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Parr, Violet

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Violet Parr, Jul 13, 2018.

  1. Violet Parr

    Violet Parr The Incredibles

    the only normal one is jack-jack, and he's not even toilet-trained!

    Played by Octi

    Fandom: The Incredibles
    Age: 14
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Canon Point: Beginning of The Incredibles 2
    NPC Companions: Her baby brother, Jack-Jack.


    Invisibility: Violet is capable of becoming invisible. With barely a thought, she can be there one second and gone from the eyes of the people around her the next. This skill, however, is limited only to her own body and does not extend to the clothes she wears, anything she might be holding, or anybody she may be touching. The exception this rule is her Incredibles costume, created by Edna Mode specifically to coordinate with her powers.

    Force-Field Generation: More recent a development in her abilities is the power to create near indestructible force-fields, which can deflect a large amount of force including debris, people, and even bullets. Though this is most often used defensively, with the right help, it can also be used offensively. These fields also leave Violet capable of a degree of levitation within them. If her feet aren't touching the ground during the moment of their creation, she will float within it, capable of rotating her body and even propelling the field forward with a bit of practiced movement.

    They're also tinged purple, which happens to be her favorite color.

    Jack-Jack's AbilitiesThis baby is ridiculous, stay away from this baby.

    Shapeshifting: He is able to shift his features to mimic those of others, such as somebody's nose, hair, or ears. Particularly notable, though, is the monstrous red, imp-like form he takes on when he is upset.

    Elemental Mimicry: Jack-Jack is able to turn into different elements. He has, in the past, transformed into a dense solid metal statue, made himself soft and pliable with a visible sheen, and enveloped himself entirely with fire with fire which he can extend to cover a large around in front of or around him. Oh. And he can shoot flaming laser beams from his eyes.

    Molecular Vibration: Using his ability to vibrate at an unbelievably fast rate, he is able to dislodge himself from the arms of his enemies or shake items off and away from him.

    Teleportation: He can cross dimensional barriers (within Pandora) and travel through them, essentially disappearing and mysteriously reappearing in another location. If you listen closely, you might hear his disembodied giggles from another dimension.

    Intangibility: Jack-Jack is capable of passing through solid objects such as brick, metal, and even force-fields with no visible injuries. A blue electric effects accompanies this.

    Wallcrawling: He is able to cling to, climb, and sit on ceilings and vertical surfaces, defying gravity entirely.

    Enhanced Bite/Matter Ingestion: This baby can bite hard. His enhanced bite allowed him to chew through solid surfaces such as the bars of a wooden crib.

    Telekinesis: He is capable of moving objects with nothing but a thought. This includes himself and although he can manipulate the direction he wants to go in, he's literally a baby and doesn't have a lot of control over this. A sneeze can send him launching in another direction.

    Laser Vision: Jack-Jack can create light-based needle thin lasers, sometimes green and sometimes blue, from his eyes. They are easily reflected by a mirror.

    Electrokinesis: He is able to generate electricity.

    Self-Duplication: He can create duplicates of himself. Like, a lot of them. An army of babies.

    Size Manipulation: Jack-Jack has been seen to be able to increase his mass and physical size. He can break through small spaces and crash through walls. It's still up in the air whether or not he can get smaller. He's already pretty small!

    Enhanced Strength: This baby is ridiculously strong. Strong enough to fight a raccoon and throw pieces of furniture across the lawn!


    Blunt Force: However powerful her force-fields may be, a strong blunt force does have that potential to crush them and gravely injured whoever may be inside of them.

    Sapped Energy: Excessive use of her force-fields has the potential to drain her energy and leave her weakened, especially if she is applying a particularly large amount of concentration to the task of keeping the fields up.

    Corrosive Substances: Although there are few things that are able to get through her force-fields, corrosive substances such as acid and lava will melt through them.

    Jack-Jack's Weaknesses
    Mortal Baby: Being a one year old baby, Jack-Jack has absolutely no control over any of the powers above, rendering him either entirely destructive or entirely vulnerable. There is never any telling whether or not a power will suddenly go off. Besides his vast array of powers, he is an entirely mortal baby.


    The first thing that all of Violet's classmates will tell you about her is that she's shy. Painfully shy. So shy that sometimes they'll look at her and she'll just vanish. Just like that. They don't mean it literally, of course, but it's a very literal thing, especially when she happens to be around somebody she likes. It isn't that Violet can't control her invisibility, it's more of a personality trait she's struggled with her entire life factoring into the equation. Her instinct when she's feeling embarrassed is to turn and run or to hide from view, and nobody is capable of hiding quite as efficiently as Violet Parr is.

    Even then, though, her crippling shyness has proven not to define her, finding herself opening up a little more after she discovered the confines of her abilities expanding to the creation of force-fields. However her timidity and self-consciousness may paint her, at heart, Violet is youthful, adventurous, and hopelessly curious, experimenting with her abilities and wanting to take risks that her parents would never approve of. Although it's a no brainer to assume that she is the more mature of the two Parr children.

