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Schola Praeditos

Schola Praeditos

PLOT IDEA: Abductions in Schola Praeditos!!

Discussion in 'Schola Praeditos' started by Enuo, Jun 24, 2019.

  1. Enuo

    Enuo Final Fantasy

    Apologies for making this so sudden, but I wanted to run a plot idea by the members of Schola Praeditos specifically and this seemed to be the only way to do it, so I'm posting here to kinda get the idea running.

    Anyway, lets get to the idea I wanted to post...

    Abductions on Schola Praeditos grounds

    Its that time. @Enuo is going to be making an attempt at evil. Having had his original gig of abduction victims abruptly cut off in an unfortunate manner at the end of spring, Enuo tied up loose ends and moved away from ark city and pandopolis. Unfortunately he's back and has set his sights on Schola Praeditos.

    Around July 1st Enuo plans to begin: every few days at random, he would be abducting a student (initially just nameless NPC ones unless requested) from the school. Slowly but surely hes going to start becoming more bold, partially due to the fact that (at first) there isn't really an answer as to how hes been able to do it so efficiently. Needless to say abduction is against school policy and I think there would be some faculty and students who would like to make Enuo painfully aware of this.

    Anyway, if people are interested I'm looking for some peeps to join in on the plot if they have time/interest. I had ideas for a few different kinds of peeps:

    Victims: Enuo's aiming to snatch some people. While I was only aiming to have him grab some nameless NPC students (or even staff if Enuo gets an opportunity), if anyone wants to volunteer having a character abducted let me know! There could be another thread of a possible escape from wherever Enuo takes them, which could also lead to insight on whatever he planned to do with them.

    Staff: I'd imagine the school staff are gonna be pretty pissed that some evil tentacled jackass is trying to abduct their students. While initially they might not quite know how Enuo is pulling off his disappearing act, they'd figure it out pretty quick. Enuo may be smart but eventually hes going to run into the staff when they're ready for him. Perhaps they set a trap for him as a means to confront the eldritch wizard and find a way to locate the abducted students?

    Vigilante students: Its not just the staff that might be angry. Some students might have people they care about taken, and they don't plan to sit back and let it slide. While the staff are working to try and confront Enuo, some students might take matters into their own hands. Who knows? Maybe they could also find a way to locate the abducted students and save them as well...

    These are just some of the ideas I had in mind, but I did want to post here to put up the plot idea and see if anyone was interested in being a part of the plot in some way. If you have any other ideas or suggestions feel free to put them up as well!
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  2. Qrow Branwen

    Professor at Schola Praeditos
    Neutral Good
    Oh you better bet your britches that Qrow would be pissed that some evil tentacled jackass is trying to abduct students! I'm down for Qrow being involved in this. I imagine he'd be pretty defensive and bitter in general as news of missing students circulates the school, and if Enuo gives him reason for suspicion, you'll have one angry bird pecking at his door and watching his every move. Don't even get me started if Qrow catches any proof of Enuo nabbing a student. Did somebody order chopped sushi?
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  3. Enuo

    Enuo Final Fantasy

    Sounds like we've got some interested! I'm going to put up an event and possibly a thread where Enuo could be confronted regarding the abductions. It'll be open for those interested, though I'll specifically tagged the interested peeps here to let em know its up!