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Pandora Development Submissions

Discussion in 'Sign-Ups & Submissions' started by Octi, Aug 8, 2016.

  1. Octi

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    Pandora Developments are something that you, the players, can submit if you have something going on that has some measure of significance to the certain parts of Pandora or the world as a whole. This is a way for you guys to let staff know what kinds of things you're doing in Pandora that we might wish to add to the official guidebook, information documents, or just link as in the town-appropriate news box. Is there a new major group or player in town? Are people setting up a new method of transportation? Food shortage? Job shortage? Destruction? All of these would fall under the Pandora Developments submission.

    • Most items submitted here should already have plotting and/or active threads attached to it. Threads do not have to focus on development work being done. All we want is for them to support the idea that developments are being worked on between scenes.
    • An exception is made for anything you want to add as a 'plot hook'. Plot hooks should be town or pandora-wide ideas (described in one brief sentence/phrase) that you think could make a good basis for a new plot or development for someone to start (look at the current plot hooks for examples).
    • Items submitted here may be added to the town news boxes, to the Pandora Guidebook, or location/town information docs as appropriate.


    To submit a new resource, please fill out the following form and reply to this thread with it.
    Make sure to post your submission as code.

    Submit a Development:

    Developments must have been threaded out via rp or current events. These may be added to the town news boxes, to the Pandora Guidebook, or location/town information docs as appropriate.
    [center][size=3][b]DEVELOPMENT SUBMISSION[/b][/size][/center]
    [b]Development:[/b] What's the new development?
    [b]Development Description:[/b] Give us a description of this new development along with a brief explanation of where it came from.  This is something we'd want to add to the guidebook or information threads if we find it appropriate.
    [b]Physical Location:[/b] Where in Pandora this development is.
    [b]Run By:[/b] Any specific person or group that is in charge of the development (If applicable)
    [b]Physical Description:[/b] Description of the development. If it’s a building or a service, describe what it is and what it looks like. This is so we can add it to the locations if it needs to be.
    [b]Relevant Threads:[/b] Include any related brainstorming or roleplay threads here.
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  2. Big Boss

    Big Boss Guest

    Militaires Sans Frontières

    Development: Big Boss has begun work on setting up his PMC, Militaires Sans Frontières.
    Development Description: Big Boss has always had this dream of fulfilling his mentor's last wishes, and believes that to do so he needs to create a world of eternal conflict. MSF is a place where soldiers will always be needed and valued. He's began to recruit members across Pandora.
    Physical Location: Tiberian Islands. Big Boss plans to take a smaller Island as Mother Base and construct a military grade compound there.
    Run By: Big Boss, and The MSF group.
    Physical Description: A set of buildings on a small, mostly vegetation free island.
    Relevant Threads:
    Big Boss' Mercenary work to raise funds: http://pandorarp.com/posts/247604/ // http://pandorarp.com/posts/247609/
    Attempts to recruit members: http://pandorarp.com/posts/247672/ // http://pandorarp.com/threads/msf-rising.34576/

    Further plans will be made with the MSF Group Here: http://pandorarp.com/forums/militaires-sans-frontières.480/
  3. Frontier Outpost

    Development: In the course of founding Hunters' Frontier, Noctis and Bishamonten have set up an outpost to act as a headquarters and rally point for the group and its members.
    Development Description: As anyone can tell you, every hunter needs a camp. As a part of setting up the monster hunting group Hunters' Frontier, Noctis and Bishamonten have set up an outpost, to act as a sort of forward base for members of the group. This is to be a headquarters where those seeking to join the group and become monster hunters by profession can stay if they choose and use as a makeshift home, or simply a rally point to gather and organize in the group's crusade against the dangerous and deadly creatures in the wilderness that threaten Pandora's citizens. It is also made to stand as a physical bulwark between the dangerous forest of Silverwood and the town of Misty Hollow, in an attempt to increase security in the currently danger-laden town.
    Physical Location: On the border of the Silverwood, specifically between the deadly forest and the town of Misty Hollow.
    Run By: Hunters' Frontier and it's founders, Noctis Lucis Caelum and Bishamonten.
    Physical Description: The Frontier Outpost is currently a relatively simple hunter's camp, with a solid log wall about 15 feet high encircling its boundary and a gate at either end - one entering the Silverwood and one exiting towards Misty Hollow. Within the camp there are a few large tents capable of accommodating multiple people each, several fire pits for cooking or warming the bones, a large central area for meetings, a small training ground with straw dummies and near its entrance a shrine to the group's patron deity Bishamonten, where offerings can be left if desired.
    Relevant Threads: Brainstorming thread for camp expansion - http://pandorarp.com/threads/frontier-outpost-development.36587/
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