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Pandora Town: Laws & Regulations

Discussion in 'Encyclopedia' started by Steel, Jun 14, 2016.

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    Laws & Regulations in Pandora Town


    Article 1: Individual and Social Rights

    1. All persons living in Pandora are equal before the law.
    2. All persons have the right to free speech, freedom of political expression and freedom to gather in groups or societies to discuss these ideas with like-minded individuals.
    3. Titles of godhood, nobility, or other similar distinctions are neither conferred upon nor recognized in Pandora.
    4. All persons have the right to remain silent in any situation they deem necessary.
    5. All persons have the right to live as they see fit, as long as they do not infringe on other persons’ rights, break the laws, and/or violate the constitution in any way.
    6. All persons of legal age (16) have the right to full employment.

    Article 2: Legal Rights

    1. The right to defend oneself, loved ones and personal property, provided the individual has the proper permits and is registered in the appropriate areas (see: Required Permits and Licensing).
    2. The right to fair representation and treatment in legal, social, and employment regardless of species, gender, sexuality, or religion.
    3. The right to be free of torture or brutality in legal or governmental matters.
    4. The right to legal representation in court.
    5. The right to know what one is being arrested for, and the right to face one’s accuser.

    Article 3: Minor's Rights

    1. All minors have a right to a free education.
    2. All minors will be allowed a place to stay within the Orphanage.
      Minors 12 and up will be permitted the chance to enter the workforce through paid apprenticeships with willing crafters.
    3. All minors have the right to take the Mental Examination if they wish. Those who pass will be considered adults.

    Crime and Punishment

    • Misdemeanors are minor crimes such as minor theft, trespassing, drunk and disorderly.
    • Felonies are larger crimes with more serious punishments. These include, but are not limited to, murder, kidnapping, terrorist action, and treason.
    • All punishments are determined by a judge in a court of law. Those range from imprisonment to loss of private property, loss of citizen status and community service, depending on the severity of the crime.
    • Guilt and innocence will be determined by a jury of peers selected from the citizens of Pandora Town. It is required to appear for Jury Duty unless there are extenuating circumstances.
    • Anyone who does a crime in Pandora Town will face lawful punishment regardless of citizenship status.

    Immigration and Interrelations

    • Immigration into Pandora Town is a free right of all of Pandora’s peoples.
    • All educational services are free to be used by whomever wishes to use them, whether the person be a Pandora Town citizen or not.
    • There will be open and fair trade with any city-state or vagabond that wishes to take advantage of it.
    • Merchants from outside of Pandora Town may sell their goods in Pandora Town as long as they have a merchant’s license. A tariff may be put in place depending on the good sold.
    • You must be a citizen of Pandora Town in order to own/rent a house or gain long-term employment within the town proper. Non-citizens can gain temporary work with the correct permits.
    • Street performers do not require licensing or citizenship.

    Required Permits and Licensing

    • In order to sell, forge, purchase, or wield weapons in Pandora Town, a permit is required. Permits may be revoked if the weapon is used unlawfully or irresponsibly.
    • All magic users within Pandora Town must be registered with the Department of Magical Advancements and obtain a permit in order to use magic. Unregistered mages who are forced to use their magic defensively will be examined on a case-by-case basis.
    • Mind readers, empaths, and others with similar abilities must be registered with the Department of Intelligence. They are restricted in the use of their abilities. Violating a person’s basic rights and privacy will be considered a crime and will be tried and punished appropriately.
    • All vigilantes must be licensed. The license will be revoked if a vigilante takes part in unlawful acts such as executions, the unnecessary brutalization of criminals, pursuing justice without evidence, the failure to turn in a report, or the failure to turn the criminal over to the official authorities.
    • Anyone who wishes to partake in scientific, magical, or technological research must acquire a Research and
    • Development permit.
    • Anyone wishing to trade in any goods must have an appropriate license.
    • Any non-citizen wishing to engage in temporary employment must have an appropriate permit.

    Labor and Employment

    • Unless it prevents them from performing their duties, Citizens may not be denied employment or dismissed from an existing job on the basis of age, race, sex, species, gender/gender presentation, sexual orientation, religion or lack thereof, or handicap.
    • A minimum wage has been set for Pandora Town. Employees may not drop wages below this number.
    • Minors may work no longer than six hours per day and employment must not interfere with any education they have chosen to pursue.
    • All employers in Pandora Town will be subject to unscheduled visits from a Labor Department representative to inspect working and safety conditions. Violations, depending on the degree and frequency, may result in fines or the revoking of their business license.
    • Citizens of Pandora who are unable to work for whatever reason may apply for social security/disability/welfare.
    • Anyone who isn’t a citizen of Pandora Town, but wants to work there temporarily without being a merchant (such as a builder or test subject) must procure an Employment Visa.
    • Companies that employ more than 50 people must include a representative of the workforce in their board of directors. This person will be elected by the workforce and will be responsible of promoting workers' interests. If large companies are found without a workers' representative, they will be fined 6,000 pounds.
    • Per regulation, corporations that make more than 50,000 pounds in six months must donate at the end of every six months 4% percent of that money to a project, such as rebuilding a part of town, fighting crime, or reducing unemployment
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