The Pantheon

    The Pantheon Administrator




    1. Overview
      • Regional Balance
    2. Magic & Technology
    3. Travel
      • Inter-Region Travel


    Pandopolis is the name of the central city of Pandora and its surrounding region, located at the exact center of the Box. It serves as a hub to the rest of Pandora, with a direct connection to every region whether traveling by foot, horse, car, or portal. While the other regions all cover huge swaths of land, the Pandopolis region is rather small in size, taking no more than an hour to drive between the city and the border of another region. That land between, however, is scattered with various towns, villages, communities, or unique landscapes.

    Just like the rest of the regions, Pandopolis is extremely patchwork in nature. The landscape doesn’t seem to fit neatly together, and it’s almost as if chunks of earth were created or pulled in separately from one another before smooshing them together. Unlike the other regions, there is no unifying theme within the Pandopolis region. There’s room for high-tech fortresses, magical universities overtaken by zombies, or your everyday average town that is just trying to get by.

    Regional Balance

    While other regions of Pandora have a regional balance that serves as a sort of auto-theme correction by the Box itself, the Pandopolis region does not have one. There is no regional balance concern. Nothing that would tip it out of order, because there is no order or unified aesthetic to this place.

    Magic & Technology

    Magic and technology exist in varying forms throughout the region. There are people and locales that can be found that are absolutely drenched in magic, while others favor high-tech computers and gadgets. And still many more where a unique mix is found. However, much of the magic-powered technology does rely on magical cores that are imported from the Crystal Vales.

    As for magic itself, there are occasions when it gathers together in high densities naturally in an area, manifesting impossible phenomena, seemingly as a part of nature. However, these areas are somewhat rare.


    Because of its central location, Pandopolis serves as the main transportation hub when it comes to easy access to the neighboring regions, including space. Various vehicles can be rented for personal use or arranged to shuttle passengers to any of the ground regions. Public transportation is popular, mainly in the form of buses or ferries, but there are means for people to rent or purchase a personal vehicle as well.

    Inter-Region Travel

    In order to travel to other regions, there are a few options available to those in Pandopolis. First, the borders between Pandopolis and its neighboring regions are open and travelers can simply cross over as they wish. There are soldiers posted on the borders of the Dread Wastes, but only to prevent criminals exiled to the Wastes from crossing over into Pandopolis, not to prevent people from going from Pandopolis into the Wastes.

    This region is home to the main Portal Hub as well. The Portal Hub is a large room at the center of Pandopolis City where people can take a portal to any of the other Hub Cities in Pandora. The Portal system is free to use, and any attempts for an inhabitant of Pandora to control or profit from it has been met with insurmountable force from large statue-like guardians that protect the Portal Hub.

    Shuttles into the atmosphere of space are offered through Pandopolis and the airspace above it, which has the only area large enough for bigger ships to travel through. There are small cracks throughout the world for smaller shuttles to discover on their own, however! But one of the most spectacular ways to travel to the Cosmic Wilderness is the space elevator that rises up from Pandopolis, transporting passangers directly to a stationary space station within the Cosmic Wilderness.

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