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Pretty Pixie

Discussion in 'Doll Generators' started by Darquesse, Mar 30, 2016.

  1. Darquesse

    Darquesse Guest

    Pretty Pixies!

    Noct the Lady of the Night~


    Tatiana even tho I haven't finished her app >.>​
    Ophelia likes this.
  2. Ophelia

    Ophelia a commie DC fan dreaming of a guy called George

    studying stuff
    The Other Side
    a human
    mentally 2

    Light fairy. this is the first time i didnt get the hair right, im sad


    Pino fairy!!


    supes looks so diva here with the model look. also bee


    harley fairy is a goddess as always


    Joffrey fairy. he said NO FLOWERS
  3. Taylor

    Taylor Guest

    i love that theres a pregnancy option

    anyway here's lorne B)
  4. Bill Cipher

    Bill Cipher Guest

    what do u mean Bill isn't the prettiest fucking pixie you've ever seen?