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Private Playing detective

Discussion in 'Pandora's Home for Wayward Orphans' started by Akira Kurusu, Aug 13, 2017 at 10:03 AM.

  1. Akira Kurusu

    Akira Kurusu Persona
    Phantom Thief

    LUX Bartender
    Chaotic Good
    August 10th, Year 6
    @Adrien Agreste (@Futaba Sakura and @Makoto Niijima are welcome to joint too!)

    Finally, after over a month of some squabbling on their fan forum, they finally found a suitable target worth going after. Apparently a few kids had been noticed to be noticeably more tired, exhausted and even a couple had been disappearing in the last few days without any sort of trace. While this wasn't a particular target, an anonymous user on the forums responded to these complaints telling them they had all been seeing the same counselor and one of their friends had gone missing after a session with him. Unfortunately, the Phantom Thieves couldn't go after a target with that little information.

    First, they needed to find out whether or not any of this was true. After they had established that, they would need the guy's name, what exactly he was doing and the manner of his distortion. Once they could figure out, it was a simple matter of assaulting his Palace, finding the treasure and sending their calling card. This would be the great debut of the Phantom Thieves in Pandora, a chance to show that they meant business and weren't willing to let anyone get away with mistreating people or abusing their authority.

    Arriving at the Orphanage, he tricked a receptionist into believing that he was Adrien's older brother so that he could get some information from him. When they had met apprehending the burglar, the kid had seemed pretty resourceful and right now was the only trustworthy source of information. After being led to the room that the young hero was staying at, he thanked the receptionist and knocked at the door, waiting for his friend to answer.