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News Article Pandora's Latest Starkbook Star

Discussion in 'Pandora News' started by Heather Chandler, Jun 8, 2019.

  1. Heather Chandler

    Heather Chandler Heathers

    Mythic Bitch

    June 1st
    Heather Chandler…

    One, you haven’t a notion who she is…

    Two, you revere her as one of the fastest rising internet personalities ever to rise on the Pandora social media platform.

    Or three, you hate her damn guts and everything she stands for.

    But, Like her or hate her, in the space of a few months, Heather Chandler has gone from another faceless newcomer to having one of the fastest growing social media presences in Pandora and becoming nothing short of an Internet sensation. Creating and staring in video blogs, as well as singing and gaining quite a following as an instabox model. She’s managed to gain has over a million followers with a near fanatical fan group -mostly consisting of teenage girls- who gobble up her every post and in the process starting a new fashion thread among teenagers of designer blazers, mini skirts and scrunchies. Despite some criticism of what some would say glorifies bullying and Chandler's overbearing and antagonistic personality, The “Heather” brand is going from strength to strength, and with the influencer being announced for Pandoravison it’s safe to say Chandler isn’t going anywhere but up

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