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Preliminary Troubles

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Allura, Mar 15, 2018.

  1. Allura

    Allura Guest

    March 1, 7

    The scene sets itself up as travelers make thier way through the sheer rock faces to the shore near Cascade Bay. From the sandy coast line a long metal dock juts out into the water. People from all over wait in line to catch a ride on a strange metal boat. With triangular shapes pieced together in a canoe shape, it looks more like origami than a functioning vessel. But each one can hold seven people and there is a constant river of them leading from the dock out into sea. Each one heading to the massive White Spire in the distance. The trip itself take just ten minutes. The boats all dock at a metal pier like before, but this one leads not to a sand beach but to a massive festival grounds.

    The ground is made up of limestone tiles that are 1 meter square. These tiles even make up the structure of booths and walls to prevent people from accidentially slipping into the briney blue. There were carnival rides, food stands, midway games, and small fighting areas for possible contestants to try and garner fans before the event. In front of the castle entrance an eight meter by eight meter ring sits with a three meter wide moat of sea water around it. Two sets of bleachers made of limestone sit on either side. A large wall stands behind the arena as a contestant waiting area.
    Each contestant has been given a stanless steel ring that can go over any body part for proper design. It can be a ring or a belt. Braclet, Anklet, Antena Ring, or earring. Anything the entrant wants. A Single green LED gem sits in the center of it, Illuminated to show that they are activated. All contestants would feel at human levels of Speed, Stamina, Strength, Agility, Awareness, and reflexes. They are also given enough time to adjust and realize, even if they tried, their powers will not activate. No Qi Blast. No stretching Rubber Arms. No Flight. Nor any Lightning Bolts from the sky.
    After a couple day time rockets fly up into the air and pop off. A cute Human walks up on stage with a microphone in her hand. The Pale skin woman stands about 160 cm. Her blonde hair done up in pig tails covering her ears. Her outfit a Form fitting, but not tight, pink pant suit and white high heeled boots. She waves excitedly tot eh roaring crowd that had gathered.

    "Hello everyone. I'm Fala and welcome to Pandora's Troubles Tournament. Over the next week we will host a peaceful, sporting contest of the world's best fighters to see who is the best...this time." She gives a playful wink and the crowd erupts. "Today we have 59 possible entrants. But we only have 8 spots to fill. Oh what ever shall we do?" Her face plays worry before her smile breaks through again. "I know we have them show off."

    Ten humans appear around Fala in combat positions. Each one different but pretty unremarkable in their own way. "Each entrant will get to show off thier skill by eliminating the Tsar Light Constructs here. These Hardlight Images will feel like they are real but..." She takes a rock from her pocket and hits one in the head with it. The rock bounces off and the human disappears into blue dust. "Any clean hit will dust them. Each contestant will fight off ten of these. They will be timed and the 8 fastest move on to the brackets. If they are knocked out or kicked out of the ring, they are out. Today is just of preliminaries. Tomorrow, is rest and recovery day as we will have other entertainment on stage. First Round is on the 3rd. Semifinals are on the 4th and Finals are on the 6th. All other days are used by our entrants to prepare for the match. I wish all our combatants a good match and have Falata fun!"

    Fala spins as the crowd roars to life again before stepping off stage. Behind the large wall, away from the public eyes, she reverts to her basic form as Allura. The white hair and caramel tone returning to her. This was going to be a long week.

    [[OOC: Post when ever you can @Keith Kogane , @Caulifla , @Sakura Kasugano , @Damian Wayne , @Majin Buu, @Son Goku , @Vegeta, @Lotor

    When you enter. Just state your name and entry number (random number between 1 and 59). The ten opponents will rush the entrant after they enter fighting stance. When you deliver a knockdown strike, the opponent goes up in blue dust. After all ten are defeated, just step out the ring.]]
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  2. Son Goku

    Son Goku Dragon Ball

    Lawful Good
    Oh man, this was going to be awesome! Sure, he missed the big ol' Universe tournament, but this one had to be a little fun, right? Vegeta even made sure he got into it! He grinned, already at the arena by way of flight, began to prep himself. After all, he had been given this silver ring doohickey, and apparently it was required. He didn't really listen to find out what it did. Something something 'human strength', something something 'no powers', et cetera. He clipped it on over one of his armbands, as the green light flickered on as he plummeted hit the floor with the sudden weight of his training clothes, cracking the ground a bit. Oof. These ones were only like, 1000 tons altogether too! What was the deal? He struggled to pop the wristband off, sighing relieved as his body felt normal again. Ok, so maybe he should have listened. Big deal.

    After actually preparing himself and running out to the ring barefoot, wearing only his gi top and pants, having removed his weighted wristbands, boots, and undershirt, he bounced on his toes as he approached the edge of the ring near the end of the 'Fala' lady's speech. Was he up first? Neat! Guess he was just the most excited to get things started, huh? He grinned as the crowd cheered, although he didn't really get the 'Falata fun' bit. That's probably what happened when you missed the first half of a speech, all the inside jokes fell flat. He waited a bit as she exited the stage, assuming she wasn't one of the opponents like those other ten guys were.

