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Private Practice makes Perfect

Discussion in 'Silverwood' started by Artemis Crock, Jul 13, 2018 at 12:01 AM.

  1. Artemis Crock

    Artemis Crock DC Universe

    252 Gower Street
    Lawful Good
    June 20th, Year 7
    @Jason Todd

    The blonde archer hopped off the clockwork bus and stalked into the outskirts of the forest. While in civilian clothes, she had brought her primary weapon along. She had left a note for Wally before taking off for some target practice - on the first lot of trees she found as she couldn't afford to let her skills slip even with the retirement side of things going on.

    Part of the reason for the rekindled retirement was she hadn't expected to be thrown into surrogate motherhood but since Jade had vanished without the baby - here she was doing that sort of thing. And while Lian was family, Artemis just needed some time to herself, a break from changing nappies and heating up baby food or cleaning it off her hair like today. Yet doing it in the wilds rather than the back-yard meant she didn't end up worrying about the baby getting her hands on an arrow.

    And it was nice to get away from the chaos and noise of the main city for a while. Taking a deep breath as she unfolded her bow before notching an arrow to it, Artemis let a summer breeze sweep by her and took a low aim at a tree-trunk. She had made sure not to aim at a dead-looking one so not to hit anything living including non-threatening animals like birds.
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  2. Jason Todd

    Jason Todd DC Universe

    Chaotic Neutral
    It was his day off and he had decided he'd not disturb Tanaquil from her work so instead he had taken one of the speeders out for a ride, zooming over the desert at high speed It was always refreshing to be on a vehicle going at high speed. He always loved how it got his adrenaline pumping, taking his mind off what it would dwell on if he were not flying across the desert. The dark haired man found himself going so far out that he hit the grasslands and then there were tree's and he pulled the speeder into a sharp stop, spinning it to one side so it drifted towards the edge of the wood at a sharp angle, a smirk played upon the young man's face, his ice blue, eyes glistening with amusement.

    A moment later the speeder was switched off as Jason chose to sit in the shade of the trees and eat the lunch he'd packed, but even as he climbed of the speeder he heard the distant sound of movement. His age old paranoia kicked in and he ducked down, using his speeder bike for cover, moving along to open up the seat, pulling out his Red Hood helmet and easing it onto his head even as his free hand pulled one of his pistols free of its holster. The moment it was on the HUD lit up and via the scanners within it he found the source of the movement, someone was among the trees They hadn't been there long judging by how they were just setting up, quietly via the heat sensors of his HUD he watched as they took up a very familiar position to Jason.

    The number of times he'd watched Roy do as this person was doing, taking that stance, he knew it was an archer and he began to move closer, watching as she loosed the arrow. The heat sensors switched off and Jason found himself leaning against a tree saying idly from behind her"So, you come here often?" Unaware that materialising out of nowhere was reminiscent of the Robin Artemis used to work alongside, all Jason knew was that he was smirking behind his Red Hood as he idly twirled the pistol he held in his hand.