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News Article Pandora Town Defence Force Founded

Discussion in 'Pandora News' started by Chief Judge Hershey, Nov 11, 2017.


    21st October, Year Six

    Following the Pandora Town Council's vote to establish a dedicated military for the town, the Pandora Times can exclusively reveal that the army in question - officially designated the "Pandora Town Defence Force" - has now been formed and will enter active service on the 21st of October.

    It is understood by the times that, in order to safeguard the PTDF against potential misuse, several checks and balances have been put in place to ensure that it will be deployed only when absolutely necessary; the first of these being the requirement that a full vote of the Town Council is required to ratify its deployment, and that such a vote can only be classed as passing if all members unanimously vote in the affirmative. While there are other checks in place, some of which were not revealed to us, it remains to be seen if these will be enough to satisfy those who remember the old Royal Army and the terror it spread at the former Monarchy's behest.

    In terms of structure and equipment, the Pandora Times understands that the army most closely resembles that of the United States of America, though with additional features added that reflect Pandora Town's multiversal nature. One major contract to supply the PTDF with weapons has been struck already, a company by the name of Learnean Systems providing it with arms and ammunition, though the Times' sources have reported that other companies are being sought to supply the Force with fighting vehicles and other necessary equipment. It is strongly rumoured that the Force's communications equipment will be coming from LexTech, though neither the Council nor a LexTech spokesperson has commented on the matter as of this edition going to print.

    Overall, the sense one gets in the halls of power is of relief - and with good reason. Given the fiasco of the AI Virus and the subsequent unrest, the Council needed a political win, and the smoothness and relatively trouble-free founding of the Pandora Town Defence Force may just supply it with one.

    OOC Information

    At long last! After voting about it in July, the Council's actually gone ahead and done it - the Pandora Town Defence Force is now ready for active duty. This edition of the Pandora Times is probably pretty well-read, so chances are your character will have heard of the situation even if they've not actually read the paper itself.

    For the record, the Force is not a very large army - it's generally well known in PT, for example, that it numbers around 3,000 active troops (including the commanders) at the time of founding. It may well get bigger, though, depending on the circumstances.

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