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plotting plots [discussion]

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Birb, May 1, 2019.

  1. Steve Rogers

    Steve Rogers Guest

    I know I'm a trash plotter but some of the best plots I've had have come from just... being open as shit to any idea I get and wringing every ounce of blood I can from it. Or, seeing who a character has already met, and who THOSE characters know and then branching outward like that. Like, at one point Crowley had plots or threads with most of the RWBY cast via his connection to Qrow, which is what I used as a general plot hook while screaming nonsense in gen chat.

    Open threads are also worth considering. I've gotten some great threads out of those.

    And generally just being open for other people to gush at you about characters you might not know that well, or that you might not love as much as they do. Plotting is a two-way street, and I've assumed in the past that people were extremely uninterested in plots because they really didn't do much to express that they WERE interested. Not saying it was anyone on Pandora, but that's def been a recurring theme in my RP career. Even if you're super shy and anxious and terrified of people (hello me too), if you don't show them that you actually want to plot or get to know them as a friend, people aren't going to throw themselves at you for threads.
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  2. Octi

    Octi The Helpful Octopus
    Community Relations Division

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    So, as somebody who LOVES crazy-ass scenarios but isn't creative enough to come up with them myself, I like to look for writing prompts for inspiration!! Even if it's just a type of location or artwork of a really amazing-looking creature or something.
    I also really like to look at my characters' neighbors (nobody really does this, I've noticed), co-workers, classmates, etc. Just people they would interact with on a daily basis who you don't immediately think to go check out. Some of my favorite threads have been neighbor threads! When I played Dean Winchester, he was banging on his neighbor's door because she was throwing books at the wall trying to kill a spider (I wish I could remember who this character was SORRY!!!). When Emma was living next to Kylo Ren, she had an NPC new arrival in her apartment and took out a gun and started shooting.

    SO YEAH, don't be afraid to scour writing prompts or use a cool image you saw as inspiration for an idea! And remember, it doesn't need to be anything ground-breaking to get the ball rolling. It could be super simple and you might just find that plots click into place after that.
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  3. Ophelia

    Ophelia a commie DC fan dreaming of a guy called George

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    I am not sure if this is actually helpful but (i suck at these things ._. ) in the off chance it is..

    there's the overarching plots for character development that ARE BIG AND SERIOUS and probably involve characters ur character has relationships with

    but also i really love writing adventures, where u only need a fun idea, like andii said and two or more characters who, whatever their personalities, would join those adventures. i find it less terrifying and even if those characters happen to not have a buddy chemistry or whatever, its cool, because u still had fun chasing those monsters or saving that troll . and i have characters who went on an adventure with someone and they might not see that dude for months, or ever again, but it was a fun and memorable experience

    its kinda easier to approach people whose characters you sorta know, i think, because it gives you an idea of what they would be interested in doing. comics characters like saving people, for example, so it is sorta easier for me to plot with them, but still, we are more or less familiar with stuff through the internet or discussions. i havent seen the How to Train Your Dragon movies, but i know Hiccup likes dragons, duh SDFGHJKL;. that doesn't mean obscure characters aren't super awesome and they usually become prominent when people talk about them plus apps and stuff so this approach works for them as well

    basically idk , make them an offer they cant refuse, search a bit about the characters you wanna interact with, it might help but also dont take my word for it bc like i said i completely suck at this sdfghjkl;'

    thank u to everyone who is tryna help , this is super cool and appreciated <333333
    #23 Ophelia, May 1, 2019
    Last edited: May 1, 2019
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  4. Sabine

    Sabine Moderator
    Plots & Events Division

    It also helps to be a good RP partner. If you work with others, odds are, they will continue to want to plot and write with you. Be a communicator, have a positive attitude, be flexible, be friendly, be polite, be active and if you can't be, talk to your partner, be responsive, be open, add ideas of your own, take your share of the creative labor (threads and plots take work). In posts, add new action or response, push the thread forward. Give your partner something to respond to, be an active participant in the thread.
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  5. Birb

    Birb is the werb

    The Nine Hells
    Chaotic Evil
    Also tip:

    Subscribe to the RP Plotting and Organizer forums for NEW THREADS only. Specifically the RP Plotting forym, as that's where people post events/plots. That way, you know when new threads that could be interesting pop up the moment they do!
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