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Pandora Town: Legal Age

Discussion in 'Encyclopedia' started by Steel, Jun 15, 2016.

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    Legal Age in Pandora Town

    Anyone under the age of 16 is considered a minor in Pandora Town. An individual's age is determined by the census and by physical appearance. If an individual appears far younger than their reported age, then they will be labeled as a minor. Individuals are allowed to contest this ruling by participating in a mental examination to determine their mental and emotional age. If they pass, they will no longer be considered a minor. Only those who are self-sufficient, responsible, and mature are likely to pass this examination.

    As minors, they have certain limitations and allowances. Minors are only allowed to hold part-time jobs, normally apprenticeships or other positions where the minor is given special supervision. Minors cannot own an apartment, house, or run a business. An adult must be responsible for the minor. Any minor who does not have an adult to live with and look after them will be placed in the orphanage.

    Education is optional for all minors. However, a minor’s legal guardian can compel them to go to school or college. All minors at the orphanage are required to attend school. Those from 5-15 may go to the Pandora School for Early Learning, which covers pre-k through early high school. Minors are placed by their learning level and can take more advanced classes at the high school or college level as well. If an individual under the age of 16 passes the aforementioned mental examination, they are allowed to attend college if they so choose.


    If you carry some form of identification from your world (ex. driver's license, military ID, etc.) which proves you are an adult, you are considered to be a Pandora Town adult. After proving legal age either via this option or one of the two options below, a new Pandora ID Card will be issued. These ID's carry scannable chips which either allow or disallow access to whatever made require legality in age and are incredibly difficult if not impossible to replicate due to an immensely powerful magical seal hidden within.

    Biometric Scanner

    Another method of proving legality, the biometric scanner is a full body scan with a handheld wand-like device. Once legal age is proven, the information is placed on a chip which is integrated into the issued Pandora ID Card.

    Mental Examination

    Those under 16 who wish to be considered a legal adult must pass a combination of a written competency exam (equivalent to a high school GED exam), a psychological exam, and a face-to-face interview with a certified psychologist and a social worker. If the tested passes, for a period of three months, that person is subjected to mandatory drop-in interviews to check in and make sure they are truly mentally and emotionally capable of adulthood responsibilities. Advanced notice with a window of 4-5 days is given and these visits occur at least twice a month.
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