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Pond, Amy

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Amy Pond, Jul 11, 2017.

  1. Amy Pond

    Amy Pond Doctor Who
    The Girl Who Waited

    72 River Styx Lane, Pandopolis
    Neutral Good
    never mind all the times they’ve said i don’t make sense
    because the stars have christened me “magnificent

    Played by Hannah

    Fandom: Doctor Who
    Age: 22
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Canon Point: Between ‘A Good Man Goes to War’ and ‘Let’s Kill Hitler.’
    NPC Companions: N/A


    Independent: In the alternate timeline, Amy grew up as orphan, living with an aunt that she wasn't particularly close to. Even as a child, she became independent, relying largely on herself and her own feelings.

    Adaptable: The above, combined with a creative imagine means she can easily adapt to dangerous situations and defend herself, whether it's with her own fists or by using the environment around her, from picking a lock with a hairpin to shooting a gun and fighting off an entire crew of pirates with a cutlass.

    Observant: During some her travels, Amy showed a cleverness and awareness, that sometimes proved vital. For example, when locked in a room with a Weeping Angel climbing out of a recording, she heard “anything that holds an image of an Angel becomes itself an Angel,” and worked out she could break the image of the angel by pausing a blip in the tape’s recording. She was also able to remember her then-boyfriend Rory Williams, despite him having been erased from existence.


    Above everything else, Amy is still human. She can be wounded, maimed and killed just as easily as the next person.


    Amy Pond. The girl who waited. The girl who doesn’t make sense.

    There’s probably not that many people who can say they have the memories of two different lives running around in their heads. The former is mostly blurry, only coming into clarity if she really thinks about it; something that quickly makes her mind ache. She remembers a mostly happy childhood. Annual camping trips with her dad in the Highlands. Going to Barry Island, playing on the 2p slot machines, eating rock candy and having donkey rides. Her mother carving smiley faces onto apples so that she’d eat them.

    But then she’ll recall a much lonelier version of these events; a timeline where she was young, alone with a distant aunt and barely able to recall a fraction of what her parents had been like. She'd always been independent, but in this life she'd become cynical, disillusioned, always holding people at arms' length because it was better than getting close and then having them disappear. Even now, she still didn't trust easily, but it was slowly becoming easier to face people.

    Some things had been the same. She’d had Rory. The Doctor was here (even if she’d had to wish him back into existence in the second timeline... in that moment, at her wedding, she knew he and their adventures from her previous life had always been real, even if her parents hadn’t believed her.) Oh yeah, the psychiatrists had still been there too, complete with the bite marks she’d given them. Even then, no one called Amelia Pond crazy.

    All of that felt like a lifetime ago; well, it was. Having to wait twelve years and in two different timelines for The Doctor…it wasn’t easy, and it was easy to begin thinking he was just a story, a dream she’d had; but there was something real about it all which made her not quite convinced it was all her imagination. She was glad it wasn’t; even with the situation she and Rory were in now, even with this being possibly the worst time of their lives…she knew she wouldn’t have missed the traveling or the adventures for the world.

    Which is why she wished that The Doctor would get in touch…a phone call, a message, just anything. She remembered her last encounter with him; it hadn’t been right to blame him for everything, how could he have seen this coming? None of them had; what were the chances that she was being held in some sort of medical facility for god knows how long, whilst her mind was trapped in a fleshy imitation, a fake version of herself. It sounded like a bad plot for a TV show, never mind it being the mess that was currently her life.

    She wanted to trust in The Doctor; he had promised, after all, to find Melody. As the days went by, however, with no contact, it was looking futile. She remembered in her younger days, how she hadn’t believed in promises after so many disappointments. But there wasn’t time for this now. They all had to keep up the hope that somehow, they would survive through this. She had never been one to shy away in the face of uncertainty and she wasn’t about to do it now. Even if she and Rory had to send the Doctor a sign somehow, they were going to get through to him.


    “Doctor? Hey, it’s me. Again. Yeah, like I’ve said before, you don’t need to worry about me, we’ve not been invaded by aliens or captured by space ninjas or anythin’...are they even a thing? Anyway. Just...please, Doctor, you need to tell me something, anything. You can’t just keep hidin’ away from us like this. And yeah, maybe the reason is you don’t know you’ve got a phone or whatever, but I hope you can hear me, at least. I know that findin’ our baby isn’t easy, I know, but you promised you would. And it’s been weeks. Just...I keep thinking about before, when I said missing all those years, that’s the point. Even if she will be River Song and be’s not what matters now. She needs to be with us, y’know? ...okay, well, call me if you hear anythin’...please. Bye.”

    An audible click sounded on the phone as Amy ended what had to be her fifth call today to the Doctor...a call that this time around she hoped he would answer. A part of her wanted to laugh as she imagined the Doctor using something so normal as a telephone, but the thought faded as her mind settled back on the current situation. Melody.

    It brought her some comfort at least to know that Melody would grow up to be River Song, something that had taken Rory and her a time to wrap their head around, as thinking about her baby being in the hands of that woman, to be raised as a weapon made her blood boil. Shaking her head, she slammed the phone down in frustration, breathing heavily. What she would do to that woman if she ever saw her again.

    Running a hand through her currently messy red locks, Amy paused as she heard a sound. It was faint at first, but quickly got louder was coming from below her? Looking down, she gasped as she watched black tendril-like things come out of the ground...from nowhere. Getting a closer look, the woman gasped as one of the tendrils suddenly latched onto her arm. As she wriggled her arm furiously to shake the offending object off, to her horror more of the black things came at her, tangling around her other arm, legs and torso.

    “What are you things?! Let go of me!” Amy shouted, her breathing becoming laboured as the tendrils tightened their grip and covered more of her body. Her eyes darted around the kitchen and fell on the worktop, where a knife was resting. She reached out in vain to grasp at the appliance, but it was like wading through mud trying to even move an inch. All she could do was let out a final scream as the rest of the horrific things smothered her and the world turned to black.
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