    As the crowd continued to cheer, he took the chance to hop onto the fighting stage, running onto the center. It was going to take bit to get used to fighting so sluggish- is this was regular people felt like all the time? He hadn't felt this slow since he was a kid, and even then was a stretch. Still, it was a nice challenge! A battle of skill rather than power. He liked it. He waved to the crowd, "Yo! My name is Goku, and my fightin' number is, uh... crap..." He looked at the smudged number he had written on his hand. He had asked for small number specifically. And while 59 would have been perfect, it was super big and kinda intimidating. "Oh, yeah! Five!" He laughed nervously as his opponents rushed towards him, and he barely managed to duck out of the way of a punch.

    "Rude, come on! I was talkin'!" He said, stepping into a fighting stance as several more ran towards him. He smirked, before ducking, sweeping at one of their legs and watching as the opponent hit the ground and scattered into.. dust? "Ah! I didn't mean ta'! Oh, man!" Were they supposed to do that? He'd figure it out later. That was one out of ten. He stared at the approaching opponents, before sprinting away, laughing. There were a lot of them, and one of him. He'd need to play it smart-like. He ran around the edge of the ring, before stopping suddenly, spinning a backfist into one of the constructs faces', shattering it to dust too. Guess that was two.

    The other eight ran at him, as he kicked another construct in the stomach, pushing him into one of it's friends that happened to be running behind, both of them exploding into that blue dust too. "Huh, so this is supposed to happe--" He was caught mid-sentence as a fifth construct caught him in a chokehold, and a sixth took a few potshots at his chest, causing him to keel over, coughing heavily. He hunched over a bit, trying to catch his breath, before throwing the one who had him in a hold over his shoulder, causing him to crash into the sixth, eliminating another two. He took a fighting stance as the last four attacked, parrying a punch from the seventh and catching it with an uppercut, and then catching the eight's kick, shuffling closer and headbutting it into oblivion. The ninth caught him with a punch to the neck from behind, forcing him to stumble forwards dizzily, as he swung recklessly backwards, managing to catch the construct in the jaw. That was ten... right?

    He began walking towards the exit of the ring, the crowd shouting towards him, a couple yelling about the tenth construct sprinting towards him. He smirked as the construct got within range, before swinging a kick back towards it's head, watching it explode into dust. And that-- was ten. He threw two peace signs towards the cheering crowd, before hopping off the ring, laughing like an excited child as he rubbed the back of his neck. "Talk about crazy... that one was tougher than a thought."
    OOC: ((Oof, I seriously hope this is alright! It definitely ended a bit wordier than I expected it to be, honestly.))
  3. Lotor

    Lotor Guest

    Lotor had been staying with Maria for the past few days. She explained to him this world and it’s situation, as well as the people that inhabited this world. Apparently, he had stumbled in another dimension where one could see people—they knew were dead—alive, as well as people from different timelines than they are from—future or past, anything is possible, Marian had said. And, the most crucial part of this information...there was no escape.

    The prince was annoyed to say the least, but no amount of annoyance would solve this problem. He was stranded in an alien world, this time with no ally to speak off. At least, back in his own dimension, he was working with the Coalition and Voltron. But now? Now, he was on his own. Like he was in exile again.

    It was while he was gathering his bearings did he hear the people of Cascade Bay speaking of a tournament. Normally, he’d wish to scout his surroundings and discover if there was some sort of map, but then he learned it was held in the Castle of Lions.

    He had taken the boat along with other individuals, and from what he saw, there appeared to be festival grounds, as well as an arena. Lotor placed his helmet on his head, preferring for now to walk around anonymously. He wasn’t sure if the Castle had just the Princess or her along with the other Paladins. There was no way of knowing if his allies were from a future point...or a past one. He’ll plan accordingly.

    He got to the contestant area, and wore the bracelet they provided, yet the announcer wasn’t the princess or even her advisor. Was it just the Castle of Lions that was here or simply a similar construct that resembled the castle? Well, this was a tournament—he had time.

    As the contestants went by, Lotor observed the battles on the monitors. The constructs appeared to be similar to training simulations and the like. The first contestant one, a human that was...quite childish, to be honest. Several more went—some won and some lost. Time was of the essence here if one wanted to be part of the eight to continue.

    “Sincline. Number 16.” He stated and the match was set. Lotor used his agility to dodge attacks and used his foes’ tactics against them—when they’d charge him, he’d roll to the side and try to find their weak spots to incapacitate them. He punched and kicked three constructs that ran to him in their shins, causing them to turn to dust, before knocking two more over the ring. After dodging two more attacks, he managed to defeat the remaining constructs.

