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Prometheus Dust

Discussion in 'Encyclopedia' started by Steel, Jun 15, 2016.

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    Prometheus Dust

    Prometheus Dust is an important resource in Pandora that is not publicly known to still exist. It first came to Pandora in the form of a virus several years ago that completely removed everyone’s superhuman abilities. Once a cure was found, it seemed to vanish from the land. However, in Year 2, a supply of weaker dust was found and claimed by Pandora's Town government at the time.

    It is now entirely controlled by Pandora Town's government, and used only by the government. It is not public knowledge.

    Pure Form

    The Prometheus Dust that exists in Pandora now is a diluted form compared to when it had originally arrived in the land. Those who take this dust into their body (through inhaling, eating, drinking, open wounds, etc.) will find that their abilities are weakened. Physical contact with the dust will have no adverse side-effects. In rare cases of extremely high and long-term doses, however, they may find that their abilities have been cut off entirely. These effects are ultimately temporary. Once the dust has passed through their system, they will be back to normal within a few hours.

    Though the exact effect of the Prometheus Dust varies from individual to individual, these are a few broad guidelines to the effect. Please note that these are just guidelines and the actual experience may vary. (i.e. It is up to the player’s discretion how this affects their character, especially if their character falls into a grey area.)
    • Prometheus dust only affects organic lifeforms. If a lifeform is mechanical or made up of any other force that is non-organic, they will be entirely immune.
    • Magical Origin. Individuals with magical/psychic/supernatural abilities will find those skills affected.
    • Scientific Origin. Individuals with genetically-altered/mutation-based/science-based abilities will find those skills affected and will potentially revert to how they were before their alterations.
    • Natural Origin. Individuals with naturally-occurring superhuman physical abilities (such as natural super strength inherent to their race) may find their abilities weakened, their physical form draining, or be placed under a lethargy affect.
    • Physical Changes: An individual may at times find that their physical appearance, if altered from what it naturally would be (through mutation, magic, etc.), completely or partially reverts to its natural form.

    Physical Effects

    Aside from the notes above, Prometheus Dust, under extremely high and long-term doses, can make a mark appear somewhere on the afflicted’s body. Taking form of the letter Psi (Ψ), the mark appears with a slight burning sensation, if not only to make the afflicted aware. The mark first appears a dark blue, and will gradually turn black as the effects set in full force. Their blood will also turn a shade of blue similar to the mark. These changes only occur when the dose is high enough to remove their abilities entirely. Once the dust wears off, the mark vanishes and their blood returns to normal.

    The Cure

    There is a cure for those affected with Prometheus Dust and to purify any infected water supply/air supply/etc. It can be found in an underground spring, deep in Pandora’s woods. This area is also carefully guarded and access is not easily obtained. The cure will negate the effects of the dust, though it does not grant an immunity.

    Processed Form

    Prometheus dust can be utilized in the creation of items. As the supply of prometheus dust is controlled by the government, all such items are created and controlled by the government. These items, depending on their usage, can have one or two effects.
    • Binding/Negating Powers: Similar to the effects of inhaling dust above, this will negate those powers entirely if an item made using prometheus dust is placed on a person. This could be jewelry, an article of clothing, or anything as long as it forms a complete loop around any portion of a person’s body.
    • Withstanding Powers: Any item created using prometheus dust can withstand all powers that are normally affected by it. This means that someone who can teleport would be unable to teleport out of a room with dust-enforced walls. Similarly, someone who starts a fire using magic will find that the fire is incapable of burning anything enforced with dust. A fire started using natural, non-supernatural/superhuman methods will burn as normal, however.

    Dust-enforced Items & Areas in Pandora

    These items/locations are enforced with dust and follow the rules above. They may be utilized by any character as long as it makes sense. Any new items will only be added with staff permission. The source of these items/locations are not public knowledge.
    • Handcuffs - Standard issue to all City Guard
    • Dungeon Cells and Interrogation Rooms
    • Locked anklets and bracelets - Used in the sentencing of some justice cases
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