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Pit Stop Christmas

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Edward Elric, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. Edward Elric

    Edward Elric Fullmetal Alchemist

    "You know, this lot can come to us next Christmas. I can't believe we have to head to a mountain just to go meet them for Christmas." Edward grumbled as he and his brother had weathered the harsh climates and whatever mother nature had decided to throw their way during the journey to Morhall. They'd been there once before, just briefly as they ventured around together looking for answers, even seen Riza briefly (and Roy briefest of all) before returning back to Pandora Town with what they knew and a couple books they'd found.

    It'd been someone's idea that they go and meet them a couple days before Christmas. To stay a little while, and whilst the eldest of the Elrics had wanted to flat-out refuse, but a little more thinking on the idea and he'd figured he could use it as an excuse to tell Mustang to shut his pie hole if he tried running him down on information. Edward would simply tell the man it was the holidays and he had no right to be ruining it with work, and if that didn't work, he'd try rope Maes in to agreeing with him. There was a reason the blond was insisting on carrying the giant teddy for the young girl all the way to Morhall for her Christmas present.

    "They said they'd pick us up around here, right?" Coming to a stop, the brothers had remembered to venture along on a gondola at one part of the journey, the boy of them now left standing, waiting for Roy or Riza or perhaps both to come and fetch them since this was their first time travelling to their actual home. Edward who was currently struggling to not crumple beneath the giant teddy lugged over his back and shoulders was now arguing with the toy's ribbon around its neck, spluttering the red out of his face before he grunted and stuck his neck out far enough so he could get a better look at their surroundings.

    "I swear if the Colonel insisted we catch that thing just for the sights, I'm gonna pummel him myself." Edward complained, puffing his blond bangs out of his face and away from those cat-like amber spheres of his. With a small frown he glanced around once more, his attention diverted to his little brother briefly, watching to see if he was alright in the warmish climate Morhall had to offer in comparison to Pandora Town and a couple of other places they had visited since his arrival.
    "Hey Al, you lookin' forward to seeing Elicia? And Hughes? I still can't believe he's... you know, here."
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  2. Roy Mustang

    Roy Mustang Fullmetal Alchemist

    Unlike Ed, Roy had been working and was intending to work again the next day too not that he had admitted this to anyone but he had a lot to do. He had a reputation to maintain and people he needed to keep safe, he knew if he stopped for more than a day something would likely happen. He'd requested Al and Ed get the caravan they did because he did not want them to get there too early, he had wanted to make some headway in his work before he could escape for a wander down to the caravan pit stop a little way down the mountain. But now they were supposed to be arriving, half an hour before he had considered saying he didn't need to go, that Riza, Maes and Elicia would be enough of a welcome wagon for the two Elrics, but one look into Hawkeye's eyes had told him he had no choice in the matter.

    So here he was, walking through the snow in his new, long blue coat, two pairs of gloves on over his hands and one of the hands idly on the lead reign of a shaggy coated mule who Riza had insisted they bring with them incase the Elric's had any large luggage. Roy didn't see the point of arguing with her that he rarely saw those boys with any luggage other than what they wore upon their bodies or in Ed's case an occasional small rcksack, which in his mind was a little disgusting because did Ed want to smell like a cesspit without a change of clothes? Mustang pushed the cruel thought away and blamed it on the fact he had things he needed to do and instead he was out in the cold, snow along with his friends playing the role of the welcome wagon.

    Coming round a bend his dark, brown gaze found the odd sight of the large metal armour and tiny teenager that were the Elric brother's. His face settled into the usual smirk and he called out to Ed"Having a little trouble there Fullmetal?" With one hand he indicated the giant bear the boy seemed to be struggling with as they finally reached the two boys. Then glancing to Al back to Ed he spoke"Well met boys.." By way of greeting before continuing "Mr Darcy here will help with any luggage, lugging it through the snow can prove a challenge especially if you are already struggling in the less deep stuff..." He indicated the mule when he spoke of Darcy, his smirk growing more real as he looked to the giant teddy Ed was struggling with once again.
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  3. Riza Hawkeye

    Riza Hawkeye Fullmetal Alchemist

    Neutral Good
    Roy might have been confident in the boy's usual baggage and traveling habits but it was always best to plan for that rare outlier, especially when guests were involved- and after all, this was the holidays. If she'd already amassed piles of gifts for everyone something told her that Ed and Al had at least a few packages to carry, especially considering Elicia and Hughes were here. Pragmatism and intuition told her it was better to struggle with the mule than risk dragging packages, or worse, taking forever to get in out of the cold.

    Just to be on the safe side she'd decided to ride one of the ponies down rather than walking too- all the better to carry extra baggage with. Well that and some snacks, as well as a thermos of coffee, because this trip was a cold one. Fortunately the shaggy little equine she was riding didn't seem to mind and the trip went relatively smoothly. The closer they got to the station the more she could feel a sort of relaxed, homey happiness settling over her. A strange kind of family they might have been, a grouping of alchemists and soldiers bonded by dark experience, a corrupt regime and fighting for what was right, but a family they were. What was more important for the holidays than seeing those you cared about?

    As they came into sight she slowed the pony to an easy walk and listened as Mustang greeted them, smiling warmly at the boys, reins held in a steady hand as she gave them a wave. "Welcome back to Morhall. Happy holidays."
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