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Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Carth Onasi, Nov 2, 2017.

  1. Carth Onasi

    Carth Onasi Guest

    November 2

    He had not wanted a job. At all. This was just temporary after all. Carth would find a way to beat whatever this Pandora monster was and get back home. He still needed to kill Saul after all, and he wasn't going to give that up. Settle down here, and forget about his life? That was never going to happen!

    His escape was taking time though, longer than he wished. And he needed money to live. Rather reluctantly he'd looked for work. He was a pilot, but there weren't jobs for pilots, so his next best bet was something using his military training. He'd ended up taking a low end job as a city guard helping to patrol one of the odder neighborhoods.

    It was actually a rather nice place to look at if one was just visiting, but the twists and turns and narrowness of the streets were a nightmare for the pilot. All kinds of things could be hidden down here, and people could easily vanish. The sooner he learned the layout the faster he'd feel. He was already struggling to not twitch for his weapons, eyes peeled for any tricks.
  2. Nikola Tesla

    Nikola Tesla Guest

    Nikola was out and about for no particular reason. Yesterday he had run into a witch of a woman who really needed to get over herself. OK, so she was a kid with too much power and way too much anger to be appropriate and she had done her best to filet him into giblets. Not successful ladies, as you can see. He's still very much hale and whole and in one piece. That being said it had taken quite a bit out of him and so Nikola, who would normally have gone a lot longer without partaking of blood, was finding his appetite required whettting.

    Not able to get involved and down to the stores earlier, he was now out looking for a butcher. Live animals would be best but Nikola didn't like getting his clothes dirty so bagged blood it was. He preferred it in metal containers, but what can you do?

    With his small bag of blood in tow, he had learned of a place that may be able to offer a remedy of sorts to his plight - a way to go even longer without taking in blood! He had to be careful about such things of course but it was worth a try wasn't it? Maybe it'd cure his problem altogether.

    He was walking along, minding his own business when he saw that a child had been picked up and was kicking and screaming. The small child was being told to shut up and Nikola stared for a moment wondering if it was just father and daughter having a row. He hadn't encountered any of this kind of crime before but a glint in the child's eyes favoured the abnormal and the scent of fear and anger hung in the air.

    Nikola normally didn't trouble with such things but an annoying voice at the back of his mind was chastising him and it sounded disturbingly like Helen Magnus. And then for some odd reason he couldn't fathom, Henry also appeared looking pained and disappointed. Ugh. Dropping his bag of blood he zipped over in a flash, fist taking a hold of some child's clothes and the other curling around a thick throat.

    "I'd let her go," he warned sternly.

    The big guy scoffed, clearly thinking this was nothing but a slender man with no bite to his bark.

    "No really," Nikola insisted, voice warping, eyes blackening and long sharp talons growing from his fingers.

    Unfortunately it didn't do much to comfort the young child in the middle of it all whose wailing etched up about five dozen notches.

    See. This is why he doesn't get involved because ow. His eardrums.
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  3. Carth Onasi

    Carth Onasi Guest

    Carth broke into a run at a little girl's screams. The sharp turn almost sent him skidding but he managed to quickly regain his balance and pull out his blasters.

    Two men were fighting over a little girl. The poor thing looked like she was in the midst of her worst nightmare. Talons wrapped around the one man's throat with pitch black eyes staring him down. The other man had a rough grip on the girl as if he was preparing to make a break for it.

    "Gentlemen," Carth announced, "I suggest you both calm down and let the girl go." He was not going to let her get hurt because of two morons showing off whose was bigger.
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  4. Nikola Tesla

    Nikola Tesla Guest

    Interefering with such matters was so not his style so was it any wonder it wasn't going well for him? The little girl, unfortunately caught in the middle, was hardly happy being being used as a bargaining chip. She was a special little think, Nikola could tell, but obviously not able to defend herself, or at this juncture unwilling or ignorant of how. The man, clearly not liking those who were different, thought she'd be an easy target being young and rather small.

    Oh the look he got when his claws came out! Nikola almost laughed. It looked like the man was going to swap the little girl for his more aggressive, obviously more of a threat self when an idiot came along and disrupted things with yet another factor. "What do you say big guy? Wanna let the girl go?" his deep resonating voice asked.

    The guy, the lug, glanced between all three of them before sneering "You freaks are gonna get what you deserve!"" he menaced. Nikola, feeling a little give on the girl pulled her away as a knife slashed around, missing her and getting lodged deep in his own side. And twisted.
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  5. Carth Onasi

    Carth Onasi Guest

    Great, a fanatic lunatic. This rarely promised a happy ending. Carth grimaced, but kept his aim clear on the pair.

    The appearance of a knife heightened tensions. Carth couldn't shoot for fear of making things worse for the girl, but the other man thankfully reacted fast. The girl was pulled out of danger even as the knife slashed down and dug into the other man.

    Carth shot, a neat hole blasting through the lunatic's head. He quickly ran over to where the other man stood with the girl and the knife still in his wound, the girl screaming in terror.

    "Hold on, we'll get medical down here pronto. The girl yours?"
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  6. Nikola Tesla

    Nikola Tesla Guest

    See this was why he had pretend to die a decrepit senile old man in the late forties. Helen, of course, dear dear Helen, would say it was because he had gotten rather into a tight spot over a supposed death ray he had created ad it was the only way to get the world governments off his back. Helen's idea again. Apparently the funeral had been rather touching.

