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News Article Planet Krypton Flies Into Centria

Discussion in 'Pandora News' started by Chen, Oct 27, 2019.

  1. Chen

    Chen Player


    October 16th

    Clinkerbrick Culinary Company and Wayne Entertainment have partnered up to bring Centira the first location of Planet Krypton! Planet Krypton is a restaurant that pays tribute to Pandora's beloved heroes, with food and drinks based off their likenesses and Serving staffed made up of recognizable characters. Fun for the whole family with a huge sprawling menu and plenty of memorabilia to look at. Also as a special deal, any hero that stops by with proof they're the real deal, gets to eat free!

    Here's a sample of the Menu Item's on Offer at Planet Krypton:
    It's Clubbering Time, a Salmon Club sandwich made with Kosher smoked salmon with a cream cheese, dill, and capers, greek yogurt and tomatoes and lettuce. 12.50
    Maeve's royal feast A Dublin Lawyer (Lobster cooked in whiskey and Cream), a small bowl of Champs (Mashed potatoes with Scallions, butter, and cream), three slices of black pudding served with toasted Blaa (thick doughy bread also called Waterford Bread after the town of Waterford Ireland), and a small wedge of Sheeps Milk cheese served as a share plate. 18.99
    The Boy Wonder Meal, ten nuggets shaped like R's and crinkle cut fries for the little ones, comes with a paper mache robin mask. 8.99
    NightWing Dings, ten fried up wings in a spicy siracha sauce with a blue cheese and celery. 10.99
    All-American Hot Dogs Bites with little wing shaped toothpicks. 7.50
    Zatanna's white rabbit, a white chocolate rabbit served with a purple blackberry sauce done in like a mystical sweep shape. 8.99

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