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Queen, Emiko

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Emiko Queen, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. Emiko Queen

    Emiko Queen DC Universe

    Awesome Vigilante
    Red Freaking Arrow will do whatever she wants. Thanks.

    Played by Strider

    Fandom: DC Comics (Rebirth)
    Age: 15
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Canon Point: During Titans Special Issue #1, just after Shado escapes her.
    NPC Companions: Her massive ego


    Assassin: Raised from birth to be a remorseless killing machine by the super-villain Komodo, Emiko has all the skills requisite for the job: peak physical conditioning that allows her to move in ways only a small percentage of the population—metahuman or no—can perform feats like dodging gunfire. She’s also intimately familiar with a multitude of ways to take human life, including, but not limited to, her substantial skill in non-archery related martial arts. She’s also very skilled at deception, successfully fooling her friends and family into thinking she joined a secret cabal of villains whilst simultaneously masterminding saving her brother’s life and leading them back to that selfsame cabal.

    Archer: Just like her mother, Emiko is one of the best, most technically skilled archers in the world, despite her young age, capable of calculating the wind’s direction and speed within seconds and accounting for how it would affect the trajectory of an arrow when she lets it fly. In fact, if you were to hear it from her mouth, she’s even better than her brother, Green Arrow—at least, in terms of sheer technical skill. Whether or not her claims are exaggerated, the fact remains that she’s at least 80% as skilled as Oliver, which places her easily among the ranks of the greatest archers on the face of the planet.

    EquipmentRed Arrow Costume: A sweet-looking costume. To be honest, it doesn’t do a whole lot in terms of protection, as it prioritizes mobility over defense. Like her brother’s costume, Emiko’s outfit allows her total freedom of movement. The parts of her costume that are plated with armor are resistant to blunt force and most impacts, but are by no means impact proof.
    The Bow: Made of sturdy wood, Emiko’s bow is a simple longbow, customized to suit her or anyone exactly like her.
    The Quiver: Like her brother’s, Emiko’s quiver can be attached to the back without a strap. It holds about thirty arrows, all of which are regular arrows.


    It should go without saying, probably, since Emiko’s talents, though myriad, don’t include immortality or resurrection; this little archer is only a squishy human. She lives like a human, and she can be affected by things like drugs, poison, and injuries like a human, and can be killed like any other baseline human. She seems especially vulnerable to arrows, but that might just be because she typically fights other archers.

    Let’s be honest, she’s also a teenager, which means she has that irritating tendency that adolescents have to overestimate herself. This isn’t at all helped by the fact that she’s extremely capable, and KNOWS that she’s extremely capable, sometimes leading her to situations where she bites off a bit more than she can chew and get herself or others hurt as a result.


    Glass shattered noisily as a trio of arrows crashed through the ceiling, sending a deadly shower of glass shards falling to a group of innocent people unlucky enough to be positioned beneath it. Left unattended, those shards would cause far worse than a few scrapes to those people. Thinking quickly, Red Arrow dashed toward the bystanders, immediately notched an arrow and loosed it toward a banner hanging nearby, cursing her mother all the while. The sharpened arrowhead easily pierced one of the four strings holding the banner up, causing the long piece of fabric to fall lopsided, forming a place to catch the falling death before any could get hurt.

    Shouldering her bow, Red Arrow pursed her lips, feeling a bit conflicted about the whole situation. The good news was that no innocent lives had been lost in the crossfire between herself and Shado, including the target; bad news was that the latter had taken the opportunity to abscond amidst the distraction, just as she had planned. She had gotten away. Again. And she'd been in control of their entire exchange. She needed to be better. Briefly, she thought about calling Ollie or Dinah, if only just to let them know what had happened before the news reported on it within the hour. She brushed the notion off, however; it was her mother doing this, so it was her job as the daughter to stop her. Just as it always was.

    Besides, she was a big girl. She could take care of herself just fine, regardless of what her brother thought.

    As the chaos died down, Emiko made off to silently disappear into the crowds, only for her foot to get caught on something. "What the-?" Her brow furrowed, and the teenager looked down to see that vines had wrapped around her leg. "Let go of--meeeeeeeee!" her protest turned into a startled scream as the floor opened out from under her, sending her tumbling into an abyss below.
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  2. Nic

    Nic Player

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    your application is

    Emiko is looking good! You know what to do from here. :)