    Things got a little hairy for a moment there but it was also sorted rather quickly when the big lug ran off after stabbing him. Nikola put the girl down on the ground to deal with the knife in his side. Ugh. Well he hadn't been shot. He really hated that. Borrowing little holes.

    "Oh no. No medical," he replied distractedly, eyeing the knife before twisting it the right way with a groan and pulling it out. "Who carries knives anymore?" he asked no one in particular, wiggling his side a little as it healed.

    "God no," he replied to the thought of the kid being his. "Just seemed like the right thing to do,"
  7. Carth Onasi

    Carth Onasi Guest

    Carth watched the guy pull out the knife from the wound. That was not a smart move. It would just make the wound bleed out faster!

    His eyes bulged as the wound began to seal before his very eyes. Absently he patted the kid's back, trying to sooth her after the terrifying experience. "Thanks for stepping in then," Carth said. He looked to the kid.

    "Hey, do you know where your, er, guardians are?" So hard to deal with a world where most of the people there were transient. Any kids had most likely been separated from their families before being dumped in here, adopted, or possibly conceived by people that might have blipped out of existence after building a life in this place.

    "They...they..." The girl sobbed. Carth rubbed her back gently. "It's alright. I'll help you find them."
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  8. Nikola Tesla

    Nikola Tesla Guest

    The great thing about being a Sanguine Vampiris was the insta-heals that came along with it. Tesla could hardly complain about his super awesome regenerative abilities. The downside was the bloodlust which never truly went away but he had that down pretty well.

    Nikola stretched and nodded. He wasn't particularly bothered about the fate of the little girl - shouldn't it be enough he saved her in the first place? She was a wailing pool of bubbling snot so he wasn't about to get close to that. He eyed her warily like she might run over and demonstrate her thanks. He didn't want that. She'd get his suit all yucky and while he had a cavalier attitude to hygiene he had to draw the line somewhere and this was it.

    "I trust you have this in hand?" he stated more than asked. He wasn't exactly the kind of person you wanted around your children...
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  9. Carth Onasi

    Carth Onasi Guest

    Carth was rather unnerved about the fast healing wound. He knew if he looked away from the girl he'd be stuck staring at where it used to be. Pandora was weird enough, really, he did not need to get into more of it. At this point, Carth was feeling rather resigned to simply finding the entire pocket dimension utterly insane. All the people had such contradicting abilities, all of them following different rules. His own universe was vastly complex, but at least it had a level of consistency.

    Or maybe he was simply used to it, having grown up with it.

    "Yeah...close enough, at least," Carth muttered. He was not looking forward to hunting the kid's parents down. He hated upset kids, tried his best to sooth them, but this situation was never pleasant. He'd have to tell the parents what had happened too, so they could get help for the kid. " really don't need anything, after...that?"
  10. Nikola Tesla

    Nikola Tesla Guest

    Nikola thought nothing of his healing wound. It was perfectly normal for him. He had once been stabbed through the heart with a chunk of wood and suffered no more than a bloodied shirt. What had irritated him then was the fact his own weapon had been used against him. Luckily, since he had sold the patent to Edison it wasn't nearly as effective as it should have been. Clearly Edison had changed things meaning it was possible for Nikola to only be rendered unconscious for a couple of seconds (mostly due to being skewered) instead of more injured, or worse, dead.

    Nikola smacked his lips together for a moment. "Blood," he annouced. "You wanna share?" he said with a grin just to freak him out. It probably wasn't wise but he wanted to see what the other would do at that announcement. He had saved the little girl but possibly because he thought she was harmless. He found little girls rarely were.
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  11. Carth Onasi

    Carth Onasi Guest

    Carth did his best to suppress a shudder at the man(creature)'s request. He was not judging. This wasn't his world. Different rules, different species.

    He was still a little disturbed. " need a fusion? Lost too much?"
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  12. Nikola Tesla

    Nikola Tesla Guest

    Tesla had to give Carth a cheeky grin. His concern was actually rather sweet. It was a wonder he hadn't made the immediate leap to vampire. Maybe they did not exist in his land. Maybe he had never heard of such a thing. Or maybe he was playing coy innocence and hoping Nikola would find it cute. He kind of did actually, the way he asked uncertainly if he'd lost too much blood.

    Hadn't seem much bleeding now had he?

    "No no my friend nothing like that," he replied. "Don't mind me," he insisted. "Just need to get a snack is all,"

    "You've got-" he motioned to the girl "under control?" he checked but his mind had already decided he was leaving.
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  13. Carth Onasi

    Carth Onasi Guest

    "...right." A blood drinker? He hadn't encountered a sentient species like that before. There were the parasitic animals, often found on tropical planets, and of course, the more twisted sith experiments, but this was entirely new.

    "I have this under control." He waved and picked up the girl. He headed towards the closest outpost to check if any worried parents had stopped by, searching for the girl.
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  14. Nikola Tesla

    Nikola Tesla Guest

    Actually Nikola didn't need a snack. He did not require blood any more now than he required it ten minutes ago. He wasn't seriously injured at all by the knife - a trifling injury really and not at all bothersome. It had healed almost instantly and the itching had long since stopped. Besides, he did not drink from humans (though he was now curious as to what aliens would taste like) and stuck strictly to animals. You didn't need to drink from humans, especially when you could still eat actual food and enjoy it. "Just my little joke. Carry on," he said.

    He waved him on, now walking off to deal with his ruined shirt. He'd have to go home and get changed: he couldn't walk around bloody and sticky. People would ask questions and he didn't want to answer them. Humans were so nosy it was horrifying.

    Well the girl was in safe hands. Time to get back to being up to no good.
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