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Password Reset Requests!

Discussion in 'Questions & Suggestions' started by Rani, Jul 13, 2013.

  1. Rani

    Rani MODgician
    Plots & Events Division Technical Division

    The Moon
    Password Reset Requests
    Please note that as long as your account has a valid email address, you can use the password reset link (you can find it beneath the login fields) and give yourself access again. However, if your email address was randomized due to it not being a unique address, please post here and a staff member will create a random password for you.

    We have preserved the same emails for all of your OOC accounts that you used on Pandora. You should be able to reset your own password for your OOC account. Once you have done that, post here with any character accounts you are locked out of.

    [b]Accounts:[/b] List the accounts you need a new password for
    [b]OOC Account:[/b] We will PM your passwords to your OOC account.
  2. Sky

    Sky Guest

    Accounts: Dante, Vex
    OOC Account: Sky
  3. Riku

    Riku Guest

    Accounts: Michiru Kaioh, Blind Mag, Snow White
    OOC Account: Riku
  4. Rani

    Rani MODgician
    Plots & Events Division Technical Division

    The Moon
  5. Liv

    Liv Guest

    Accounts: John Breed
    OOC Account: Liv
  6. Piper

    Piper Guest

    Accounts: Amras, Vivian, Rebekah Mikaelson
    OOC Account: Piper
  7. Lindsay

    Lindsay Guest

    Accounts: Crowley, Erik
    OOC Account: Lindsay
  8. Person

    Person Guest

    Accounts: Mello, Klorel
    OOC Account: Person

    Not Ciel though.
  9. HighSidhe

    HighSidhe Guest

    Accounts: Dr. Owen Harper, Dr. Bruce Banner, Dominic Stone, Anthony Crowley, Thomas Raith
    OOC Account: HighSidhe
  10. PoP

    PoP Guest

    Accounts: Kikuri, Mikhail Bakunin, Pennywise, Pinhead, Rika Furude
    OOC Account: PoP
  11. Fox Storm

    Fox Storm Guest

    Accounts: Ty Parsec, Jean Grey, Victor Fries
    OOC Account: Fox Storm
  12. Astira

    Astira Guest

    Accounts: Peter Parker, Beast Boy, Balthazar Blake, Timothy Drake
    OOC Account: Astira
  13. Accounts: Daenerys Targaryen
    OOC Account: Mother of Dragons
  14. Ursiel

    Ursiel Chains can't hold me

    Astrophysicist (probably)
    Human (maybe)
    Physically 24, Mentally 6
    Chaotic Evil
    Accounts: Harry Dresden, The Doctor, Wade Wilson
    OOC Account: Ursiel
  15. TwiTchs

    TwiTchs Guest

    Accounts: Mindy Macready , Hannibal Lecter, Eve Sands, Kanade Tachibana, Gary Bell, Kenzi
    OOC Account: TwiTchs
  16. Chels

    Chels Guest

    Accounts: Nathan Drake, "R", Clint Barton, Ellie
    OOC Account: Chels
  17. Rora

    Rora Guest

    Accounts: Elle Bishop, Trish, Sebastian Michaelis
    OOC Account: Rora
  18. Rani

    Rani MODgician
    Plots & Events Division Technical Division

    The Moon
    New passwords sent!