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Closed Plots & Events is Hiring!

Discussion in 'Job Pinboard' started by Rani, Mar 21, 2017.

  1. Rani

    Rani MODgician
    Plots & Events Division Technical Division

    The Moon

    Join the Plots & Events Team!

    Hey everyone! Plots & Events is currently looking for multiple new mods to help us brainstorm and run a variety of plots & events! We're aiming to run more story-focused plots, as well as setup a variety of events for you all throughout the season.

    DutiesDuties may include:
    • Preparing seasonal locations and plots
    • Writing up current events
    • Creating and maintaining interesting plots & events centered around specific areas of Pandora
    • Using provided tools to keep an eye on character activity that may inspire a new plot or event
    • Review, moderate, and assist Story Hubs if necessary

    • Applicants must be an active member of Pandora for a minimum of three months.
    • Be available on Discord, where we have a staff chat
    • Self-motivation, and the ability to be proactive in completing tasks
    • The ability to work with a team of peers, and bounce ideas off of each other
    Flexibility!This position is highly flexible! For the most part, I don't tell my Plots & Events staff what events or plots to run. All of of our lovely mods have the freedom to run what they choose in any manner they choose. We help each other run plots, give advice on how to run things and keep things going, and are always available to bounce ideas off of each other.

    If you're interested, just PM me the following form!
    Preferred Contact Method:
    Why do you want to be a member of Pandora’s plots team?
    What is your previous staffing experience, if any?
    Which types of plots/events interest you as potential staff?[/b]  sandbox events, plot-driven/ongoing events, mystery, criminal activity, action/adventure, exploration, political drama, spooky, fluff/humor
    [b]Favorite Pandora Town?[/b] 
    #1 Rani, Mar 21, 2017
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2018
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  2. Rani

    Rani MODgician
    Plots & Events Division Technical Division

    The Moon
    Hey all! Plots & Events are looking for one or two new mods to help us bring you guys fun stuff to do. Check out the post above if you're interested!
  3. Wisdom

    Wisdom The Crazy Geek

    Super Geek/Crazy Person
    Neutral Good
    Username: Wisdom

    Eastern Standard Time (US & Canada)

    Availability: I have a pretty open schedule. Just give me a date you want something done by, and if there's a chance I can't I will try to make it clear within ample timing.

    Preferred Contact Method: PM me here or DM me on Discord.

    Why do you want to be a member of Pandora’s plots team?: I've just had so much fun coming up with my own plots, and would love to see how I can contribute to ideas as Pandora evolves, especially with the huge change coming later this year. Plus, everyone here is so nice and creative that I feel that maybe trying to come up with some nice things to the site would be a good way to tell everyone how appreciative I am of the site being a nice place for really anyone.

    I'd love to make sure a ton of heart went into every event on my end, and as I've already shown - I've grown on Pandora as a person and roleplayer. It was here I finally started making such great posts while having great OOC company, where in other places it's been one or both of those reasons. And, I also kind of want to show every newcomer the site is great. I will always be here cheering the site on, but actions as someone who would be a staff member would prove it more than just being a fanboy (though I think I'll always cheer on Pandora, whether I am staff or not, of course!)

    What is your previous staffing experience, if any?: Well, I've had experience, but in probably the worst ways possible. First, when I was fifteen, I was made a high-ranked guild member on the SWTOR MMO! What I did was basically help plan events, but I was actually made a "staff member" due to being the voice of peace since the other staff fought so much. Guild members were nice though and fun to be around - but that was a few years ago, and I haven't seen anyone from that Guild when I finally had to quit due to getting a bit too tired of having to basically go online multiple times a day, 24/7, having to keep the peace when two staff members got into a heated argument. But for a mere 15-year-old among mainly adults, I will gloat that I somehow could bring temporary peace to fully-grown adults being upon the staff.

    Then I was made a staff member on a Fire Emblem roleplaying site when I was 17. I was hyped and honored that they wanted me to be a staff member, but I was more like a puppet without his strings, since I was just a person everyone said they liked while the staff did nothing, and they bashed other people, didn't ban those who needed to be by their own rules, and really the only other reason was because the one staff member they were firing spoke for a majority of the community and didn't want to be stuck with a few certain toxic people staff wouldn't ban among other things, and they weren't happy that I sided with the community as well instead of becoming the loyal dog they expected.

    Though after that site went down in flames, a few of the community members, the staff member I was supposed to replace, and of course myself left the site and I was in charge of peacekeeping. But everyone went off and kind of vanished before too long, but it was just more out of having been through so much, I guess everyone else just were too fresh from the fight on the other website to have the energy to build from the ground up (which I totally understood). So though it was brief, I still LOVED my time as a staff member, and did plot a few events. Again, everyone just kind of disappeared into obscurity, but I can count that.

    Which types of plots/events interest you as potential staff?: I love events that strengthen or at least move characters along in their story. But really, I love every kind of event as long as it isn't overly-explicit with gore or basically just becoming "50 Shades of Roleplay", if you get what I mean.

    Favorite Pandora Town?: Can't I love all of them?! Well, if I HAD to pick... Pandora Town is probably best since it is basically the hub where every character could find something to do, and have balanced technology, lifestyle, laid-back government, and cool things for characters heavily-based in medieval fantasy and futuristic fantasy to do, too!