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Private party like it's 1941

Discussion in 'Tavoie Borough' started by Peggy Carter, Jun 14, 2018 at 7:02 AM.

  1. Peggy Carter

    Peggy Carter Marvel Universe

    agent of ARMOUR
    Chaotic Good
    April 13, Year 7
    tag: @Bucky Barnes

    In another life, she may have felt badly about this.

    Peggy knew Steve's schedule already, knew he would be gone and their rescued ally would be alone recouperating. She still didn't have a firm understanding of what precisely had been done to him in that facility, or even beforehand, but there were other matters weighing heavily on her mind where he was concerned. Where she was concerned.

    Seeing Steve Rogers alive, well, and over a hundred pounds heavier and a foot taller had made her think that he was the anomoly. There was a world in which Steve survived the assassination attempt and received Erskine's serum as he was supposed to and went on to take up the Captain America mantle. The notion made her heart ache with longing that she could have lived in that world, but she had sworn long ago not to dwell on her regrets.

    Except it seemed that everyone she encountered that knew Captain America knew of Steve, not her. She was the outlier, the surprise, in a way uniquely distinct from the usual blowback from being both British and female and wearing the stars and stripes. It was strange in a different way than being unceremoniously yanked from the Red Skull's plane and dumped into a world she didn't understand and that didn't make any semblance of sense.

    The lock was absurdly easy to bypass. Peggy would have words with Steve about that later, wherein she expected he would shrug and look bashful and hand her a key. She didn't want to ask and be presumptuous, but she also didn't want to be separated from him for longer than necessary, societal norms be damned. She had been through far too much to bother pretending she didn't want him.

    "Barnes?" Peggy stepped inside, smoothly locking the door behind her once more. She hoped he was awake.