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Pandora Organization Submissions

Discussion in 'Sign-Ups & Submissions' started by Rani, Oct 24, 2017.

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  1. Rani

    Rani MODgician
    Plots & Events Division Technical Division

    The Moon

    There are a huge variety of organizations/clubs/meetups in Pandora. And in order to help you facilitate plotting and activity with your organization (however loose or official it may be), we're offering the option for you to create individual Groups using our Groups system.

    While an organization does not need an official Group in the system to exist, those that do will be given the following features to work with:
    • A personal forum, with the ability to create subforums
    • A place to drop Group Information
    • Customizable permissions to control who can view the group, and how people can join the group
    • The group owner has full moderation abilities within their group forums. They can also assign moderators from among their group members to help moderate their group forums.
    Requirements for Creating a GroupIn order to create a new Group, you'll need to meet the following requirements:
    • Have a minimum of 5 members (including the group owner)
    • A brief group description
    In order to request a new Group, start a thread in the Private Questions forum and fill out this form:
    [b]Group Name:[/b] ???
    [b]Group Owner:[/b] This account will be given group creation permissions
    [b]Brief Group Description:[/b] Just give us a brief idea of what this group is about.  We might deny the group request if it is too similar to a group that already exists.
    [b]Group Members:[/b] Minimum of 5 required, including the owner
    If approved, the Group Owner will be given temporary permissions to create a new group. This permission expires in 1 week, so you'll need to create the group within that time period.

    Group Activity RequirementsIn order to stay active, Groups are required to do only two things:
    • Create a thread in their group forum that serves as a Thread Tracker
    • Create at least two group-specific In Character threads a season. Current Events can fulfill this requirement as well.
    Groups that do not meet these requirements will be cleaned out with the season change, and their threads moved to the archives. If the owner of a group that was deleted during the season change wishes to resubmit it, they must wait 1 month to do so.

    What if I want to make an IC organization, but don't meet the requirements or aren't interested in having a full Group for it?Never fear, for you have a few other options!
    • Brainstorming. Create a brainstorming thread for your group!
    • Location Submission. If your group has an important location to it, submit it!
    • Encyclopedia Submission. You can write up an entire group description and submit it to our encyclopedia, where it will become a permanent part of Pandora's lore.
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