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Psychic Ghosts

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Mewtwo, Mar 15, 2018.

  1. Mewtwo

    Mewtwo Guest

    March 5th, 5:30 pm, outside the Misty Hollow barrier

    What was this?

    Mewtwo stood in front of a very interesting bubble of a barrier, looking at it with curiosity. He tried identifying it with a brief wave of psychic energy but couldn't find out what it was. It wasn't made by a Psychic-type so what exactly was it? The energy was foreign, to be sure. It didn't seem to respond to his attempts to identify what it was and it didn't seem to care if he was standing in front of it. Was it alive? Could he touch it? Well, at least he was able to see it. It would've been embarrassing to run into it face first if it was solid. He had found the wall of energy while he was exploring. Mewtwo had arrived in Pandora Town but decided not to stick around. It was noisy and busy and very likely not to go away so he could take his time with exploring it at a later date. The Pokemon had spent a couple of hours flying around and seeing almost everything from a bird's eye view.

    After he had seen this thing, he landed and here he was, still staring it.

    He had started at it for a good ten minutes before finally deciding to touch it. His fingers phased right through it. Oh, so it wasn't solid. He waved his hand around in the magical barrier for a few swings before pulling his hand away, testing to see if it had a reaction of any kind. Nothing. Mewtwo rose his equivalent of eyebrows before deciding to start walking, ready to enter when the rattle of chains stopped his stride. Oh, something had followed him on his way to this barrier. Mewtwo turned around to find a pair of evenly spaced red lights staring back at him from a few feet away, nearly hidden by the thick tarnished chains that surrounded them. Those had to be the creature's eyes. Whatever it was, it was humanoid, but it was completely wrapped up in tarnished, soot-covered chains, like a mummy with bandages. The levitating thing seemed to be sizing him up by how subtle the head movements were. Mewtwo had a bad feeling about this thing. It couldn't talk and clearly wanted a fight by how huge meat hooks were sprouting out of it's back, followed by thicker chains attached to them.

    One of those blood-soaked meat hooks collided with his well-timed psychic shield, bouncing off to the side and moving back to it's owner from the force of the blow. It was testing his defenses.

    It felt like his brain was itching after the shield blocked the swing a little but nothing too serious. Mewtwo wasn't going to allow this thing to figure him out. Not only was it giving him bad psychic vibes but it was also trying to kill him by how many hooks it was swinging at him now. Nope, he wasn't about to allow eight massive meat hooks punch a hole in his shield. Mewtwo began to split his image into multiple copies at the last minute, stopping the assault and confusing the malevolent ghost. He had used Double Team, raising his evasion and making him harder to hit. While it tried to figure out which prey item was real by swinging those meat hooks again (Mewtwo didn't have much time before it figured out which one was real as there weren't very many illusions), Mewtwo charged up a Shadow Ball between his hands. After cutting it loose point-blank and hitting the ghost in the back, it shrieked a ground-rumbling wail of pain and rage, violently turning around to viciously slam into the Pokemon's protective shield with all of those nasty hooks simultaneously. The force sent Mewtwo skidding back several yards, toes digging into the ground until he stopped. Ow. Okay he felt that one. It had a nasty counterattack, that was sure! He needed to change his strategy a bit. The Shadow Ball worked but it seemed to counterattack faster than he could get another one used. Interesting!

    Huh, somebody would've heard that ghostly shriek. It almost deafened him due to how close he was.
  2. Eel O'Brian

    Eel O'Brian Guest

    Jeez louise, all he'd come out to do was rustle up some potato chips and maybe some of that weird red soda stuff he'd found one time, but noooooo, Spooksville just couldn't let that happen without some kinda crisis going on.

    Plastic Man had managed to lope out of the store near the barrier with an armful of the former - he couldn't find any of the latter this time, sadly - when the weird shriek nearly made him drop everything in shock. And he'd been so close to just walking back through the barrier and to safety, too!

    "...Oh, great. Okay, who's the wiseguy, huh? I swear, that better not be you, Ghost Lady, or- yowza!"
    Okay it wasn't the weird lady ghost who threw things at him occasionally. Plas stared, his eyes expanding to the size of dinner plates. Some kind of weird cat guy was apparently fighting a... hell, Plas had no idea what the other thing was, but it was covered in chains and apparently kind of aggressive.

    Still, cat-guy or not, a person was in need - and every good superhero knew what that meant.
    "Hey, buddy! No, not you, Chains Guy, the fella with the big purple tail. This Hellraiser reject bothering you at all?"
    Chains Guy responded first, shooting a column of the aforementioned chains directly at Plas' chest. Thinking fast, Eel grabbed himself and pulled open a hole in his middle - the chains shot through harmlessly, before being dragged back just as quick.

    Okay, rude.
    "Jeez, at least wait 'til I've said something mean about your fashion sense before you try to kill me, will ya? That's what most of my dates have the good grace to do!"
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  3. Mewtwo

    Mewtwo Guest

    Mewtwo was in the middle of building up another Shadow Ball when a human appeared.