    The crowd cheered and Lotor’s breath came in short bursts, but he simply gave a small bow and went backstage, still having his helmet on. If he was one of the highest, that’d be good, if not...well, he didn’t think the Castle would mysteriously disappear.
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  4. Vegeta

    Vegeta Dragon Ball

    True Neutral
    Vegeta wasn't worried about this contest, he'd already had a run down on these things from Allura at an earlier date. She'd even offered to put them in his fighting school which he was glad for, it'd save a lot of medical bills in regards to sparring with people. Plus it'd allow for specific training with other species, he was keen on creating Sayian versions for the higher level students.

    But right now he was ready to take on these constructs, he could tell others were in the arena. He could see Kakarot and some purple guy, his number on the list of fighters was number 1 which was only right of course. Vegeta stretched a little before starting, it didn't look like he was taking things seriously as he essentially walked slowly towards the hard construct fighters. Blocking a hit from one of them and grabbing the arm of another, he threw the grabbed construct int the blocked one and pushed them into a third one that was racing up behind them.

    Vegeta smirked as three were already down and just as one tried to kick him in the head, Vegeta ducked and pulled a nasty move that punched the constructed in the private regions. Or more like through as the construct broke as soon as he did, he wasn't sure these things felt fear but there was an almost hesitation as the remaining came at him. He was rushed at but in a nice move he jumped and spun kicked several of them from existence, and slid kicked another nearby as his friend tried to take advantage of his low ground status.

    Vegeta used an upper cut on the creature, and as he stood he grabbed two that came at him afterwards and broke their faces. He laughed as more came but he was pretty sure he'd killed enough of them, he looked to the officials and smirked "I think that's done, might've even gotten some extra" coined Vegeta as he stood there ready to move on.
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  5. Majin Buu

    Majin Buu Guest

    Buu did not like this ring. It made his body feel all slow and stopped it from stretching. He couldn't use his candy beam, or Ki either. All in all, it totally sucked. He briefly considered just taking it off and leaving the tournament. He did feel kinda hungry. But he hadn't had a really good fight in a long time, and besides, he had to show that he was the Strongest, even without his natural abilities. Buu was big strong, and he was going to win.

    It was some time before Buu stepped into the arena, mostly because he was napping through the big speech and most of the other fights. Fortuneatly for the Majin, this ring seemed to make his sleeping patterns normal as well. He wouldn't miss another tournament by sleeping this time. It seemed like it was his time now, so he rubbed his eyes and stepped into the ring, yawning. He called out "Me Buu! Me Big Strong! Pow Pow Pow, Ow Ow Ow!" He didn't bother reading off his number. He didn't even know what it was, though he hazily remembered being given 4, but he couldn't tell if that was right. At any rate, he didn't have time to worry about such things, because 10 creatures immediately rushed him. Buu just laughed and wound up to punch one as it came into range. He hurled the blow with all his might... into nothing. He'd forgotten he couldn't stretch his limbs out like usual. Three creatures immediately slammed into him, knocking him over. This looked like the end for the Majin...

    But if there was one thing Buu was good at, it was fighting. He may not appear very smart, but Buu was a natural genius when it came to fighting. As the creatures made to dogpile him, the Majin rolled away, using his rotund form to his advantage. Now he was mad. "Buu mad now, Make you pay!" The creatures didn't respond, except to advance on him once more. This time when they neared, Buu was ready. All three attempted to strike Buu at once, but the Majin slapped their blows away, pushing their arms aside and unbalancing them. He immediately finished one with a palm strike to the face, disintergrating it. The other two caught their balance, but it was two late, the Majin knocked one down by swinging his arms overhead and smashing them onto it's head. The Third was dealt with by a swift kick. Now it was Buu's turn to go on the offensive.

    The ring might have dragged Buu's power level down to the same as everyone elses, but he still had the advantage of a large body. He used that to his advantage, running forward to the other constructs. As he ran among them, he held out his arms at the last second, clotheslining two and crashing into a third with a mighty headbutt. The last four surrounded him now. With a surprising viciousness, Buu grabbed the arm of the next one to attack him and pulled it inwards, executing a hip throw. It went down. He finished another two by grabbing one by the shoulders and pushing it back into another, and then following up with a punch to the chest. As the punch landed, the construct disintegrated, allowing Buu to follow through with the punch into the other one. He rounded on the final construct. Now he would make Hercule proud! Reeled back and kicked it hard in the stomach, yelling "DYNAMITE KICK!" That was one of Hercule's moves. He always liked watching Hercule fight. The construct fell. Buu had taken them all down.

    He looked about for a moment, wondering if any more would come, but it became apparent that there were no more, so he flopped over. Within seconds, the Majin was asleep in the centre of the ring, as if nothing had ever happened. It took five people to roll him out of the way for the next combatant.

    (OOC: Please note Dynamite Kick is just a regular flying kick with a fancy name. No powers here except Buu's fat ass behind it!)
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