    Despite her powers, she really is a regular teenage girl with a broad range of emotions. She can be a little bit selfish sometimes, she'll throw tantrums, though mostly around her family or people she considers her family, she can definitely act awkward, and is absolutely prone to those classic teenage mood swings.


    Violet grew up in Metroville with a pretty typical family setting with an added twist. They all have superpowers. Life is tough when your parents, Helen and Bob, are retired superheroes, but life is even tougher when you gain superpowers, too. As scary as it was the first time she vanished, she thought it was a little cool and a little convenient, too. And as cool and convenient as it was the first time she vanished, it was equally terrifying. She warred with herself as far as whether or not she really wanted her power went, but as she grew older and puberty struck, she began to feel isolated because of it. She wasn't allowed to use her powers because the world wasn't ready for it because the world just wasn't ready to accept them yet.

    Plagued with self-esteem issues, Violet became shy and finding friends was difficult. Most of her time spent around other people was spent in silence, minding her own business, and any time she was raising her voice, you could be sure that she was at home fighting with her little brother, Dash. After all, she was a different person with her family, more comfortable in her own skin because she could be exactly who she was (but not necessarily who she wanted to be). Violet had quite the little temper nobody would have ever guessed she'd had.

    After their parents retirement, Violet's father started going away on business trips, resulting in life improving overall at home. He seemed happier with himself and grew to become a better father, only their mother noticed something wrong and, two months later, finally left to find out the truth behind these "business trips" of his. Being the eager and curious children they were, Violet and Dash stowed away on their mother's jet, which was attacked shortly after their mother discovered them. Surviving the assault on the plane by what felt at the time like a miracle, the trio camped out in the woods while they formulated a plan. Reuniting in the woods with their father, previously captured and imprisoned by the supervillain Syndrome, the family managed to escape to the mainland with their lives, only to be followed by the enemy.

    With the City of Metroville in trouble, the Incredibles with the help of Frozone defeated Syndrome and rescued both the citizens as well as Jack-Jack from potential abduction.

    Three months has passed since then, Violet growing more comfortable in her own skin and even starting to wear her hair back in headbands instead of letting it fall in her face. She had even built up the courage to talk to her crush, Tony, who asked her out on a date. It was as she was picked up by her family after school, a new supervillain, The Underminer, made his appearance.

    Before she could protest to being stuck babysitting Jack-Jack with Dash, she and her baby brother were whisked away to Pandora.


    Violet was panicking. And for very good reasons. Mom and dad were off fighting crime, she was stuck watching Jack-Jack and Dash (though Dash would have vigorously denied to having to be watched at all), except now she was just ... stuck. Not watching Jack-Jack, not watching Dash, and apparently not even in Metroville anymore. She had about a million one questions and nobody to ask about them, mostly because she was smack in the middle of some woods feeling completely lost. She probably would've been reminded of the island they'd been on a few months ago, the woods they'd been hiding out in, and she probably would have thought logically about what she needed to do, but instead she was just sort of internally panicking.

    Where was mom? Where was dad? Where was Dash?

    And more importantly than anything else, where was Jack-Jack?


    Jack-Jack was somewhere just a little bit nicer, on the inside of a barrier he hadn't had to crawl through but definitely would have had he come across it. Instead, he was just crawling down the street, a little baby in a red onesie with a fancy little letter 'I' on it. For Incredible. Hint: it was a superhero costume. Sort of. Not that Jack-Jack had any idea at all what that was. All Jack-Jack really knew about were shiny things and cookies. And drooling, sometimes. He'd had a mask on, too, to go with the onesie, but it had fallen off about a block back and he'd just sort of kept going.

    Then he spotted it. The squirrel. A sound of pure glee leaving the baby's lips, the baby suddenly began to crawl eagerly in that direction toward a house he had never seen before in his life, which wasn't a surprise. He was in a town he'd never seen before in his life, pursuing a squirrel he'd never seen before in his life. By the time he reached the house, though, the squirrel had hopped away and Jack-Jack followed his sound of glee with a sound of confusion before continuing on his way.

    Toward the wall.

    Through the wall.

    And then he was in a living room, staring around at the widespread space until the moment his eyes caught sight of something with a catching glint. Without fail, he was crawling in that direction, reaching the chair and wobbling up onto his two legs as he grabbed for the front of the chair and started to yank himself up, which was the easiest thing in the world for a baby who could just float and flop himself down where he wanted to be. And so, once he was on that chair, he was crawling over to the end table where that bowl of glittering things was shining at him. Jack-Jack giggled with delight and reached for a bauble, promptly sticking it in his mouth and gnawing on it.

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    Violet and Jack-Jack look great, Octi! Looking forward to seeing what kinds of shenanigans they get into, hehe. Go do the thing!