    He let the partially formed Shadow Ball dispersed into harmless energy when the human tried to get himself some answers when ol' Chains decided to counterattack him too. The psychic cat smirked, releasing some psychic vibrations as his telepathy kicked in, "It seems to have answered me for you." His deep disembodied voice sounded very amused as the vibrations faded away when he was done speaking, meaning that he wasn't going to read this human's mind unless asked. What gave him pause and almost made him drop his shield in surprise was that the human flexed around the ghost's counterattack like a Ditto changing shape. Was he a Ditto? He didn't have the face of a Ditto so he wasn't one of those. He knew that a Ditto could look like a human but this human wasn't human, so what was he? Mewtwo would ask but they were in the middle of something so it could wait. This human was providing a great distraction for Mewtwo to whip up something more powerful.

    He opted for a future combo, starting with a Rain Dance, his body glowing with a faint blue light.

    He danced a little bit before the sky darkened with thick, fat rain clouds. The more he danced, the more it rained. Now that the clouds were thunderclouds pouring rain at this point, he could stop dancing and prepare for a Thunder attack. Rain Dance made the Thunder move twice as likely to hit something. It would be a guaranteed hit if the monster didn't suddenly fade into the ground or whatever ghosts did. Electricity crackled in the clouds for a moment before fading away. It was ready. That ghost needed to be put in the right spot so the attack wouldn't be obstructed by anything. It was still electrical and anything high up would ground it or die from it. The psychic vibrations were back again, "I have an idea. We will need to lure this thing into the open for it to work. Are you ready?" The chained ghost in front of him looked more pissed than ever.

    Never a good sign when it came to ghosts.
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  4. Eel O'Brian

    Eel O'Brian Guest

    Okay, his jokes were good, but Plas didn't think they were worth dancing over.

    Still, that was an issue for later. Right now there was some guy from Silent Hill or whatever trying to pull him to bits, and he needed to deal with that first.

    Contorting himself into ever-stranger shapes, Plas kept himself away from the sharp pointy hooks being flung at him and tried not to get too annoyed. It was only when he was roughly the shape of a pretzel and the ghost seemed to be... catching its breath? Did ghosts do that? Anyway, that's when the weird cat guy chimed in with a message of his own.

    "What, in the rain? Man, I already showered today..."
    At that moment the ghost began its assault anew, and Plas suddenly saw the catguy's point - as well as several others he was less keen on being around.
    "Okay, okay, actually I'm good with that, see you out there! Hey, buddy! Whatsamatter, can't aim? Here, lemme help you out a little!"

    Springing from his knotted-up position, Plas ran towards the door and the outside - admittedly, in the form of a giant dartboard, but hey, you didn't distract people with half measures. He just hoped that whatever catfella's plan was, it was worth getting a soaking over.
  5. Mewtwo

    Mewtwo Guest

    Yes it was SO going to be worth soaked over!

    The chained specter chased Plastic Man, now finding him to be more of a threat than Mewtwo. Mewtwo followed them out so he'd be able to see a clear shot. He had to make this work without putting others in harm so while his new acquaintance was busy, he used one hand to throw a Disable at the ghost, narrow ropes of light wrapping around the hooks that the entity carried. Now it wasn't able to counterattack! It stopped trying to mince Plastic Man when it felt those hooks constrict against each other every time it tried to pull them out, angry that it wasn't able to attack the stretchy human. The constriction angered it more but Mewtwo was ready with his big surprise.

    He was glowing blue when a thunderclap rocked the area.

    It was in the open and nothing obstructed the skies so now was a good time to use it! He threw his other hand down and a massive lightning bolt struck the ghost dead on from the clouds above, pained wailing following after the strike. He raised his hand and threw it down again, another bolt following. Mewtwo was using Thunder, finally, and it was doing pretty good damage to whatever the ghost was. The chains were dropping off of it one by one as the damage was being done, exposing wisps of smoke underneath. It was barely holding itself together even without the chains. Another thunderclap broke the monotony of the raindrops around them.

    One last bolt of lightning finished it off, the beast wailing out of existence.

    The chains dropped as it faded, clattering to the floor and flaking apart under the rainstorm. If it wasn't so aggressive, Mewtwo would've taken a curious interest in the ghost, maybe even asked it questions. Soaking wet and not caring about it, he turned to Plastic Man, looking at him with glittering purple eyes, "Thank you for your help. I apologize for the rain." The rain felt nice. It was chilly but nice. Fortunately he could enjoy it because there wasn't anymore ghost activity for the time being. They may have gotten scared off with the sudden appearance of several lightning bolts from the sky. Oh, wait, introductions, those were important, and a curious question too, "I am Mewtwo. How is a human able to stretch like you do? Are you a Ditto?" Asking questions felt better than forcing the information out.