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QII "Junior"

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by QII, Nov 16, 2017.

  1. QII

    QII Star Trek

    Item Creator/Vagabond/Free Lancer
    Chaotic Neutral
    QII aka "Junor/Quentin"

    Played by Data Sage

    Fandom: Star Trek
    Age: 17
    Species: Q
    Gender: Male
    Canon Point: His last appearance in the series.
    NPC Companions: N/A

    Special Abilities
    Item Creation: By sheer will power alone, Quentin can manifest items. There are rules, to this of course. He cannot manifest any weapons of mass destruction, and can only manifest items that he knows how they work. It's sort of pulling the item from his memory, actually.

    Teleportation: Another ability, with a range of the whole world of Pandora, Quentin is capable of teleporting at will anywhere across Pandora that he wants to do so, with merely a snap of his fingers.

    Reality Alteration: Qs can alter reality, but his abilities have been dwindled down. At the very most, he can affect about one mile around himself with any alterations, and the effects cannot reach any farther. If he is distracted, the effects of whatever he has done will also go away. The environment could be changed, and the weather, as well as the molecular structure of items, in the area, allowing him to warp the environment to fit his needs, including even the air, or nearby water sources. Anyone who is outside can still see it.

    Ability Bestowal: Q can provide abilities to himself, that he didn't have before, though they are temporary ones. He can also bestow abilities to others (with RPer and Staff consent) This allows him to provide himself abilities he has seen in use by others (in RP) as well as Super Strength, and Super Speed, and accelerated healing. It also allows him to upgrade his brain power even further, allowing him to think faster than a normal human could, by a long shot, even if it is only temporary. He can also give himself telekinesis, and forcefields, as well as energy constructs, and elemental abilities, temporarily.

    A lot of Knowledge: Q has a lot of knowledge on a wide range of subjects.

    Omni-Lingualism: One of the abilities he has permanently is the ability to understand any language, written or spoken which provides him the ability to read a lot of books that he'd otherwise not have the ability to comprehend.

    Phaser Pistol: A phaser from the Enterprise, but modified so it only has stun settings to it. It's something he keeps on his person in case his abilities should fail him, for whatever reason.


    - Distraction: One of the easiest ways to disrupt his abilities, is to distract Junior, or Quentin as he has now chosen to call himself somehow. It's very easy to do so.

    - Teenager: Quentin is while 17, still a teenager and thus vulnerable to hormones.

    - Telepathic Assault

    - Stripping of his abilities: Without his abilities, Quentin doesn't know how to operate.

    - Teleportation: One of his weaknesses with teleportation are the factors that must be involved. First and foremost he cannot teleport outside of Pandora. Secondly, he must have knowledge of where he is teleporting. Third, he cannot teleport anywhere that is protected against teleportation. Fourth, this takes a lot of his energy to do each time.

    - Reality Alteration: There are caveats to his reality alteration. First and foremost, he cannot do anything that is likely to cause death to anyone without certain factors (OOC consent) at least not directly. Secondly, he cannot completely change an environment around. Third, this is very draining on his energy to do so.

    - Item Creation: There are a lot of caveats with his ability to create items. First, and foremost no items that are considered "weapons of mass destruction" could be created by Junior without certain circumstances (OOC Consent of staff, and all parties involved). Secondly, he must know how an item functions, before he can create it. Third, the item must not exceed the mass of say a triple decker bus. Fourth, the items created must be used, or they will fade from existence, and thus not be able to be used by him. This ability's fourth restriction does not apply to the home Q will eventually create for himself, though.

    - Ability Bestowal: The ability bestowal takes a lot of his concentration to do successfully, and even then certain OOC factors must be in place. (Staff, and RPer Consent) Furthermore, the abilities are only temporary and can never be permanent when he applies them to himself, or to others, no matter what.

    - Knowledge: His knowledge on certain subjects has it's limits.

    - Human Needs: His body has all the needs of a human.


    Quentin is an individual who enjoys causing mischief, and problems with his abilities. While he has started to mature some, he is still a prankster at heart, and is not afraid to cause problems for people. Still, there is good in him, in that he does not hate anyone yet, and has no anger issues that could be easily exploited by people. Quentin does possess an interest in machinery, and tinkering, as well as in programming to some small degree. Quentin loves to explore, and do things he hasn't done before, but has no small amount of hatred for authority, and authority figures. Quentin is also a teenager, and hates being told what to do, and how to do things whenever he does things other people dislikes. Quentin is curious, and at the same time worried about being in Pandora.


    Optional if you include a picture above.


    - Quentin is born as Junior when Captain Janeway refuses, with Q's original wife. This leads to him eventually becoming Captain Janeway's Godson, which will hold an important role in his life down the line.

    - When Quentin grows up as Junior, to the level of teenager, Q gets tired of him and the problems he causes. As a result of this he is left on Voyager, by Q to get away from his son for a bit.

    - As Quentin becomes too much to handle, and causes problems all over the ship, Q relieves him of his abilities and strands him on the Voyager.

    - His attempts to learn what his father wants are at first horrendous, leading to him plaigarising information and reprogramming some of the training holograms. Eventually he befriends a member of the crew, Icheb but his progress isn't what his father would like. Irritated by that Junior cons his friend who calls him "Q-Ball" into helping him steal one of the smaller ships, the Delta Flyer II.

    - As a test, his father makes up an alien species, pretends to be it, and attacks Junior and Icheb until Junior eventually works up the courage to surrender.

    - He was pulled to Pandora.


    Quentin looked around the area he was in. This was not his own universe. However he had ended up here, he didn't actually know, to be honest. Snapping his fingers, he attempted to teleport home. It failed. Why had it failed? What was going on? Just where was he? Junior knew he was on a beach of some sort, but that was it. Just what was going on, why was he here? Did something happen? Junior looked around the area once more. While he was curious about this new place, he was also worried. Why had he ended up here without anything from his home?

    "Where am I?" asked Junior, as he looked around. This place was certainly not any planet he had visited when he was a Q. He still felt the abilities he had as a Q within him, but they were somehow restricted, and limited. A million questions buzzed around in his brain like an angry swarm of hornets, which didn't feel good.

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    Last edited: Nov 17, 2017
  2. Kitty

    Kitty help, i'm FEELING
    Application Division

    your application is

    welcome to Pandora, Data Sage! I don't believe we've ever had a member of the q continuum in Pandora before, so I'm interested in seeing what junior here gets up to!​